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Friday, December 8, 2017

Little Elves Christmas Bazaar 2017

It's the time of the year again! I started buying gift last week and on my way finishing half on my list. Whoa!!! I just realized I'm short of gift wrapper and have no idea what to give to our faithful customers. Hmnnnn... So, yes... I'm not yet done and still on the look for unique and practical items to give.

How about you? Have you finish your Christmas shopping yet? In times like this, we can count on Christmas Bazaars to find the best shopping deals. I usually found unique, unusual products to give during holiday season at bazaars.

Don’t let the stress of the Christmas rush get you stressing this Yuletide season and enjoy your Christmas shopping with your loved ones at Little Elves Bazaar.

Little Elves Bazaar will be opening its doors to all the Christmas shoppers this December 8 to 10 2017 at Valle Verde 5 Basketball Court.

With 110 participating booths, you won’t have to stress where to buy gifts for your friends and family. From food trips with your foodie friends, to finding that novelty item to give to your loved ones you will sure have a great time at the bazaar.

The bazaar is open from 10AM to 9PM so you can have all the time to look for that perfect gift.

Along with the endless finds and food, there will also be activities, games and raffle for the attendees! And a face painting session, little elves photo opportunity and a life sized snow globe awaits the kids and kids at heart!

This event is a place that will fill your Christmas spirit as the season approaches. It will make giving so much easier as the bazaar is just like Santa’s little elves.

For more information you can check out Little Elves’ Facebook page Here's the map for your reference:

See you there!!!

Cosplaying with Cospray Washable Haircolor Spray

This is an overdue post from my preschooler's Costume Parade last month. She chose to be Iron Man last Halloween using her brother's old costume so I never got the chance for any  DIY project for that one.

Thankfully, for the school's costume parade, she agrees to be Shimmer! An optimistic genie with pink hair. Yep, pink hair! While I never got the chance to shop for a pink wig, we just had this washable Cospray Hair Color Spray instead.

We used Cospray in metallic pink on Costume day and tried out the blue one for Shine, the courageous genie with a blue hair, the following week.

Cospray Washable Hairspray in Blue and Metallic Pink. The Blue is their new packaging!

This washable spray is water-based, kid-friendly, hypoallergenic and paraben-free that is why it is safe to use. And because its paraben-free,  it doesn't have any strong smell of chemicals. It's actually mild scented and doesn't irritate my 4 year old daughter.

She's playing on her tablet while I spray this on, and  there wasn't any complain of discomfort and she's not even irritated as I did her hair. It is best to use a tissue and paper to catch and wipe the droplets as you spray.

On the pink spray, I styled her hair first before spraying. Well, I figured out it is best to style your hair first to ensure visible color. My daughter has thick hair so we emptied the bottle for each look.

It takes atleast 3 to 5 minutes to completely dry up and can easily wash off with shampoo and water. Overall, this product is highly recommended for you or for your little one's dress up needs. Cospray is available in 7 different colors for only 209 pesos per 75ml bottle.

It is available in Beauty Bar, PCX, Landmark Dept. Store, Unimart, Makati Supermarket, Pioneer Center, Ayagold, Fishermall Dept. Store, ToysRUs and Toy Kingdom (Megamall & MOA) or you can order online at →

It's absolutely a nice experience for my preschooler being in character as Shimmer, a Genie in training. This sure adds up to our memory bank as she got to enjoy her pretend magical adventure of her favorite twin Genies! Two thumbs up... 👍👍

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Struggle on How to teach and How to learn

With today's modern technology as a major tool for learning, I can say that it does makes teaching easier, more fun and provides more reference for educators. On the other hand, with today's modern technology of entertainment, kids can also be easily distracted and addicted to gadgets or video games that results to having short attention span and lack of focus.

Some kids tend to be more interested on doing other physical activities rather than school or homework (this is relateable!). Well, I do accept the fact that there are kids who simply born with "ants on their pants", or atleast on a certain stage. Hah! Can you agree? Oh, I feel you.

At some point I was bothered and even asked for  help to answer this question: "Does my Kid have ADHD?" The resounding answer is none! After assessment with two different Behavioral clinics, the reports clearly stated that this wasn't the issue.

I now understand that what my child need was a different learning style that suits his energetic behavior. This is where progressive teaching method comes in. All I have in mind is to be more resourceful as we have to differ from the traditional one.

Similar to Groza Learning Center's advocate, I also believe that we can make students' learning an enjoyable experience. As advised, we have to start off with identifying the help needed to have the power to support the child's educational needs.

While having a full tank of energy can be an incredible asset, we have to make sure that the child can be fearless in learning as fearless as he is in moving! 😉

Well, who says Math can't be fun? The Math Hopscotch was a good way to move and learn at the same time.

Adding educational twist or learning thru play help the child to be engaged and interested. Also, positive reinforcement was tested to do wonders. By paying more attention on child's positive behavior, it helps him make a good behavior choices.

