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Thursday, December 13, 2018

My Top 10 Picks must-have from Althea for your Christmas Wishlist!

Hohoho! Christmas is fast approaching... have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I'm not yet done with my shopping list of items to give for my loved ones (sorry!) but hopefully will be crossing out everything on my list this coming weekend.

Now, before everyone's got busy on holiday rush, I came up with this Top 10 picks of K-Beauty must-have items to help you decide what to buy for yourself to get started with your Korean skincare routine.

Keep Calm, It's almost Christmas!
The following items are the products  that I personally tried and tested and  would highly recommend. I actually restocked for some that I nearly finished up because, you know... I was getting good results and it's a big mistake to discontinue a newly found skincare routine that works, agree?

As part of Althea's Beauty Ambassador Community, our main duty is to spread the good news of product launches and we are encourage to give honest and fair feedback. So, here goes my Top 10 picks from Althea that I'm actually using  after trying a bunch of products from their shopping site.

Okay. So I got curious with that Glass Skin trend and totally adores a Korean's clear and youthful glowing skin and I'm hopeful to get even a teeny weeny bit of a poreless translucent effect so I ordered this set 8 months ago.

This is a simplified skin care routine that is more doable than that of 10-step Korean skincare that flashes on my screen as I searched for ways on how to achieve a Korean Glass Skin.

Contour Cleanser - foaming cleanser that gently exfoliates (husband uses it too!).
Primer Water - hydrates and preps  the skin, making it a clear canvas for next product to apply.
Fixer Cream - provides skin with hydration for up to 24 hours for a fresh, revitalized complexion. 

The 10% OFF discount offer on this set was still on going and you can  avail Free shipping with code:  PBSHIP

When you're in mid-30's, Time freezing is the way to go! This one provides a lifting effect that makes elastic younger skin, best paired with Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask.


Maximize effect of Time Freeze face Fit Roller by applying this one after the 5-minute  facial massage. This is a cheaper, non-invasive way to lift, tighten, and contour the face.

This gentle exfoliator transforms from a clay to whipped cream lather whisking away dead skin cells to prevent flakiness.

A peeling mask that promises to provide the skin smoothness and clarity with daily use. It is made from the belief that we deserve the best quality at affordable price. 

I've finished-up my first bottle of this mask and decided to order my 2nd one, because I believe I am getting good results as it makes my skin feeling softer, smoother, and clearer! So I'll be using my Bare Essential Contour Cleanser whenever I need the feel of microbead scrub to exfoliate.

This offers a full coverage and smooth finish. It perfectly covers my dark circles so this one's definitely on my list. I'm almost done with a tube of Total Age Repair Wrinkle Reduce BB Cream from Etude House, so I tried this one from Missha because it's cheaper and discovers that it provides the same results with that of my fave brand.

... because hydration is the key to great skin even when it comes to your make-up!

This Glow Cover Cushion delivers the right balance between a dewy glow and providing the skin with brilliant coverage, making this great for those of us looking to follow that quintessential "chok-chok" look. .

This is my first to try a cushion product and discovered a long lasting glow and easy touch-ups on the go. It’s a triple functional cosmetic that can take care of wrinkles, do brightening and block UV rays, at once.

Petal Velvet powders comes in 3 variants,  #0 translucent#23 warm beige, and the special edition  #PinkLavender

The Pink Lavender is my fave to use, this serves as a final touch up for BB cream or  cover cushion  as a perfect skin smoothing powder to set a fresh and matte radiant finish. 

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel is enriched with vitamins and can be used for just about anything, from soothing sunburns to hydrating the skin and hair in the form of a mask, to an everyday moisturizer for supple skin. 

Here's how to use (#3 and #4 for me) :

The secret to great lips? 👄 Hydrate. Moisturize. Exfoliate!

This gentle exfoliating scrub contains 20% sugar granules, contains the highly moisturizing natural shea butter that effectively removes dead skin cells and smoothen chapped, flakey lips, and Ginger extracts that creates a protective layer on the lips that ensures its softness and smoothness all day

Lastly, moving on to foot care, I recommend this  foot peeling mask to break down those rough dead skin cells to reveal baby soft, smooth fresh skin! This is made with gentle natural ingredients that is safe to use.

