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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Feeling lucky!

I seldom join blog contests/ giveaways thinking I wasn't lucky enough to win coz I am not really 'that' lucky when it comes to winning raffle prizes. Be it on our company's Xmas party or any which requires raffle tickets. I keep telling myself that I am at far on winning, but deep down inside silently wishing to have a goodluck.(harhar).

But now, a sudden change of luck finally comes my way... I joined  Written by Mys  Domain Name Give Away Contest and... tadaaa~ I won! Yup! I won! ~ This definitely something that  will keep me really inspired on blogging and trying my luck.
Got really surprised to see this comment from Mys:

Guess how many times I read this one over and over until it finally sinks in,
my .com domain is transferred from godaddy and Mys really help me get started on how to set-up my blogger custom domain.

And here it is: my Ye'y!


  1. congrats! I wish can also win in the current blog contests that I have joined.

  2. You should update your link to those you exchanged links with and update your grab me button to make the button go to and not your blogspot blog anymore. (Just reminding you)

  3. Thanks Mys... will be doing that! =D

  4. Yihee! Congratulations. I was just bumming around online and hopped into yours.

    ~ from another mommy :)



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