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Monday, January 24, 2011

7 Things About ME

Thanks to Eliza of Lyza's Lane and Mia of Online Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom for tagging me in this "Stylish Blogger Award". This is my 3rd Blog Award and I am thinking of creating a page to show off my collection of awards (keep it coming...thanks, thanks!).

As always, the award comes with rules of passing it to 15 Bloggers and I have to share 7 Things About Me:
  1. Next to reading, i also love cross stitching and sewing.
  2. I wanted to take up Baking lessons if time allows me to.
  3. I'm more on visuals!
  4. Stubborn sometimes.
  5. Loves Art crafts.
  6. Frugal Mom Wanna-be
  7. Straightforward or just plain "tactless". (Oooops!)
Well, that's a glimpse of I think, just 5 percent of myself! Now I'm eager to share and learn new  things from my recently visited Mom Bloggers, so I am passing this award to 15 Stylish Bloggers of my choice:
  1. Pinoy Working Mom 
  2. A Filipina Mom Blogger 
  3. Green Minded Mom Blogs 
  4. Spanish Pinay 
  5. Witchy Crazy Mommy
  6. My Misadventures of Stay-At-Home Mommyhood
  7. Mommy Monologues
  8. First Time Mom Diaries
  9. MushaMommy
  10. The Lazy Mama
  11. When Mom Talks
  12. My Oweini Life
  13. Sweet as Candy
  14. Pinay Mom Blogs
  15. Life of a Filipina Blogger
Pass along and don't forget to link back...
You've been tagged!


    1. Thanks for the Stylish blog award. Happy Blogging!

    2. Thanks for the award, Einz!! Been quite busy these days. This is my first award, I'm so thrilled :) Hopefully I'd get to do this pretty soon!

    3. We are the same at 1, sans the cross stitching and sewing. :-)

    4. Me too sis, if given the chance I want to enroll din sa baking. My mom kasi used to bake cakes nung nasa Saudi pa kami. Favorite ko Ube cake and cheese cake nya. Sana matupad natin 'to. Thanks for the tag.

      Btw, I grabbed your badge and posted it on my main blog here.

    5. Thank you so much for the award! It is always nice to find out things about the blogger that you don't easily see from the blog itself.



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