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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Best Christmas gift for kids aged 4-9

I'm superrr excited! why? my top item on Christmas wish list to buy for my toddler  is soon to arrive. =) The first time I laid my eyes on this Leap Frog Learning Tablet, I was easily sold and began to do some research on where to buy after reading positive reviews.

I never had the time to check out on toy stores on any shopping  malls but found online where to buy here in the Philippines for P6,300.  Good thing is, a relative coming from US agreed to buy it for me and will arrive next week! My aunt told me that she bought it for $109, that's more or less 4,700 when converted to peso (settled!).

This personalized tablet will surely keep your child busy learning things!

Update: LeapPad  mall price: Php 7,999 (checked out Toys R Us in Alabang Town Center)


  1. Thanks Maricel! i feel good already to be a little early than Santa for this nice little boy.

  2. WOW! simply wow...

    by the way, do you mind checking out on A Whiz Kid?

  3. Great gadget, thanks for posting. I'm always on the lookout for techie toys. Here are other techie Christmas gift ideas for kids:

  4. pabata nang pabata ang mga techie gadgets ah. the next thing we'll know, even babies and toddlers will have techie stuffs na rin. hehe.

    anyway einz, i'm wondering if you got my email re: your sponsorship for the christmas giveaways?

    thanks and regards!

  5. Haha! LeapFrog's innovation is incredibly surprising, i heard about Baby Blackberry for the younger ones...

    yup, i received your mail, i'll send my pledge tomorrow thru paypal. =)



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