It has 3 step foot care program in 1 use:
Foot Cleanser
Foot Peeling Mask
Foot Cream

It effectively exfoliates and peel rough skin after 3 days. Recommended use is once a month.

Sorry, but I need to include this photo to show how it effectively works! 
There goes my Top 10 best picks from Althea, the most trusted source for the latest and best selection of Korean skin care and beauty products, offering the lowest prices and shipped directly from Korea.

 Truly, the best quality at affordable price. You're Welcome! ❤️

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

An Honest Review at Althea's Petal Velvet Sunaway

There are many known benefits of using sunscreen protection and it is a must to apply when heading outdoors! but I recently discovered that sunscreen should be wear even when spending the day indoors for UV exposure?!

Oh well, I have been faithfully using my Total Age Repair wrinkle reduce BB cream that has SPF45/PA+++. I am wearing it daily as I love how it provides perfect coverage, anti-wrinkle and sun protection, at once. So, this counts as an everyday sunscreen protection for regular days. It is only during pool or beach trips, that I turn to advanced sun protection creams for face and body.

That's basically my when and where preference of using sunscreens. I have normal skin type, so I am open on discovering new products to try until I found something that I can actually use.

Last month, Althea Korea  launch a brand new product under the Petal Velvet line, and send over the "Petal Velvet Sunaway" sunscreen kit for me to try.

It's super lightweight and quick to absorb and provides high level of  protection from UV rays with a petal-like finish. It surprisingly blends well without white residue, and has high protection grade of SPF50+ PA++++ for maximum sun protection. It’s floral scented and without sticky and oily feels, but  it has rich kind of floral scent that I'm actually not a fan of (sorry...).

The kit comes with 3 variants of Petal Velvet powders in #0 translucent#23 warm beige, and the special edition  #PinkLavender.

This is a perfect skin smoothing powder to set a fresh and matte radiant finish. I have been using the pink lavender powder already before I received this set so I tried the translucent powder and intend to give the warm beige to my SIL as a Christmas gift while I'm keeping the pink lavender as my stock 😉.

Now back to the Petal Velvet Sunaway, I tried using this for a week and let go of my usual morning skincare routine to give way for this product.

True to its claim, it does provide a petal-like finish or poreless coverage and easy to blend. It's like magically transforms a liquid into powder. I'm almost inlove with this product as I fully understand the need to have daily sun protection but I'm torn to sticking to my ever reliable BB cream (with SPF45/PA+++)  for heavy coverage of my dark circles (as seen below 😳).

Overall, the Althea Petal Velvet Set is highly recommended for daily use to help minimize skin aging, unless you have other skin concerns to prioritize.

Althea's launch offer of this New PETAL VELVET SET -Moisture filled Sun and Sebum Control at 10% OFF the Sunaway + your choice of powder is still up. Get yours from this link to try if this affordable duo is a perfect fit for your skincare needs.

Just a gentle reminder on sunscreen: wear it daily and  re-apply as needed! ❤️

Monday, November 26, 2018

One Week Itinerary in Southern California and Disneyland

Southern California is one of the most exciting travel destinations for visitors from all over the world. It’s home to Disneyland, one of the world’s most iconic theme parks, and there are also so many other incredible things to see and do while you are there. In this article, we’ll cover an ideal week-long itinerary that will take you through the most exciting parts of Southern California.

Getting There
There are many different travel options for getting to Southern California. If you are coming from overseas, your best bet is to fly into Los Angeles International Airport, which has international flights on hundreds of airlines. Although it isn’t the most convenient in terms of location or security wait times, you are most likely to get a direct flight coming into this airport. If you are flying domestically (or are willing to switch airlines once you get into the US) you can opt to fly into Burbank, Ontario, Long Beach, or Orange County. These are all smaller airports that are within driving distance of the Los Angeles area.

Where to Stay
When choosing a place to stay in Southern California, you have a wealth of options available to you. There are hotels in every area that you might be interested in visiting, and you can use deal sites like Hotel Tonight, Expedia, or Hotwire to find the most affordable options. Another great option is to rent a home through sites like Airbnb or Homeaway. This is often more cost-effective and allows you to really feel like a local. If you are following this itinerary, you will probably want to switch lodging every few days as you move up and down the coast, so you can be closer to the attractions you want to visit. The Los Angeles and Orange County areas are very spread out, and if you stay in once place the entire trip, you will likely end up spending most of your time in traffic.