Just like what we did, don't be intimidated to ask for any help you can get. Such help available are intervention learning centers, tutoring services like Groza Learning Center, or choose progressive type of school.

It wasn't easy... Frustration, anger and disappointments sometimes all comes in an instant and keeping calm was an everyday struggle. So as to ensure we can sanely stay on track, we decided to enroll with intervention program that can be our partner in providing thoughtful planning, meticulous instruction and careful interaction.

It does takes a lot of time, energy and money but all we have in mind is to provide the help for self- improvement and education, and to finish it ~ S-T-R-O-N-G! 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Embedding the Right Analytics using Izenda

Let us identify first what is meant by Business Intelligence or BI

  • Business Intelligence is the process of collecting internal and external data for end users to easily analyzed  information for a well-informed business decision.
      This is where ad-hoc reporting functions as a major factor in delivering custom report request in an instant. It includes fast, easy and real-time data analytics to support every business decision or track the business flow.

I remember having similar application from my previous job, wherein we just need to run some query to instantly provide relative information to higher office for their marketing analysis. In that case,  they can easily identify areas of improvement or spot right away where the market trend is.

Overall, this data-driven insights drastically improve business performance and can optimize business process. That is how I see Izenda's Business Intelligence Solution works. I have been in IT industry before, and had a full grasp on how modern solution service was carefully integrated for the whole organization to function and perform at its best.

Thankfully, there were self-service reporting available as simplified process making it sure that it is user-friendly so the whole organization can embed it with their respective work process. Embedding the right analytics on the Company's existing application guarantees less time in delivering useful information and insights for analysis.

Izenda offers a FREE Trial or you can request for a live demo to fully understand its offer of modern self-service business intelligence and analytics to your end users.

The following is what Izenda offers for your business convenience:

Modern, Self-Service Reports, Dashboards and Visualizations
  • Intuitive interface lets business users perform analysis using real-time data
  • Easily configured roles give each user the right amount of functionality
  • Fully responsive design
  • Semantic layer lets users create reports without SQL or IT support
Rapid, Seamless Deployment in as Little as 30 Days
  • No additional hardware or software needed
  • Reports against multiple data sources
  • 100% white-labeled, adopts your application’s branding, look and feel
  • Inherits your existing security model
OEM Friendly Licensing for Superior ROI
  • All platform modules
  • Unlimited users, cores and servers
  • Production and development instances at no charge
  • Transparent, predictable pricing that aligns with your future growth
They provide support services all through out implementation process, so there's nothing to worry on compatibility and  license issues. Also, they can identify and support the different source systems that needs to be integrated to make sure that end-users can have accurate and consistent information on-hand.

I love how this modern technology makes most of us work smart as it provides such analytic tool for enhanced strategies and information.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hot Winter Vacations: Where to Go Together

Fortunately, nowadays, we can swim in the sea and sunbathe not only in summer. You can fly to some warm countries in winter. Let’s consider the main hot winter sun destinations. These are tips that you can use when choosing the next winter trip.

1.      Egypt
This country deserved the love of millions of tourists for its cheapness (in comparison with other exotic countries), a short flight distance for inhabitants of Europe, a fabulously beautiful Red Sea and a unique climate that allows you to luxuriate under the warm rays of the African sun all year round. The most popular vacation spots are Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada. Sharm el Sheikh is located in the south of the Sinai Peninsula. Hurghada is located on the western shore of the Red Sea. Both of these resorts are great hot winter destinations, so it is up to you which one to choose.

2.      Thailand
Another winter and very exotic direction is Thailand. Rest in this corner of Asia is becoming more popular. In Thailand, you can lie on the beach, dive with scuba diving, go on excursions, and take a break in Bangkok and other party areas. The most popular resorts in Thailand are Phuket and Pattaya. Many remember the film “Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead. This film was shot on the islands of Phi Phi in Thailand. In addition, these islands are really cheap hot winter destinations.

3.      Maldives
There are small islets in the Indian Ocean – the Maldives. This is a perfect place for lovers of a quiet and peaceful holiday. The local nature with its rich colors is just amazing. Diving in the Maldives significantly loses to Egypt but there is also something to see. Also, you can go fishing in the ocean, catch and eat a huge fish then!

4.      Canaries
The Canary Islands are situated in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. These islands are excellent hot winter holiday destinations. The Canary Islands give a lot of impressions – fabulously beautiful nature, the ocean, volcanoes, excursion program, and fun nightlife. At the end of February and until the middle of March, a lot of people come to the islands to visit the Carnival de Tenerife, which is held annually during this period.

5.      The United Arab Emirates
The United Arab Emirates is another Arabian pearl of winter recreation. It is Arab architecture, exotic plants, desert, huge shopping centers and modern skyscrapers, warm sea, eastern luxury, and shopping. During a holiday in the UAE, it is desirable to adhere to certain rules that are established in the Muslim society. Some residents observe them especially strictly. For example, you need to know that smoking in public places is prohibited and there are restrictions on alcoholic beverages. The same applies to the hot demonstration of love feelings on the streets of the city – it is better to show your tenderness in a secluded place. Don’t forget that you came to the Muslim country.

