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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Althea's New Make Up Collection!

Althea Korea recently launched its own line of Make-Up products! And, as one of Althea's Angels, this is a call for a new beauty inspiration and a chance for me to learn and create a make-up look 'coz I honestly don't know how to. 😅

I receive these make-up  products as a Lunar New Year's gift from Althea Korea and it does give me the impression of welcoming the year filled with inspiration and a reminder that everyone's not too old to start learning and trying new stuff!

This Make-Up box contains:
4 shades of Concealer
4 shades of Lip Tints
2 shades Eye Glitter
Eye Shadow Palette
& a bonus Spot Film Gel (for acne/ spots before make-up!)

To begin, I watched several make-up tuts on youtube and I love how it seems so perfectly easy to apply eye shadow while filming. Hah! On my second try, I finally decided that my vid is okay for posting as "Beginner's Make-up" using Althea Make-up products.

So here's my dolled-up look of using this Exclusive products! I love how the Spotlight Eye Glitter highlights the eyes for a subtle glow. You can also go full-on glitter look for a sultry night glam.

As per Google, as I searched:
"How to Apply Eye Shadow for beginners" ðŸ˜…

Step 1: Prime your lids.

Step 2: Pick an eye shadow palette. 

Step 3: Paint your entire lid with the lightest color.

Step 4: Apply the medium shade.

Step 5: Use the darkest shade in your crease.

Step 6: Add eyeliner.

Step 7: Coat your lashes with mascara.

Step 8: Finish the rest of your makeup.

Here goes my video as the start of my Make-Up Journey:

I created that make-up look using the following products:

I also add up other products from Althea: The Petal Velvet Powder in #PinkLavender and Air Fit Cushion Blusher (Rilakkuma Edition) in BR01 ~ brown shade, considered to be more suitable for contouring/shading.

And, brushes from Suesh that I got from an event as blogger's take-away 3 years ago! yep, never been use until now.

To conceal, I used Flawless Creamy Concealer #02 Ginger. Dotting on the targeted areas to whisk away blemishes and panda eyes is the way to go. This time, I went on full application not just dots to cover those dark under eye circles.

This  Sunrise & Moonrise Eye Shadow Palette was made in collaboration with Bunga Citra Lestari, an Indonesian pop star and actress known for her glamorous fem style.

These 8 shades will take you from gorgeous daytime to perfect sultry night time look. The pigmented shadows glide easily onto the skin and blends out nicely.

I am used to having a  simple look, so I opted for a light to dark shade of brown. The rich brown with golden shimmer becomes my instant fave as it adds up glamour. And, a touch of sparkly shimmery with this  Spotlight Eye Glitter in #01 Gold Light that can be use as eye shadow or liner for a perky glamorous peepers!

And as a final touch, I use this long-wearing Watercolor Cream Tint in Strawberry Cream. It has a moisturizing formula of a gloss that makes a bold deliciously juicy lips.

I'd always go for a simple yet vibrant look and this new make-up products from Althea perfectly matches my dolled-up style.

Final thoughts?

I love that Althea came up with these products that is long-wearing! The eyeshadow palette and lippie has more staying power, and even the eye glitter is budge-proof, making less time for retouch!

These products is definitely worth the price.  I found the Eye shadow Palette too costly, though; but the rest of the products is budget friendly.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Mondelez Philippines’ Turning Plastic into Play!

Mondelez Philippines’ Joy Schools will be collecting plastic waste with partners First Balfour and the Philippine Business for Social Progress and turn them into play areas for the Company’s three adopted public elementary schools. Leading the launch were (L-R) Anchel Cruz, HR Senior Supervisor of First Balfour; Ashish Pisharodi, Country Director of Mondelez Philippines; Assistant Principal Dr. Flora Baggayan of Camp Claudio Elementary School; and Boi Mojica, Assistant Department Head of the City Environment and Natural Resources in Paranaque City, where two of the schools are located.    
Manila, Philippines – February 2019. Mondelez Philippines has launched a program to help turn plastic packaging waste into play areas for its adopted Joy Schools. This project is in support of the Company’s global 2025 commitment to make all packaging recyclable, provide recycling information, and support public-private partnerships to help reduce waste and improve recycling.

Plastic waste and its impact on the planet is a broad, systemic issue that a lot of people care deeply about, and which requires a holistic response. As a company which aims to empower people to snack right, Mondelez Philippines wants to help minimize plastic waste as part of a global long-term vision for zero-net waste packaging.

