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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Reward Charts for Kids

Wonderful One, Terrible Two, Thrilling Three, and now~ Fearsome Four. Among those Kid stages, wonderful one will always be my favorite! It is when I am in control of my little bundle and not the stage where I  should use my vocal chords on its highest level (woossh).

We are now on Fearsome Four, but I sometimes borrow that "Terrible Two" stage for the exact description  of what's stage  we are in. Teaching and encouraging a good behavior and discouraging the bad is a challenging task that test our patience, parenting skills and strategies.

There are many interesting approaches in reinforcing a good behavior and I thank this one for giving my throat a time-out that it deserves. =)

Husband suggested that we try using the Reward Chart to easily teach B to display good behavior at all times. As of now, the results are  in favor of nearly getting his Hulk, the Avengers Mighty Battlers as a reward:

Notice the last 3 check marks on the first row! Hmn, I think someone's been manipulating the results, with daddy's consent... tsk, tsk! 

This Reward Chart replaces the '1-2-3 warning' and I must say it works well as it offered him two choices in which he can easily choose to behave, having in mind getting additional check marks. Our first implementation is soon to finished, advance rating? Overall successful!

When he doesn't behave well, I just warned him that he will be getting 2 or more X, for such behavior. Then, he listens and stop, and just like magic, the unwanted behavior instantly change and disappears! (*wink).


  1. That Hulk action figure really works wonders. He he.

    This is a good tips for parents out there. I might use it when I am already a daddy in the future.

  2. haha... yep! Feel free to use such strategy especially when they reach their tweens, implement a reward chart on house hold chores checklist.



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