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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Baby Clothes Pattern

I promised myself to give-in to what I mostly enjoy doing. Aside from this blog, I kept myself busy doing art crafts and reading informative posts. I am in-love with sewing!  Unfortunately, until now I haven't got my hands on the sewing machine that my mother-in-law gave me because it still needs some repair, and I still need someone to teach me how to use it. Yep, cross-stitching was solely my sewing experience and some hand sewn projects.

Since I am eager to give my hands something to work on while watching my new born sleeps, I googled "Baby clothes pattern" and landed on this image:

I am confident that I can finish hand sewing this one, so I started cutting out its pattern.
I don't use dimensions from above image but rather create my own measurement that I think would fit a 4 to 6-month old baby.

And so I began, stitching and stitching... and sometimes got a little annoyed  thinking that I surely finished this within an hour using a sewing machine.

On a positive note, at least I can practice more in my hand sewn expertise. hehe

And after 5 long days working on with this project while watching my little bundle, Tadaaaa!!!


I can only imagine how much I can accomplished when the day comes that I'll start using my sewing machine. Well, I just hope that day will arrive the soonest!


She wore the dress on her 5th month... sweet!


  1. This is great! Hand sewn dress, so cute. Nice to see crafty mommies online :)

  2. Thanks Janaki =)
    Yep, I am inspired by creative mommies out there who shared their works online.



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