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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Impetigo (mamaso) Treatment

My toddler spent a 3-day vacation with his cousin at my mom's place and got 2 blisters on his legs and feet when he got home. It later grows and easily spread to other areas, so I brought him to Pedia Doc to ask for med prescription. Doctor said that Impetigo known as ''Mamaso" was common among children and it is contagious, it can easily transmitted thru open cuts and direct skin contact and even adults can get infected. 

The blisters was filled with pus~ yellow colored fluid, swollen, and crusting over. It's itchy, my B kept on scratching and it leaves a reddish base when its pop/ broken,  so I make sure that his finger nails are properly trimmed. We were also advise to have a separate bath towel when drying the infected areas. Observe proper hygiene, wash it with soap and water before applying anti- bacterial cream.

B waiting @ Pedia Clinic
My 2 yrs. and 10 mos. old toddler
Here's Pedia Doc's prescription list:
Cefalexin 250mg/5ml suspension (given 3x/day)
Ceelin Chewable Jr. (once a day, for healthy skin)
Foskina, an anti- bacterial ointment  (apply 3x/ day)

Today, B was on his last day of his 7day- treatment, the blisters were  already dry  and on its way to clear up. The treatment helps alleviate any discomfort and it prevents from spreading to other areas. Thumbs up!

Impetigo strikes again, my B was now couple of months away from his 7th birthday. The Foskina ointment wasn't doing well at this time so I decided we visit a doctor to ask for prescription.

The doctor advise to use Bactroban ointment atleast twice a day and apply Cetaphil moisturizing lotion and switch to Dove bath soap for sensitive skin.

Bactroban - 296.75
Cetaphil lotion - 789.00
Dove for sensitive skin - 49.00

As of this writing, the blisters wasn't completely healed. Anyway, we are still 3days short for a week's treatment.


  1. Congratulations! ^_^ Your child is already in full recovery from that skin infection.

    I do hope that he will never contract that again. I guess proper hygiene must always be observe for your child.

    Btw, thanks for visiting my blog Digital Think Tank. ^_^

  2. poor boy! i hope he's completely recovered! and a good job too for being so brave at the clinic!

  3. congratz!!! @einz you poor boys allready full recovered!

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  4. its good to know that its clearing up now.. and thanks for posting this.. this is helpful in case we experience the same thing.. we already have idea.. :)

  5. *Hugs* It's nice to know that it is clearing up..

  6. happy to know its getting better, the medications you mentioned also used by my daughter before but she had different skin problem that time.

    by the way, for following me via GFC =)



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