Getting Around
If you can, the best option is to rent a car while you are in Southern California. This will give you much more freedom and mobility to explore the area. However, this isn’t always an option, so there are plenty of other ways to get around as well. Ride share apps like Lyft and Uber can help you get where you need to go much more affordably than a cab. In fact, for certain attractions, taking a ride share is by far the most convenient way to get there, because you can avoid parking and still get there very quickly. While you are in Los Angeles proper, you can also opt to take the LA Metro system. You can purchase a TAP card at the beginning of your stay to use on all the public transit in the area. There are both trains and buses to many of the major attractions you might be interested in. However, the Metro system doesn’t go everywhere, so it’s best not to rely on it alone when traveling in Southern California. The weather is very pleasant in this area, so you won’t have to worry about it affecting your travels.

Day 1 & 2: Hollywood and Beverly Hills
Before heading down to Disneyland, you should take time to explore everything the city of Los Angeles has to offer. Start by heading to Hollywood, one of the most unique tourist destinations in the world. There’s so much going on, it’s difficult to choose what to do, but you have plenty of options. You should make sure to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and then go up to the Griffith Observatory for the most incredible view of Los Angeles and the surrounding area. 

If you like to hike, there are many hikes you can do in the hills, Runyon Canyon being the most notable. You can also opt to make a stop at Universal Studios for a day and experience Harry Potter World and the other fun attractions they have there.

West Hollywood and Beverly Hills are incredibly glamorous and feature high-end shopping, restaurants, and nightlife. Melrose Avenue and Rodeo Drive are two of the world’s most exciting places to shop. There’s also a range of coffee shops, restaurants, and bars where you can go star seeking - there’s a good chance you’ll see a celebrity while you are in the area. If you want to enjoy some culture, it’s a short drive to the Getty Museum or the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, two of the most iconic museums in America.

If you really want to take advantage of the glamor of this area, look for an Airbnb in the hills with a view of the city. There are bars and restaurants around every corner, so you won’t be hard pressed to find good food and drinks. However, here are some of the most popular options to get you started:

-       Alfred Coffee and Tea: If you’ve seen the ‘But first, coffee’ neon signs on Instagram, this is where to find them.
-       Mama Shelter: This hotel has one of the most fun and exciting rooftop bars in the area. It’s right in the thick of Hollywood, so it’s close to everywhere you might want to visit.
-       Honor Bar: Located in the middle of Beverly Hills, this is a reliable option for a nice dinner out. There’s something on the menu for everyone, from sushi to sandwiches.
-       Good Times at Davey Wayne’s: There’s no shortage of themed bars in Hollywood, but this 70s speakeasy is not to be missed. Just be sure to get there early to avoid a line.
-       Connie & Ted’s: This seafood spot feels relaxed, but is known for having some of the best fish in Los Angeles.

Day 3: Downtown LA
While downtown Los Angeles used to be a place to avoid, it has undergone a dramatic revitalization in the past decade, and now it’s a vibrant cultural center with plenty to explore. Start by checking out the Broad Museum - it’s free, all you have to do is reserve tickets in advance online, or you can wait in the standby line.

From there, head to Grand Central Market, which features local food vendors of many different types of cuisines. After you’ve had lunch, pop over to the Last Bookstore, which sells not only new and used books, but also local art, music, and more.

Close out the day with dinner and drinks - there are endless options to choose from. For food, check out Maccharoni Republic for Italian, Beelman’s for vegan pub food, or Redbird for upscale American classics. Afterwards, there are countless places to get a cocktail. Try The Wolves, Library Bar, or Seven Grand if you want something low key, or head to The Edison or Clifton’s if you prefer to dance.

If you’re entranced by city views, you might also want to check out 71Above, located on top of the US Bank tower, or the Ace Hotel Bar, which features funky decor and a skyline view. If you are more of a beer drinker, the nearby Arts District has plenty of lively breweries, and is also home to EightyTwo, a modern arcade bar, and Two Bit Circus, a virtual reality park and event space.

