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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to host a Kid's Ice Cream Party

I am planning to throw an Ice Cream Party for my B's 4th Birthday this month. 

Satisfactory smile brought by  Chocolate flavored ice cream.
January 21st falls on Saturday, definitely a very good time to celebrate with family and friends since most of them can attend our small celebration. Here's a checklist  in preparation for that special day:

  • Location is set.
  • Party Invitations.
  • Grocery list:
    1. Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry flavored ice cream
    2. assorted toppings: nuts, cookies, mallows, rainbow sprinkles,M&Ms, mini stik-o (any additionals?)
    3. Ice Cream Cones.
    4. Ice cream scooper
    5. Disposable plates/ cups, spoon, table cloth and napkins.
colorful disposable plates and cups
    5. Decorations: balloons, banner, etc
should came up with something like this! 
     6. I would love to add Lechon bread.
    7. Birthday Cake (optional). Celebrant insist of having Ben 10 cake again~ Arrgh! how can alien heroes    match our Ice Cream theme?
    8. I guess we still serve the all time favorite Sweet style spaghetti plus hotdog and mallows on stick. 

What i still don't know is how many gallons do i have to prepare for atleast 20-30 persons. But quite sure that i'm not afraid to run out of ice cream to serve (sure they'll understand!). Stocks would be strictly 1st come, 1st serve basis. Sorry my rules eh. =)


  1. so cute, it looks like he had so much fun with the ice cream party

  2. Well actually the party is on 3rd week this month, that pic was taken the last time he enjoyed eating ice cream.

  3. Great idea and a very sweet photo. What child (or adult) wouldn't enjoy an ice cream party?

  4. Thanks Grandma, ur right! honestly, im quite excited. Its gonna be a fun filled party.

  5. Good luck with the ice cream party :) post photos after so I can drool haha

  6. Thanks Anne, expect photos of our sweet ice cream indulgence on my B's special day.



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