Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Put on that Swimsuit, Mommies!

I recently shopped online for swimwear/ summer collection and was very satisfied for its quality and exact fitting. I'm finally convinced that US 'small' size fits me well.

I find it hard to shop at the stores with my (impatient!) kids, so online shopping is a real life saver! I can browse wide range of clothes collection right at my fingertips and have it conveniently delivered at home. It actually saves time and energy choosing what to add on my cart while taking care of the kids.

My ordered items has arrived and  waited for the perfect time to wear it.

I confidently shop online by using these size and fit guides and  carefully learn how to take body measurement.

It also comes with a Guaranteed  Buyer Protection in case you have issues with the item. 

30 Day Returns Guarantee
Full or partial refund if the item is not as described
Full refund for damaged items

I donned my  'Donya-Look' wearing this Bohemian Maxi Dress!

I'm loving this one size cover up, that my sister wanted to borrow. 😅

Parenting changes things, years ago I bid goodbye to fashionable and high-heeled shoes thinking I should stop being my old self and completely embrace motherhood with these 'necessary' changes.

Years ago, I decided to left my corporate job and fully discover the advantages of  Working from  Home and instead  have a full packed schedule of managing children, chores and work.

Its been years, and now I am Up to beat this "Stay at Home Blues" by feeling good about myself, and taking an act of bravery of wearing what I want!

Since I have bulges and marks to take care of, settling for a backless one piece swimsuit is a good choice. The sexy open back works as well.

This strappy Monokini Cut-Out Swimwear also works to give a flattering shape!

I would highly recommend Rosegal.com for its stylish and wide selection of outfits! I actually have more items sitting on my wish list, waiting to be bought.

Taking time to relax and feel good about myself does wonders for my "Mommy Soul"... People may think that I desperately hanging on to my youth, but I came to this age when I don't give a damn. Hahaha

How about you, what's your way to feel good and re-energized?

Thursday, May 11, 2017

My Shopping Experience at Zaful.com

When the need to update for stylish and trendy outfits like crop topsoff shoulder topsor even white floral dress arises, I found myself searching online for fashion inspiration and ideas. 

While there are so many reasons why it is better to shop at local malls, I also find numerous reasons why I prefer shopping for clothes online.

My 9-year old son always complain and ask why it took me so looong when buying fashion clothes and other accessories when we're at the mall.

So that gives me my top reason why I mostly do my virtual shopping! It is so much easier and convenient to sit at home, find my size and style and then they delivered it right to my door steps.

I have tried several brands online and was satisfied with each order as they provide features that can aid my decision making. I mostly rely on model's stats and always double check size measurement before I finalize my order.

I love how the feature of narrowing my choices on sorting items from Category, New Arrivals, and prices from Low to High or vice versa,  gives me the chance to browse according to what I prefer. I was able to view entire product range according to my likeness.

Zaful.com provides me the confidence to shop on their online store as Customer Reviews are available and they offer better prices plus discounts.

I signed up and was surprised to receive 100Z points equivalent to $2 discount.

And, another 10% OFF for First time Customers!

The Z Points totaled to 120 and was converted to $2.40 and the Promotion Code for $3.35 that sums up to $5.75 Discount for my final order. Great!

It automatically covered a Shipping Insurance for protection.

 So there, I successfully ordered for these 3 items, Perfect for Mother's Day Gift for myself! 

*Will be updating this post once I received my order to showcase another successful Online Shopping Experience.

Aside from a good  sleep, this is the best way for me to re-energized and rock a Guilt-free Mother's Day Celebration.

Happy Mother's Day to All the fellow mommies out there! Cheers!

Shop Your Very Own Crochet Bikini at RoseGal

Give your swimwear a throwback update with this cute Watermelon crochet bikini from RoseGal. The site offers a wide selection of exquisite crochet pieces to own.

There is Nothing Cuter than this Watermelon inspired handmade stitch crochet bikini that adds up a twist on summer refreshing look. I think this is a perfect must-have  for my  "Beauty and the Beach" collection photo opps.

I actually couldn't decide right away which one to feature since there's a wide collection to choose from. But this Watermelon's fun and interesting playful design won over.

I'm usually a poolside or beach side poser before taking a swim. And with these inspiring  instagram worthy  crochet bikini, posing and tanning can be so much fun!

Well, I honestly doubt I can swim lapses wearing this, but confident enough to enjoy a fashionable picture taking activity (wooohooo!).

Here's the basics must-know for your crochet pieces:

  • Choose with adjustable ties or elastics.
  • Strictly for hand-washing only (or it would stretch out of its shape).
  • Wash with cold water after use and lay it flat to dry (don't hang!)
  • They'd get too heavy on water, so swim at your own risk. 😝

Remember, it is best for posing/ tanning only. Anyway, I can count on these stylish romper for additional summer fashion must-have along with this Watermelon Crochet Bikini.

If not a fan of crochet bikinis, try out this Nylon material padded Watermelon bikini set instead.

Shop now and use coupon code SUMMER17 upon checkout, for  Extra 8% OFF. So, what do you think of my Summer Collection, Good choice or Not?

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere with iVideo Pocket Wifi

Admit it!

Wifi access undoubtedly considered  a necessity. It provides access to information, education, business, communication, entertainment and a lot more.

I remember my eldest saying he is totally bored and asked me what else to do now that he's offline because the tab runs out of battery.

My toddler complaining that the video on youtube doesn't load right away.

The husband asking if I have watched the latest viral video.

And, imagine a family vacation without an internet access? Oh, surely I wouldn't have a peace of mind and wouldn't dare to unleashed the kids' "fury"  over an internet access. Like many of us, they also have their thing online, (Yep, Welcome to internet generation!).