Day 4 & 5: Disneyland

After exploring Los Angeles proper, it’s time to head down to Orange County and visit Disneyland. Disneyland is one of the most iconic theme parks in the world and there’s plenty to do there. To get there from Los Angeles, it’s roughly a 45-minute drive down, depending on traffic. Make sure to avoid going at rush hour, when the traffic times could double. If you are traveling without a car, you can get to Disneyland by taking the Amtrak or Metrolink trains to Anaheim. From there, it’s just a short bus ride over to the park.

You can opt to stay in one of Disney’s hotels, which provide a full luxury experience, or there are some more affordable options located just outside of the park. Each of the Disney hotels on site caters to different guests and their interests. For example, the Disney Grand Californian is rustic and elegant, while the Disneyland Hotel has a more modern design and a huge outdoor pool and water park area. The Paradise Pier Hotel has a seaside theme and is great for families traveling with children (although all the hotels are kid-friendly). When it comes to food and drinks, there’s plenty of options located throughout the entire park. The Downtown Disney district in particular has a selection of restaurants that are very accessible.

There’s so much to offer within the park that it’s best to take at least two days to explore everything. Fantasyland is a great place to start, with several fun attractions that can be done one after the other. New Orleans Square is home to both the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, which are two of the most iconic rides and are not to be missed. New Orleans Square is also home to some of the most exciting dining in the park. Of course, you can’t miss the thrill rides that are the Matterhorn, Splash Mountain, and the Jungle Cruise. Be sure to leave plenty of time for taking photos as well - you’ll look back fondly on your photo at the Sleeping Beauty Castle for years to come. Finish off each day by watching the nightly fireworks show.

Day 6 & 7: Orange County Beach Towns
Orange County and Los Angeles are home to some of the world’s most creative and interesting beach towns. Take the last two days of your trip to relax and really enjoy the natural beauty that this area has to offer. Laguna, Newport, and Huntington beaches are all charming towns with plenty to do and see. All three have pristine shorelines as well as excellent surfing. Laguna Beach is home to a high concentration of art galleries, so you can get a dose of culture while taking in the beautiful scenery.

Newport and Huntington also have beautiful hiking trails where you can take in the views of the ocean. All of these beach towns are home to great food and drinks as well, so you really can’t go wrong with two days here. Try booking a beach home on Airbnb or HomeAway for a really idyllic experience.

International Travel To Southern California

If you are traveling from abroad to visit southern California, there are some precautions you will need to take ahead of time to make sure you get into the United States with no trouble. In particular, you will need to check ESTA status. ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. You will need to complete your ESTA application at least 72 hours ahead of traveling to the United States. You will need a valid passport in addition to completing your ESTA application. Once you have completed your ESTA application, you will be able to travel to and from the United States within the regulations of the program for two years, and you can continue to update this permit for future travel.

ESTA is part of the Visa Waiver Program. Citizens from countries that are part of this program do not need to apply for a visa before coming to the United States if it is for a period of less than 90 days. However, not all countries are part of ESTA. Look on the Department of Homeland Security’s website for a list of eligible ESTA countries. If your country is not on the list, you will need to apply for a visa before entering the United States.

There’s so much to do in Southern California and Disneyland, and you won’t regret taking a trip to this incredible location. Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or by yourself, you are sure to have a blast exploring this unique travel destination. Planning your itinerary ahead of time will help you make the most of everything the area has to offer.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Althea x Get It Beauty Real Fresh Skin Detoxers Collab!

My FB wall and IG feed was flooded with posts of  Althea’s fave and exclusive products as an active member of Althea Angels Community. I'm actually happy  and pumped up to introduced Althea as an Online K-Beauty Hub that offers over 100 Korean Brands and is 100% authentic.

"Althea is the most trusted source for the latest and best selection of Korean skin care and beauty products, offering the lowest prices and shipped directly from Korea."

I purchased my very first K-Beauty product (BB Cream!) at Etude House’ local store here in PH and was hooked ever since. I’m thankful that I recently discover Althea as it truly offers lower prices, imagine 10-20% cheaper than those K-Beauty items at the mall?! It offers FREE shipping for orders over PhP999. Sweet deal, right?

