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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where to Buy Bento Accessories

Blog hopping becomes a hobby and considered my way of connecting to online acquaintances or people I considered  instant friends. We share experiences, and new finds as well as getting help on things we love and enjoy doing. It's good to know that there are real people who can answer your  query on almost anything you want to know, from advice, feedback, and  where to buy stuff. Today's modern technology truly makes our life easier! (like?)

On one of my blog hopping routine, I met Anney who gives me an inspiration to come up with a 'Bento-ing' project for my B. I envied all her Bento works and find myself visiting Daiso (Japan Store) in Festival Mall, Alabang to buy my first  Bento Accessories:

2 sets: Toy Story spoon & fork
10 pcs. Matryoshka design food picks
Bunny and Bear rice molds
Bento lunchboxes with soup spoon
I got really excited and opened all of them before I even realized to take photos =P 

A week later, I  manage to drop by at  Saizen  in Robinson's Place Manila to buy these:

Cookie Cutter and Food knife decorator @ Php88 each

And when I went to Baclaran to shop for school uniform and other stuff, this one immediately caught my attention:

Mickey Bento Lunch Box for Php100

That's not all!  I ended checking out 18 items on ebay to help me get started with my Bento creations and patiently waiting for the delivery of my  'new toys'  where I can have fun while creating healthy lunch for my B. Honestly, I'm thrilled and excited to make my very first Bento, but decided to wait until all my accessories was delivered.

Husband ask why I bought more than one lunchbox and commented that "one is enough". I wonder what his reactions be when he  found out  my order in ebay (and its cost!). Well, there are things that only mommies knows and  understands (agree?). ahihi


  1. Anney is one creative girl! :-) I also love her bento-ing hehe. While I do not plan to be as creative as her on this, I also started looking for bento products. I'm not going to be full-time on this but I'd like some pieces for my little one when she starts daycare :-D

    Spanish Pinay

    1. Hello! We are BENTO KO!
      Selling here affordable BENTO TOOLS and ACCESSORIES for your kid's party, everyday school baon and for your picky eaters!
      Please visit and like our FB account to see our cute items directly from Japan!

  2. Hello sis, thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes, I love this all85 japanese store at Robinsons... we have one Saizen in Davao too ... :))) awesome buy!

  3. I have cookie cutter bought at SM its expensive compared to your price. Anyway, i always excited to look for bento accessories online hopefully i can purchase one =)

  4. Ate Anney influenced you about the bento. :-)

    Now I wonder what will your husband's reaction be once he see all the things you bought from E-bay. :-P

  5. @Mona, yup! better to checkout new arrivals in saizen because its cheaper.

    @Ish, I'm well-prepared and surely be defensive for any violent reaction, haha. Anyway, I paid half of its total value from my online earnings so it doesn't cost me that much. =)

  6. Siguro, papasa na yung lunch box ng Lock&Lock.

    Bento-ish looking naman sya :P

    Hey, just read your comment about my Project 30 post, thanks, tara with the project!

  7. yeah, pwede un, mas mahal nga lang...hehe
    Haha, project 30! 5 more months and I'm in =)

  8. Ako nga 2 kahon yung mga lunch boxes na nabili ko. Adik no? hehehe!

    1. Yup, pansin ko nga =) Cute ng syo kc for girls!

  9. googled about bento accessories and I found your blog. Pareho pala tayo ng inspiration for a more exciting baon for kids. Si Anney of Blog Ni ako :)

  10. Ako rin si Anney ang aking inspiration. Wish ko makagawa man lang ako half as cute as her bentos. :)

    How long did it take before your bento tools (bought from ebay) arrive?
    I wish there are philippine based online stores that sell bento tools. ^_^

  11. nice blog post sis! ang cute ng mga items!

  12. Thanks Joan! though I admit, I can't regularly find time to create such appealing bento. I'll post my simple creations soon! hehe. (busy2han!)

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