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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vtech Educational Laptop

Its 11 days before Christmas and 38 days to go for my B's 3rd Birthday and I haven't bought any of my created wish list on my Gift Registry at  Toys R Us. My top on the list was Vtech Tote and Go Laptop but still having a second thought considering that its too early for him to enjoy the games and activities which I personally think is well- suited for children ages 4 and up.

Whenever he watched Danny and Daddy  he actually remember my promise of buying him a laptop. And whenever I bid goodbye for work, he actively says that I'll go to work for me to have enough money to buy his laptop.

Argh! talking about not making promises to a child... What do you think, will I just go ahead and buy? His cousin owns one, I borrowed it and  all he does was to press it on/off ,and kept on pressing keypads, the sounds and display entertains him while  pretending to be very busy doing something just like mommy.

Well, what do you think, better buy or not? 


  1. I'd say go ahead and buy! He may be too young for that but he's obviously interested in it and the day that he will be able to fully make use of it will arrive soon so, it won't be a waste at all.

  2. Thanks Spanish Pinay! Buying is what I had in mind right now, but hubby said No. But I'll still go and buy it, maybe tomorrow just in time for our Xmas bonus. hehe

  3. i think he will benefit from this educational toy :D go go go i'd buy my 3yr. old son if i have the money :D
    thanks for the visit!

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  4. Leapfrog makes one for younger children that he might benefit from. I think that this Vtech one looks great, though, and is a little more adult-like. I'd recommend buying it. He may not be able to use all of the functions right away, but give him a couple months and he will be typing away like a pro :)



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