Now this time, Althea Korea did a product collaboration with Korea's top TV programme, Get It Beauty, called the Real Fresh Skin Detoxers

And, I was lucky to take part of this review for this Skin Detoxer set

Althea sent these welcome surprise to us Angels to be the  firsts  to enjoy this day and night 10 sec. wash off mask, yep, 10 SECONDS not 10 minutes! it's a relatively thick layer masks leave on for 10sec~ the Premium Rose Petal  for a gorgeous glow and Green Tea leaves from pristine Jeju Island plantations for a healthy complexion. 💦

Fast forward today... Okay, don't judge. You might think that I am too lazy to wash off at night or can you just please assume that I just reaaaally love that REAL FRESH Skin Detoxer in Rose! Hahaha. 

I  enjoy my morning daily mask routine as I love this potpourri-like scented mask! The fragrant rose petals reminds me of those dried flower petals that I kept in a jar when I was a kid. I never knew then that rose petals has beauty-enhancing benefits like giving a radiant glow.

Now, Korea's famous beauty influencer Minsco and K-pop star Jeonghwa who's a member of EXID join the fun  in and made a video together on their experience with the Skin Detoxers! 

Subtitle please???  Oh well, I can clearly see how they enjoyed these products  and can't help but take note of the face massage that Minsco showed to Jeonghwa. I badly needed that massage you know? In fact I spent a huge part of my Althea birthday points for a Laneige Time Freeze Face roller! aayiieee... but that's another story.

Anyway, come join in the fun experience of these Real Fresh Skin Detoxer. You can purchase this set  by clicking here.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Your Dream Home through self-employed loans

Being self-employed is not a joke. The premise of being your own boss is truly enticing for almost all individuals working 9-to-5 and earning just enough for the family. However, and in reality, once you have tried being self-employed there will be a lot of self-realizations. The security of tenure, steady income, bonuses, health cards, and other benefits of being employed disappears with the promise of getting twice or thrice more income as your own business operator.

But what about the creditors? Yes, they have the same train of thought. Since not all businesses are registered, not all incomes are accounted for (possibly for tax purposes), and other aspects such as inconsistent revenue stream, an employee with their pay slip will be approved more and much faster.

No matter how well your SME for example is doing, without the proper documents and declarations, chances are the loan that you are aiming for will be greatly capped. Suddenly, your self-employed home loan pushes your dream house farther and farther away.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
Luckily, there are several options already aiming to remedy this case. Your hard-earned money, whether from working for a long while or doing good on your ventures, should properly be assessed by companies that are looking to help more than be of burden. For example, in the Philippines, self-employed loans or self-employed home loans are fairly limited. You’ve got your bank financing (through pay slips) and that is pretty much it. A Government arm can help out but the covered amount is usually so low especially if you are a young couple looking to have your own home. Also, all the complications of the taxes scheme as well as individuals thinking that they can under-declare on their income will soon find out that it will be a demerit to their chances of being approved.

Unlike in the United States, specifically a Florida Home Loan case. The options are so flexible and it opens up a lot of opportunities on how you can manage and forecast your savings. Compared to other countries, you’ve got loans here that is heavily financed by independent companies and not just banks. Even “Bad Credit Loans” exists aims to grant you hefty amounts even if you don’t have good standing with other credit companies/banks.

Not only that, requirements can be adjusted to bank statements against pay slip, your tax forms, and even certificate of employments. These self-employed home loans hindrances are now slowly being eased by various sources. One can only hope that it is available some in your state or country due to the stringent list of requirements for the borrowers that they usually demand for.

After all, finally obtaining your dream home should not be something daunting. Even if you may have missed some tax documentation that would have padded your good credit, there are still many alternatives if you know where to look. Self-employed loans, in theory, should allow you to have a quicker turnaround due to the fact that you are earning more. In other parts of the world, potential earnings are weighed also that will allow you to have a higher loan ceiling. This should make borrowing much easier than ever. 

Friday, October 19, 2018

Rising from Personal Injury Cases (and worse, Wrongful Deaths)

As you go about your everyday, anything can really happen. You’ve got your usual daily challenges; traffic and car trouble, spilled drinks, bad day at work, the kids or the pets are sick, and so forth. Those can be settled fairly easily or with a high volume of stress. Depends on your approach. But what if you experience something far much worse? It could be a personal injury caused by a lot of things or the worst of them all, it leads to a wrongful death?

When the time comes that you have to deal with these very unfortunate things, being prepared and being informed are at the utmost importance. Getting someone from your area for example, a Tampa Bay Injury Attorney will guide you on your case. The law is different internationally and even by states and getting someone near makes a whole lot of sense.

