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Friday, January 19, 2018

How to Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur?

It's almost four years since I decided to quit my corporate job to explore other options and to focus more on the kids. Looking back, I have no regrets at all and actually thankful that I bravely took the step on escaping the office cubicle.

Here's the top reasons why I loved being Self-employed:

1. Be your own boss
2. Earn more
3. No more commutes
4. No more routine work
5. Have more flexible lifestyle

I have always dreamed of starting a business and building something of our own. This goal started when I usually found myself caught up following work schedule and needed to attend mommy duties as well. As much as I needed to prioritize the time for the kids, I have a work demand that I have to consider first. Oh, does this sound familiar to you?

I know most mommies can relate to this situation and can agree that it's a major decision to give up work and stay home with the kids. It was a difficult decision to choose motherhood over career. I know some can proudly do both, well congratulations! Different families, different priorities right? Whatever the choice we take, it all boils down to doing what's best for our own family.

In our case, we cannot afford to depend on a single income so becoming a work at home mom or a business owner was the best option. Transitioning from an employee to entrepreneur was never easy. We can only depend on ourselves and play all roles including the janitorial work.

Starting a business is hard work! Every move must be carefully plan and all aspects must be fully understand before coming up with a final decision. It helps to have a support group, a family or friend who has an experience on market trades or  an  expert like Andrew Charlton, who is a true leader in the field of economics to give advice and help on company's start up and growth.

Now, I am proud to share that the small business that we've started is running for 3 years already! Though I still need a lot to learn and can never be an expert for those who seek advice on how to transition from an employee to business owner, I can share the key points to consider in taking the first step to being an Entrepreneur.

The image below on becoming a Cautious Entrepreneur is a good consideration to take. Ask yourself the following:

1. What skills do I have?
2. What am I passionate about?
3. What's my education background?

image source
The checklist on the image strongly motivates and inspires me. Those very simple and realistic goals pushed me to find answers to come up with a viable business opportunity. So yeah, it pays to be motivated and keep your focus to be able to reap those rewards in the future.

Also, here's the basic steps to take to transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur:

1. Determine your expertise and skills
2. Think about what others will pay for
3. Identify your target market
4. Design your marketing and business plans
5. Assess feedback and adjust
6. Assemble a team
7. Secure Financing
8. Set up Company Structure
9. Always find ways to improve your habits, flexibility, and attitude
10. Know when to quit your job and go full time on the business

Starting a business is very challenging, it wasn't always a smooth sailing journey. Just keep in mind to learn from bad experience or outcome and choose to be courageous and fearless.

So, are you ready to take your first step?


  1. The idea of being your own boss is a dream of many. How long did it take you to adjust from when you made the transition?

    1. Oh, I’d say 2 years of adjustment until it finally sinks in that I’m on my own, and there is no turning back. To be honest, I sometimes miss being employed wherein there wasn’t too much of responsibility and obligation. But like everyone else we have to keep on moving up and keep it going.

  2. Yes, different family and different priorities. When I resigned from my work, I also tried selling online but I stopped, parang hindi worth yung profit sa stress ko. hehehe!

  3. I do relate on this. My Family is my first priority, I quit my job to be with my kids and now I am starting my business hopefully with the skills I have and the passion, I will say to myself that I did the right decision to be a work at home Mom.

    1. Correct! Just looking at the kids and the time you haven't missed was enough to confirm that right decision.

  4. These are great tips! I made this transition myself nine years ago, when I left the corporate the day before I gave birth to my son. Never looked back since. :)

    1. Whoa! 9 years?! and yes, never looking back helps to find more opportunity or the chance for growth.

  5. Im not an employee but not an entrepreneur either. But I've been contemplating a lot in starting up a new business and I hope I get to do it this year

  6. I've been wanting to transition into an entrepreneur but the lack of capital back holds me back. I mean, I can put up a business with my skills, but I'm after a simpler lifestyle.

    1. Agree with stress free and simpler lifestyle... That's my goal, when I turned 50 yrs. old. Ngayon kasi puro stress pa. =P

  7. Being self-employed and working from home seems to be the best setup these days.

    1. Yep, working from home... thanks to the advance tech! =D

  8. This is a dream of mine, too, but aside from not having enough time to be a full-time entrepreneur (it's no longer an 8-hour job!), we're still saving for capital. Thank you for the tips!

  9. I decided to quit my job years ago when my eldest was born. We started our own internet cafe. It was scary at first not to have a steady income but it was worth t because I get to take care of my kids.

  10. I really want to be at stay at home mom and manage my own business. I have a mini pharmacy but I can give up my work because I am happy and at the same time I earn. There are times kc minsan magaabono ka talaga on your own business

  11. It's never easy to become your own boss, considering the many products and services offered these days. This is also why it is important to find something you are passionate about, so you'll never feel like you're working :)

  12. I love the freedom that comes with being self-employed. No stress from waking up early, commute back and forth to the office, etc. And the best part, I got to be with my child.

  13. I think being an entrepreneur is a lot more difficult and taxing as to being an employee or even a work at home, BUT if you become successful, the rewards are far bigger too.

  14. Hurray to being self-employed and more for working online coz really, it's a wonderful feeling to be able to see your kids grow up!



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