The company believes that one of the approaches to help address the issue of plastic waste is to make it easier for consumers to recycle packaging and supporting industry coalitions to improve recycling rates.

Locally, one of the company’s programs to help address this issue is the Joy Schools Plastic Play Areas project. The Joy Schools is Mondelez Philippines’ signature community program across South East Asia which aims to empower children to take positive steps towards their overall well-being. The Joy Schools currently provides a daily 9-month feeding for 300 undernourished students in the Country to help improve their nutrition and increase energy for school.

In the same way that the Joy Schools provides nutrition programs for children’s well-being, the program has now expanded to recycling to help empower students to care for the planet’s well-being in turn. Working with partners the Philippine Business for Social Progress and First Balfour, Mondelez Philippines will engage the Joy Schools in collecting ecobricks – or plastic 1.5 or 1.75-liter bottles which are stuffed with plastic packaging waste. The partners’ own employees are also engaged to collect ecobricks for this project. The target is to collect 400 ecobricks which are equivalent to some 400 kilos of plastic waste. 

Once collected, these ecobricks will be turned into play areas for three Joy Schools in Metro Manila, located in Parañaque and Quezon City. The play areas will be constructed by First Balfour, leveraging on their expertise as a construction company which aims to help build and uplift the quality of life of Filipinos. In this way the students of the Joy Schools can learn about the importance of environmental protection, recycling, and have more opportunities to be active while enjoying their new play areas.

“We are excited about the launch of the Joy Schools Plastic Play Areas project,” shares Mondelez Philippines Country Director Ashish Pisharodi. “Over the past years we have done similar projects to help promote the importance of recycling, including sharing of recycled plastic chairs with schools through our brand, Tang. With this new initiative, we will be able to support two things we value as a Company: The well-being of our community and care for the planet. It is critical that our actions today involve children, who will inherit the future. We must all work together to ensure the well-being of the planet which we will leave behind to them.”

First Balfour HR Head Carlos Pedro Salonga explains that anyone can recycle and create their own ecobricks. It only takes three steps: Dry, Cut and Stuff. First, collect dry and empty plastic packaging. Then cut them up into small pieces. Lastly, stuff them tightly inside the similarly clean and empty plastic bottles. Make sure they do not bend and weigh about 1 kilo each. These can then be used as building blocks for many projects. “To date we have built wash areas, benches and buildings using ecobricks,” Salonga adds. “We are similarly excited to see our first recycled play areas come to life with Mondelez Philippines.”

The Joy Schools program was created by Mondelez Philippines in 2011. It has since adopted 16 public elementary schools nationwide and has been implemented by the Company in its locations in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. In the Philippines, it has three currently adopted local schools namely Camp Claudio Elementary School and Rogelio Gatchalian Elementary School in Parañaque and Holy Spirit Elementary School in Quezon City.

This play area will be constructed in the adopted Joy Schools of Mondelez Philippines. Designed by partner First Balfour, the structure will be utilizing ecobricks or recycled plastic bottles stuffed with plastic waste. 


About Mondelēz International
MondelÄ“z International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDLZ) empowers people to snack right in approximately 160 countries around the world. With 2017 net revenues of approximately $26 billion, MDLZ is leading the future of snacking with iconic global and local brands such as Oreo, belVita and LU biscuits; Cadbury Dairy Milk, Milka and Toblerone chocolate; Sour Patch Kids candy and Trident gum. MondelÄ“z International is a proud member of the Standard and Poor’s 500, Nasdaq 100 and Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Visit or follow the company on Twitter at

About Mondelez Philippines, Inc.
Mondelez Philippines Inc. has been providing consumers with delicious snack products for the past 56 years - since 1963. Its product portfolio includes Tang powdered beverages, Eden cheese, mayonnaise and sandwich spread, Cheez Whiz spread, Oreo cookies, Tiger energy biscuits, belVita breakfast biscuits, as well as Toblerone and Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates. The company employs about 450 people in the Philippines, with a manufacturing facility in Parañaque City.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Sure-fire ways to Stop Sibling Squabbles!

Kids can fight over absolutely ANYTHING and that’s not an exaggeration – it’s not uncommon to hear mums at the park complain about how their kids fight over whose imaginary friend is stronger! Fights for the TV remote, a Disney mug or plate or even a specific spot at the dinner table are everyday events and the yelling and screaming can drive you crazy. You might make your kids take a timeout in separate corners of the house but that doesn’t solve the problem; by the end of the timeout, they are ready to pick up right where they left off. The good news is that there are ways to stop these petty squabbles and encourage your kids to get along with each other.