By the definition, a personal injury case is committed when another party committed negligence that resulted in the incident. This ranges from several seemingly small cases but when evaluated shows it’s true, staggering impact. Car accidents (which are common worldwide), product liabilities/defective products, hospital/care home abuses, and even dog bites are some of the examples that your lawyer can work on in terms of how and what are the scopes that should be covered by the offender.

Expounding further on the case above, your tampa personal injury attorney may include lost wages for your claim should you incur a personal injury that will disable you to go about your daily source of income for the time being. A “dog bite” might be something “harmless” compared to other more severe injuries but depending on the body part bitten and the dog’s vaccine records, it now gets more complicated. Aside from the medical bills, trauma also comes into play as well as missed days of work.

Photo by Elijah O'Donnell on Unsplash

Wrongful Deaths
should be avoided but they have been occurring increasingly alarming over the years. It may happen to you, a co-worker, a family, or just someone across the street and every day you hear it on the news is something that will shake you.

As much as it hurts to read and hear, someone should be held accountable for wrongful deaths even if it means having your attorney squeeze everything possible from the other party. There are no more “on-going medications”, “nursing trauma”, or anything similar to that. It is even ill-advised by nasty, unethical lawyers that they prefer this over personal injuries because the latter can really stretch for a long-time both financially and the period of liability.

Again, if you are prepared and employed a lawyer you know how to rise from this. Burial expenses, wages lost (your potential earnings can be computed for the benefit of your family), and previous medical expenses are definitely covered. What and how you are going to integrate other things that should be paid by the individual/company as mandated by your law should be thoroughly discussed logically and not emotionally.

Is email marketing still relevant?

Email marketing is considered an efficient tool in gaining customers. It's a strategy that entrepreneurs need to master and take advantage of. 

With today's technology, Digital marketing is considered as the most cost effective way to send commercial messages to turn prospects into customers. I personally prefer targeted email campaigns as it can stimulate sales thru customized  approach based on customer's needs.

But with the presence of social media, you've probably have heard many marketers asking the question, “Is email dead?” Well, we’re here to tell you that not only is it alive and well—it's also beating other forms of marketing in effectively reaching prospects.

In fact, the relevance of email shouldn’t be a question at all. Although this technology has been ubiquitous since the ‘90s, it’s still the most direct line to internet users today.

A Radicati Group study reveals that over 3.8 billion people around the globe will use email in 2018—half of the world’s entire population.

According to Lifewire, that’s 100 million more people than were using it in 2017.

By 2022, over 4.2 billion people are expected to be email users, according to projections from the same Radicati Group study.

There’s no question that modern internet surfers are actively using email. They’re reading it, sending it, and, most importantly, engaging with marketing messages from businesses.

To help prove just how relevant email is, and just how engaged email users are, we’ve gathered facts, quotes, and statistics that show exactly what's going on in users' inboxes. These eye-opening truths demonstrate that email isn’t going anywhere.

8 facts and statistics that prove email's relevance

Is email marketing still relevant?

Yes, without a doubt.
If you remain skeptical, check out these 8 solid truths:

1. Hundreds of billions of emails are sent each day.

Data from Statista reveals that over 269 billion emails were sent each day in 2017. Meanwhile, in 2018, the number of emails sent per day is expected to top 280 billion.

People are engaging with their email accounts, and it’s still one of the major online channels of communication. If you tap into it with your marketing skills, you can potentially reach masses of people who are ready to read your content.

2. Email is the most effective content distribution format.

Overwhelmingly, B2C marketers report that email is their most successful channel for distributing content.

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2018 B2C Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Report, 72% agree that email is tops. (Social media and blogs come in second place with 61% and 47% of marketers championing them, respectively.)

3. Is your email marketing not working? Don't give up just yet. 

According to top marketer Jay Baer,  “There is NOTHING in digital marketing more important than email, right?

Even with social media, bots, apps, and all the rest - email is still how we communicate to most of our customers and prospects.

But the problem is, most email programs have a nagging cough and a persistent fever. Most email programs are sick in one or more ways.”

In other words, email is one of the most important ways to communicate with your base. If your email marketing isn’t working, your email program is “sick” and needs help.

