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Friday, April 5, 2013

Sex during Pregnancy?

As a partner site of, I want to share an informative post about pregnancy and sex. I apologized for the bold title but I think its easier this way (hah!). Check out the  infographic below on the survey done recently by WhatToExpect team, and find out the 9 benefits of pregnancy sex and how other pregnant couples feel about it!

I won't be discussing much and won't be sharing my own thoughts, (too shy oh...hehe). Just click the link above to learn  more and be advised of its benefits that includes helping you sleep better,  lower your blood pressure and   even make you happier! 


  1. So under what category does your case fall in... dun sa "Do It More?" Hehe. Di ko maimagine si Einns nakasakay!

  2. Whoa! Bawal pa kami, may infection pa e, siguro pag na clear na, tsaka pwede sumakay. ahaha

  3. hmm, ma-iforward nga ito kay hubby para next time na mabuntis ako ehhhh....lam mo na! hahahha

    Spanish Pinay



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