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Friday, September 2, 2011

Handy Manny tools Names?

After having his own tools, Handy Manny easily made a come back on my B's list of favorite Disney shows. Special agent OSO, Octonauts and Jake and the Neverland Pirates were among his line up of "must-watch" series. I let him watch all his favorites edutainment shows in which he can actually learn while having fun, as well as taking advantage on  Scientific Toys and other educational materials.

Our Handy Man here doesn't forget to wear safety helmet but totally forgot about wearing his shorts! ahihi =)
Below is Handy Manny's tools names:
Dusty- the saw
Squeeze - the pliers
Pat - the hammer
Stretch - the tape measure (he borrowed  the real one from daddy's tool box)
Felipe -  the Phillips head screwdriver 
Turner -  the flat head screwdriver
Rusty -  the wrench
Flicker-  the flashlight  (he kept on asking me to pls  lend our ever ready flashlight!)

Now he's our official handy helper, a toddler who does all the "tooling around" at any given time!


  1. hey! looks like fun... congrats to your new tools...

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    please let me know if you want to exchange links. I'll be more than happy to add your link in my blogs... thanks!

  2. haha natawa naman ako super sa nakalimutang shorts! He's so cute on his handy mandy attire (presko look LOL).

    Spanish Pinay

  3. ay so cute hehe .. my daughter always watch handy manny in disney junior.

  4. Rovie, sureness! i'll check your sites later.=)
    @SP presko attire tlg, at home. (like!!!)
    @Mona, Handy Manny fever itoh...

  5. hello...sori ngayon lang po nakabisita
    thanks for commenting

  6. hey, that's really cute! left you a KI$$, girl! hope i get one back, thanks!

    by the way do you mind checking out on Can't Mommies Be Teachers?

  7. Wow. This is nice ah. Reminded me of the cartoon that I see once in a while every weekend.

  8. Handy Manny is one of the favorites of my kids.. :)

  9. Wow, you know all the tools' names! :). My daughter is still a fan of Handy Manny.

  10. I am almost 22 years old and i still use the names of handymannys tools to know what tool i need



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