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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Shop Wigs from the Most Popular Brands at Black Hairspray

I am really happy to work with Black Hairspray, today to share this information with you! πŸ˜ƒ
Black Hairspray offers a wide variety of wigs, accessories, and hair care products. If I had known earlier and had time to shop, I'll go for a pink colored wig to use for my preschooler.

They recently had a Costume Parade at school and we used Washable Hair Spray to get Shimmer's from (Nick Jr.'s Shimmer and Shine show) pink colored hair. I actually don't have enough time to shop for wigs because her first choice was to be Owlette from PJ Masks until she changed her mind... Oh!

In that case, we've got washable spray instead, which is also good, but can be more appealing and a quick fix with this one, right?

I recommend checking out Black Hairspray as an online source store that you could possibly need for that next dress up!

You can find the newest styles from their large collection synthetic lace front wigs on the market. I wished to have those fun long tresses to try, especially this one from Bobbi Boss:

Based from youtubers feedback and review, I can say that they have a good quality material as they are the authorized dealer of major brands including Freetress, Bobbi Boss, Hollywood, Outre, Sensationnel and more.

So the next time we'll be needing a wig for that perfect look for dress up or even for a special gathering, we can count on Black Hairspray website for easy shopping, but we have to make sure to order in advance, huh?


  1. Washable hairspray is really a nice idea if you want to change your color hair. Naalala ko tuloy si Jolina sa makulay na kair. I don't color my hair but I am thinking to try those haircolors that will last for two weeks only.

    1. Haha... Jolina from AngTV! I always settle for dark brown color, I'm not comfortable with bold colors so washable hairspray is just right for a temporary change of look.

  2. Would love to try wearing wigs, too. I would want to see myself all permed or even in different hair color. I guess it's the cheaper way to change hairstyle than visiting salons often.

    1. Yeah, totoo... it's cheaper and less time consuming for busy moms who wanted to change look as often.

  3. I didn't even know that there is such a thing as a washable hairspray. Such a great idea! You can try on different hair colors without committing to one for too long.

  4. Ang galing ng washable hairspray kasi bukod sa "in" ang new look, usable siya sa mga school events and parties. And it looks more natural than wigs din.



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