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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

What's the proper way to suggest a promotion in 2018?

The proper way to suggest a promotion in 2018 is to understand the reasons behind your request, research your goals and present your case well, according to recruiters in Orange County. Here is a look at each of these three parts.

Understand why you want a promotion

Many people want promotions because they feel that they deserve more money. Your reason may be as simple as that, but there could be layers you have not realized. For example, do you feel you deserve more money because you have been at the company for X years without a raise? Is it because you got an advanced degree that will help in your work? Is it because you found out that your co-worker who does the same job makes more money?

Alternatively, it may not be money you desire—or not just money. Perhaps you want more responsibility or to better use your skills.

Research your goals

Now that you better understand why you want a promotion, it’s time to research these goals. Suppose that you want a promotion because you earned a master’s degree that few of your peers at work have. Meanwhile, many of the company’s managers have it. Your research could entail chatting with a few managers inside and outside of your company about how they used that new credential to get a promotion and what other skills they had or emphasized in their promotion requests. It often helps to solicit feedback on your weakness and strengths and how ready you are for that promotion.

Present your case well

Use data and other evidence to support your case. Outline your track record, and explain the things you have done for the company lately. Prove your role in financial outcomes, and show your leadership capabilities.

Of course, not every company responds to promotion requests the way their employees would like. If your negotiations leave you unhappy, consider reaching out to executive recruiters at Beacon Resources, one of the top accountingrecruiting agencies, for other job opportunities.

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