Email isn’t the problem–it’s how you approach doing email marketing that matters. It's a combination of how you solve email marketing problems, like low open rates, low click-through rates, high unsubscribe rates, as well as execute and refine new strategies. 

For instance, Jay recommends not panicking if your email data points change incrementally for the worse. Instead, wait. Let enough email sends happen so an accurate picture of your success with email can become clear before you act prematurely.

If your email program is failing or underperforming, look at it like this: If it could talk, it would say, “It’s not me–it’s you.” But don't worry—this is fixable and why we're here to help! 

4. A majority of adults send or read email daily.

In the United States, the most popular online activity for adults is sending/reading email. 85% of internet users spend their time this way every single day.

So, if you want a direct line to your adult audience, email is the way to go.

5. Teenagers are still using email, too.

If you think you can’t reach younger demographics through email, think again.
Teenagers are often associated with texting, social media, and social messaging/multimedia apps like Snapchat and Instagram. However, while there are plenty of modern alternatives, teenagers are still using email.

From their study of 1,200 internet users spanning from teens to baby boomers, Adestra found that 78% of teens use email regularlyOf those teens aged 14-18, nearly 78% call it a “fact of everyday life.” Among young adults aged 19-24, about 84% feel the same way.

6. Millennials are email-obsessed.

Let’s not forget about millennials in their mid-twenties to early thirties—they’re even more obsessed with email than teens.

According to a 2017 Adobe Campaigns consumer email survey, this generation checks their email anywhere and everywhere. That includes while watching their favorite TV show, while lying in bed, during their vacation, while talking on the phone, during a meal, and even when they’re in the bathroom.


7. When your emails are targeted and relevant, tons of people will engage.

What happens when a customer receives a relevant email sent to them based on their online behaviors, also known as a triggered email? More than likely, they will open that message and engage with the content.

In an email marketing benchmarks study from 207, marketing researchers found that triggered emails had a 46.84% open rate and a click-through rate of 11.13%.

Of course, many variables impact open rates and click-through rates. However, HubSpot collected some benchmark data that helps us establish a frame of reference.

Among a pool of over 11,500 of their customers, they looked at various-sized companies who sent varying numbers of email campaigns over the course of one month. They measured the open rates and came up with median numbers representative of each type of company—those with 1-10 employees, 11-25 employees, 26-200 employees, or over 201 employees.

Overwhelmingly, median open rates across all company sizes and numbers of monthly email campaigns hovered between 25% and 35%.

That means the open rate for triggered emails (46.84%) is about 11% higher than the highest median open rate achieved by any company. (The highest rate went to companies with 1-10 employees that send out 16-30 email campaigns per month.)

In other words, when your emails are targeted and relevant to the online user, they will get opened. That means your email marketing has an amazing chance of finding its audience, which is always the end goal.

8. Consumers want to hear from you through email.

Remember that Adobe Campaigns survey we already mentioned? Let’s return to it for another compelling statistic that proves the relevance of email marketing:

61% of consumers would rather receive communications from brands through email versus any other channel. (Direct mail came in second place with just 16% who prefer it.) Plus, that 61% majority represents a 24% increase of people who prefer email over last year’s poll.

Consumers prefer email for brand communications over not only direct mail, but also social media, text messages, chatbots, and brand apps. That’s a great indicator of just how relevant email marketing still is.

Even more importantly, consumers want to receive personalized emails that are informative. They also don’t want companies to bombard their inboxes. If you stick to these guidelines, your email marketing has an incredible chance to make a positive impact on your brand.

Wrap up

Overwhelmingly, email marketing has a better chance of reaching your target audience than any other method or communication channel. Thus, the question “Is email marketing still relevant?” shouldn’t even be a question. It should be a statement.

Email marketing is still relevant.

On social media, your posts are blips on your readers’ radar, and then they’re gone forever. If you blog, there’s a good chance your reader won’t see your content unless you direct them to your new posts. Finally, paid search and paid ads can quickly get expensive, and most readers will find them annoying.

On the other hand, email marketing is what consumers prefer. Half of the entire globe uses it and a vast majority check their inboxes daily. That includes generations of people, from teenagers to millennials, to baby boomers and older adults.

To put it bluntly, email remains the only channel where your organic reach is solid. Are you willing to gamble that?


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