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Friday, November 5, 2010


I should've blogging about our Halloween trick or treat at Active Fun, but sad thing is, we're not able to make it because I was having a headache at that time and I was on my night shift sked at work so I decided not to. 

But despite of change of plan, we still manage to have our own 'trick or treat' last sunday... yup! that's Oct. 31~  and here's my  B wearing devil's horns (it lights up!) matching our halloween night visits:

That was fun! 
And that saves up Php500 registration fee.~Y'ay!~

The amount saved for that occasion was spent for his consultation fee the next day on our visit to his pediatrician who examine the  blisters found on his legs, the skin infection was identified: its Impetigo, a common skin problem found in toddlers.


  1. Ay usogng uso yang devil's horn na yan. Pati nga baby pinagsusuot rin n'yan eh.

    Good that you enjoyed the Halloween.

  2. yup! cute sa babies, not good to see sa matanda. ahaha! have seen group of teenagers wearing those during all saints Day.

  3. The blog is very good!



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