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Monday, June 11, 2012

Bento Accessories

I am way too late to showcase the arrival of all my Bento accessories which I ordered from ebay. Here's the 18 items that I was bragging about on my previous post:

All these items came, I think three weeks ago. I was fully occupied on our SG Trip and start of  class (June 7!) resulting to zero post these past few weeks.  Actually, I already made effortless Bento lunch for my B, which I never had the chance to take photos due to time shortage! hehe

I say effortless because all I did was cutey chicken sandwich using this animal food stamp bread cutter:

I included grapes on his "baon" which I put on these silicon food cups together with some pieces of mini fork picks:

I missed taking photos of my very first and simple Bento creation. Tsk, tsk! I regret of not having the chance or bothered grabbing a cam for a quick souvenir! It may not as creative and awesome as I've seen on Bento blogs, but I promise to try and create a very good one. I must admit, it is time consuming! As of now,  I am planning to prepare a quick healthy meal, with NO pressure at all.

But wait, husband manage to take photos when we tried using the car egg mold. Hah! just when I thought I have nothing to show off... this will do, better than nothing. =)


  1. Ang cute. :-) Talagang nag-bento ka na din ha.

  2. what an adorable accessories...

  3. Uy ang dami na ah!Nakaka adik kaya! hehe! Pag may bago gusto mo meron ka din nun. lol!

    1. Haha! ang dami nga, I don't know when I can manage to create such awesome Bento just like what you did!



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