The need to go online for information and entertainment arises, even for kids! All I can do was  to moderate screen time and make sure they also have enough physical activities.

When we traveled to HK, luckily we have a Free reliable internet access from the hotel. And they have free hotspots on many locations, especially on tourist spots.

But, what if you travel abroad and wanted to make sure you have internet connection all through out? That's where Wifi rental comes in to the rescue.


Rent the iVideo Wifi for unlimited internet access on the Go!

Register on  this link to fill out the form indicating the address where you want it delivered and pay online. You will receive an email confirmation of successful registration.

Rent now for as low as $0.99 / day. Covered countries includes : UK, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, Spain, Poland, Norway, France, Monaco & more! It also comes with convenient Free return shipping.

We have tried the service and experience the reliable connection speed and the device can last up to 15 hours of use (at least the longest we stayed up for a day).

 A good internet speed makes room for a "quiet" time that  provide hours of uninterrupted me-time. 😆

iVideo is committed to provide Internet access anytime and anywhere in the world with affordable mobile wireless Internet while abroad. Driving convenience and high quality communication services for its customers.

This is recommended for travelers, wanting to carry their own internet hotspot and stay connected anytime anywhere! 

They also offer discounts promo and coupon code. Enter the code AKAZZZYJGBQUVUWP to avail. I am most likely to recommend this to travelers for its reliable service to make most of their travel experience as they share the joy and excitement to the world.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Rose Gal's Elegant Lace Dresses and Swimwear

I'm a huge fan of simple, but elegant looking fashion dresses. Those flattering elegant lace dresses  undeniably reflects sophistication and grace! Ladies... let us bring one more act of beauty in this world by inspiring other women to  have an extra boost of confidence, one outfit at a time. 😊

As I spent my afternoon browsing online stores for a fashion inspiration, I landed on Rose Gal's website, and came up with these dresses on my wishlist:

It was like at first sight for this Charming Lace Fishtail Dress.

Oh-so perfect for a Sunday Dress!

They also offer the dress with special discount when you use the mobile app.
Lace, when styled right adds a cute touch for a casual or special occasion dresses. Same with crochet, when styled right; is vintage and cool and not just for the 'old ladies'.

Now, take a look on my summer picks to add up style on my wishful 3-day vacation on the beach:

And YES, I have to use a cover up! What do you think, should I choose the white, black or green?
I'm five years away to turning 40. So yeah, "Life is too short to wear boring clothes 😂." Who's with me?! 

Friday, March 24, 2017

TravelBook.ph Celebrates their Fourth Year Anniversary!

Travelbook.ph, the leading local hotel booking website in the Philippines, is turning four!

And in celebration of four exciting years in the business, TravelBook.ph encourages you to explore and see the beauty of the Philippines in the coming months with ongoing exciting promos: Win a free trip to Japan for two in the Konnichi-wow: Free Trip to Japan and avail of highly affordable deals on hotels and resorts with Super Summer Sale.

In addition to the anniversary, TravelBook.ph is also celebrating a lot of huge milestones. In just four years, TravelBook.ph grew exponentially in the e-commerce industry. Its number of bookings increased up to 200% ever since they started offering affordable hotel reservations in March 2013. Today, over 3,200 local hotels and resorts are listed on their website, providing more opportunities for Filipino wanderers to travel around the country and support local tourism.

TravelBook.ph dares to brave that extra mile and achieve even more by further establishing their brand as the only online travel agency (OTA) that promotes local tourism and highlighting the unique perks and services they offer to Filipino travelers, including attractive discounts, convenient payment options, exclusive reward points, and the TravelBook.ph mobile application.

TravelBook.ph will also be releasing TravelBook magazine, the company’s official free publication that aims to inspire Filipinos to visit local destinations, meet new people, and immerse themselves in the country’s rich culture.

All these and more will officially be announced to the media on TravelBook.ph’s upcoming Summer Anniversary Blowout press launch on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas.

The Philippines is undeniably full of wonders that are meant to be appreciated as well as explored. As they celebrate their fourth anniversary, TravelBook.ph encourages you to go out there and explore the amazing places in the Philippines and gain memorable travel experiences like no other.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Rebecca Romijn Shares Her Experience Parenting Twins

What does it really take to be a parent of two babies at once? Rebecca Romijn frankly opens up about her personal experience.

PHOTO from rebecca romijn's IG

During an interview with PEOPLE magazine, the 44-year-old actress said: “It’s hard with twins because it prevents you from being too much of a helicopter mom. You’ve got two at the same time to take care of, and the one who needs you the most is the one who gets you. And so the other one’s gotta cry it out until you can get to her. It’s true!”

Rebecca gladly announced that her twins, Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip, are now 8 years old. Oh my! Yes, time does fly!

PHOTO from rebecca romijn's IG

Balanced routine can be a challenge for Romijn and husband Jerry O’ Connell who are both working actors. Their secret? Embrace the teamwork mentality – this was the advice we got from the actress and former model. She said they were able to raise their kids into a normal, loving children because they 'tag-team' with work. It means when one of them needs traveling for work, the other one stays at home.

This tip has greatly worked out for this couple of almost 10 years now until they got their Hallmark movie, Love Locks, where the real-life couple had to star as on-screen couple for the movie. They had to spend a month away from the girls while Grandma and Grandpa took over.

On the other hand, Rebecca said, it’s still a win-win situation since their daughters love to be with their grandparents, and vice versa, while she and Jerry got a lot of date nights. Isn’t that amazing?


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