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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Buy and Sell articles on launched its way as a marketplace for writers and publications for buying and selling unique article content. Wherein writers can have their articles get listed, setting their own selling price, and creating a range of selections for buyers who's in search for topics having their own descriptive standards.

The site indicates that as a seller you have an option to select from three licenses types listed during Article content submission, The first type was Usage license which gives buyers the right to use the content, but also allows you to keep selling the content to more than one buyer. Second type was Unique license that allows selling to only one buyer, but does not allow the buyer to resell the content, and the third was full license giving the buyer full rights to the content, it means the new owner can sell, use, or display the content to others as desired.

A buyer of an article that listed as Unique or full license type automatically enrolls under buyer protection program which guarantees full refund if the article was proven to be used somewhere else within 30 days from date of purchased.

This service open its door for a huge opportunity for bloggers/ authors who writes any topics of their interests getting them compensated from their hard work. This newly established site will sure help lessen Internet Plagiarism- now writers never have to worry about their work being stolen and guarantees the buyer having a unique and original article on-hand under agreed terms of usage.

Articleme charges a 30% success fee when your content was sold, a good marketplace to start for bloggers’ selling venture! Click here to register.

Also, feel free to participate on their "Cover Story Contest" you might be the lucky winner of $3,000 USD cash prize!

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  1. wow! this is a great opportunity! thanks for the heads up! :)

    thanks for dropping!



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