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Friday, February 2, 2018

Avoid Customer Churn By Targeting Users' Engagement!

Truth be told, driving a business towards success is all about customer service. Going beyond your normal delivery of goods (and service) will greatly influence your retention which triggers an invaluable chain of events; repeat orders, loyalty, and word of mouth among others.

What if there's a metric for customer success that you can use for your business?
We live in a day and age that we can make better forecasts as long as we are embracing the pace of technology. Even old business models can easily keep up with the times and adapt more modern platforms.
A Customer Success Software may be unheard of before but now is one of the most extremely handy tools that you can use. Imagine being able to track real-time the interaction between your customers and your business. This allows you to adjust on-the-fly what works and what receives less attention from your target market.
Sounds intimidating? To put it in simpler terms, you are given a platform where YOU will define your business in an easy to use web application for your customers.
Their behavior will be monitored, which part of your site do they spend more time on, which sections are complicated and get little to no action, then make recommendations and changes to entice them back.
It's a next step in analytics that will help all business owners understand their customers more. Similar to old-schoolers adjusting to millennials and their "modern" attention spans and demands.
Here are the Key Features that will Improve User Onboarding:
Features for Understanding User Behaviors
  • Leverage churn indicators while you still have time to turn things around
  • Discuss customer needs & prevent user frustrations
  • Accelerate a customer’s move from adoption to advocacy
Features for Engaging Customers
  • Guided tours keep on boarding scalable without sacrificing quality
  • NPS & custom surveys deliver high-value feedback
  • Faster issue resolution through targeted help                       
Features for Anticipating Future Needs
  • Trusted customer health scoring helps project long term value
  • Compare support and sentiment metrics to drive the customer journey
  • Targeted engagements, like guided tours help users to new features and adopt new products. This is a better way to manage change for both employees and clients.
  • Driving customers to find value to your products and services, is where revenue opportunities takes place. Understanding customers needs is what business owners need to come up with useful content to avoid quick churn.
  • In this modern technology, a Customer Success Platform is another smart  innovation to business that can easily deflect users' disappointments. Stats will clearly provide better customer understanding that can retain and grow customers' interest.


    1. Business owners are now lucky because there are so many software or apps that can help them in understanding their customers. One disadvantage lang is, some are not techy enough so they don't like to try it. But we must learn to adapt with technology in order to move further.

      1. Yep, analytics help business to understand and grow their customers and online presence nowadays creates a boost even to small businesses.

    2. I like this time that there are many ways to help one establish his business. there are tools as well to assist and even make an evaluation if you are doing it right or otherwise. the bad thing lang is, if you are not a techie person, you seem to be intimidated by technology.

    3. With the fast pace of innovations nowadays, business people are lucky. It will help them study more on the target customers and learn how to grow their business.

    4. This is pretty useful considering the demand of analytics to drive customers, and secure brand awareness in our tech-reliant times. :) Will try to look into this considering I just recently opened a small business. Might help out the communities also I partnered up for it. Thanks!!

    5. It's amazing how easy it is now for entrepreneurs and marketers to evaluate and get to know their target market.

    6. I could use this for my business!

    7. It is true that the customers drive the business. This seems like a helpful tool a. I will recommend this nga to my family. Thanks!

    8. Great innovation, this will really help a lot of entrepreneurs in targeting their audience. It will save them time and money too :)

    9. Glad to know that these days there are various tools to help business owners to reach their goals. This software for example. Will surely relay this to my friends who just opened up their business. Thanks for sharing!

    10. This will turn your business into a gold mine if it works as promised!

    11. Wow! I was very fortunate to read this post as I'm planning to start a business. Thank you for sharing this.

    12. Wow! Businesses to day are so fortunate that they have these kinds of apps to help them succeed.

    13. It is really a big help to all entrepreneurs nowadays. I will definitely recommend this one to my friends who has a business as well.



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