6.      Cuba
Tourists call Cuba the paradise on earth, the island of freedom. Here you can completely relax, forgetting about everything. A bottle of ten-year rum costs 8-10 dollars here, as well as Havana cigars. In Cuba, you can find beautiful beaches, pristine rainforests, and the incendiary life of the Cuban streets. If you are a fan of Latin American culture and dance – this is the place for you.

7.      GOA
Goa is called one of the Indian states, which has long been one of favorite warm winter destinations for many people. The Northern GOA is a place for youth hangouts and free living. There can be found low-cost hotels and public beaches. In the eighties, the Northern GOA was grounded by the freedom-loving hippies. Now this resort has preserved in itself that spirit of freedom and unrestrained fun.  

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Finding the Perfect Family Car

This sponsored post is right on time because I was just thinking about how I could share some points on choosing the right Family Car that suits your needs.

Picking the right family car has been a major family affair. With so many things (and people) to consider, it can suddenly turn from a fun to a stressful activity real quick. However, one must not be deterred from taking their time and thinking this thoroughly due to the fact that a vehicle has slowly become essential. Especially for moms with growing families.

When picking the right family car, a lot of questions would have to be addressed first. This makes people’s opinion really diverse on what to get. Some families can get away with a fuel-efficient compact sedan but once the passengers increase, it can get really cramped without mentioning the baggage yet.

Visit to be able to compare and browse listings, dealer, or advice.

Also, here are some major factors to consider on this decision.

Size Matters

On top of the list is definitely the vehicle size. The aforementioned compact sedan can comfortably seat mom and dad plus a child. However, add another family member and the clutter of things including the overdue family grocery and other shopping items initiates the “how to fit them in” game.

Additionally, stepping up from a sedan to something bigger nets you more than added trunk space. Leg room, ride feel, and other comforts definitely goes a long way on those long road trips. It’s not always “bigger is better” but in terms of picking the right family car, it is important to give those SUVs a long, hard look.

As a bonus, there is still a big difference between a Crossover (which is essentially a sedan that has more ground clearance and is bigger) than a Sports Utility Vehicle. The later legitimately seats up to seven people and has more than ample cargo space. The former comfortably seats five with a marginally-upgraded trunk. Another thing to ponder, given that the price difference is not that far off.

A post shared by EINz (@ein_11eleven) on
This was posted 2 years ago when we purchased our  Nissan Navara. 

‘Drivability’ and Performance
The younger members of the family will get excited over fast, sporty-looking sedans. The senior ones with vast experience in cars would tell you that drivability is king. Picking the right family car is all about longevity and family-oriented vehicle characteristics.

Larger cars with Diesel engines typically fits the bill over the Gas variants, more so than the considered luxury V6 or higher choices. Not only will it cost less when gassing up, the torque advantage is more than enough for those quick trips to the market.

As also mentioned, you will be thanked for the ride comfort of Crossovers and SUVs which maintains its advantage in the long run. Ground clearance is also heavily considered on different parts of the world and it doesn’t mean you have to shell out more for a 4X4 or an All-Wheel Drive System. Unless the weather demands it in your area, you are safe with getting the base variants.

Family Matters
There are still more items to consider, such as in-car entertainment systems, seat-adjustment options (think Captain’s Seats), cup-holders/storages, device charger outlets, and many more. It all can be easily answered by the budget and family size. Picking the right family car is still exciting for the sole fact that it not only hauls everyone but it creates memories. 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Shop Wigs from the Most Popular Brands at Black Hairspray

I am really happy to work with Black Hairspray, today to share this information with you! 😃
Black Hairspray offers a wide variety of wigs, accessories, and hair care products. If I had known earlier and had time to shop, I'll go for a pink colored wig to use for my preschooler.

They recently had a Costume Parade at school and we used Washable Hair Spray to get Shimmer's from (Nick Jr.'s Shimmer and Shine show) pink colored hair. I actually don't have enough time to shop for wigs because her first choice was to be Owlette from PJ Masks until she changed her mind... Oh!

In that case, we've got washable spray instead, which is also good, but can be more appealing and a quick fix with this one, right?

I recommend checking out Black Hairspray as an online source store that you could possibly need for that next dress up!

You can find the newest styles from their large collection synthetic lace front wigs on the market. I wished to have those fun long tresses to try, especially this one from Bobbi Boss:

Based from youtubers feedback and review, I can say that they have a good quality material as they are the authorized dealer of major brands including Freetress, Bobbi Boss, Hollywood, Outre, Sensationnel and more.

So the next time we'll be needing a wig for that perfect look for dress up or even for a special gathering, we can count on Black Hairspray website for easy shopping, but we have to make sure to order in advance, huh?


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