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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Disney Pixar's Cars 2

Its official family movie time yesterday, the first day cinema released of Cars 2 here in the Philippines; we're able  to  join Lightning McQueen  and Mater to see the world! Thanks to Mater's intervention that made Lightning McQueen to accept the challenge and enter  the "World Grand Prix". 

A short film of  Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation was included  before the movie. Its extremely cute and funny, I was entertained by Ken's sensitivity and Barbie's sweetness... Yep! i'm a fan too... =)

My hyper-energetic toddler was  88 %  focused on the big screen and the rest was spent on going out for two times  and constantly looking on the movie projector far behind us. I think its too early for him to enjoy theaters and movies at age 3.

But daddy never wanted to missed out great movies like this that will surely add up to B's Happy memories...
[ROLE PLAYING]  Bestfriends,  Mater and Lightning McQueen!


  1. Watching movie is a good way to spend the day.

  2. its really good to know that your family enjoys doing things together like watching movies...

    thanks for following Bella's site... please visit and follow my other blogs;

    Million Thanks!

  3. Nice pictures! A sweet family you got there, huh? :)



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