Here's The 6 Sure-fire ways to stop sibling squabbles:

1.  Separate them for 15 minutes or until they calm down
How often do you feel overwhelmed by your emotions (and that’s after decades of learning to control them); keep that in mind the next time your kids start yelling at each other. Yelling is often a sign that your kids are overwhelmed by their emotions so separate them for a little while so that they have time to calm down. This also gives them time to think about why they are upset and they will be able to express themselves in a calm manner once their timeout is over.

2. Stay Calm and encourage them to vocalize their feelings
Yelling at your kids to stop yelling at each other is not going to work – if you can’t control your emotions, you can’t possibly expect them to manage it. Instead of telling your kids to stop fighting, ask each of them to tell the other exactly why they are upset or angry. Make sure that they don’t resort to name calling but instead coach them in expressing their emotions. You may need to act as the intermediary in the beginning to make sure that both kids get a chance to talk. Once their conflict resolution skills improve, you can take a step back and only intervene when necessary.

3. Hold hands until they can stop quarrelling
In cases where separating them doesn’t work, try bringing them closer together. When your kids’ argument starts to escalate, make them sit down together and hold hands. They are not allowed to talk to each other and have to sit in complete silence until they calm down and are ready to resolve the issue. Once you notice that this method is working, all you need to do the next time they start fighting is ask them if they need to hold hands and the bickering will stop immediately!

4. Schedule daily activities that they can do on their own
Elder siblings complain that they get annoyed because the younger ones follows them everywhere while the younger ones complains that their elder siblings ignore them. A simple way to give your children a little alone time is to schedule activities that they can do separately. Your younger child can spend an hour coloring while your elder one works on a simple craft project. This alone time acts as a pressure valve for negative emotions as it gives them the time and space they need to get a handle on their emotions.

5. Make one-on-one plans with your kids
Parental attention is one of the main causes for sibling rivalry. Elder children often feel eclipsed by their younger siblings while younger kids feel that they are small and therefore not heard. The best way to avoid this pitfall is to schedule one-on-one time with each of them. For instance, when your elder child goes for music lessons, you can have ‘coloring time’ with your younger one.  Similarly, when your husband bathes your younger one, you and your elder child can enjoy ‘bake time’ together.

6. Give them puzzles to encourage problem-solving skills
Give your kids a puzzle to solve together – they might argue a little at first but they will soon focus on working together to solve the puzzle. This is a simple way to get your kids to interact with each other in a positive manner and learn to work together. Make sure that you praise both of them for a job well done and use it to explain how they can accomplish their goals by working together rather than fighting with each other. Give them a reward as well as this will validate their accomplishment and help to strengthen their bond.

According to parenting experts at, one of the best ways to put an end to sibling rivalry is to teach kids to solve their problems by themselves and only turn to you when they can’t manage it. These problem solving skills will serve them well for the rest of their lives.


This is a Guest Post written By: Anita Fernandes
A prolific writer in the health and nutrition space for over a decade. She has special expertise in nutrition, fitness, public health, and weight loss, having contributed content for a variety of leading digital health publishers including What To Expect and Everyday Health, among others. Anita has a unique perspective on healthy living and lifestyle, as she has battled and overcome eating disorders and obesity. She shares her experiences and learning, in an effort to help others overcome physical and mental health problems that can sometimes seem insurmountable.

Gift Baskets: Remove Stress From the Holidays

Choosing presents for your friends, co-workers, and family is often a stressful part of the holiday season. Making sure a gift is meaningful and targeted towards the specific interests and likes of a friend can be difficult. Ensuring that your dearly loved family member will cherish your gift can be overwhelming. Gift Baskets are a fun way to get creative this holiday season. With endless options, you can customize a gift basket or choose from pre-arranged collections; executive gift baskets and college care baskets are included in the wide variety of selections available.

Remove Stress From Your Holiday Season
In the midst of work, making time for gifting often becomes a stressful objective on a long list. You want to get gifts that are thoughtful but you don’t have the time. The art of crafting a gift basket offers a valuable alternative to long lines in jam-packed malls. Gift baskets can be a loved present among every demographic in your family. A grandma could enjoy a basket of artisan fuzzy socks, and your younger cousin a basket filled with his favorite candy. There are countless ways to customize.

Presents for Co-workers and Bosses
Finding a gift for your secret Santa at work or present for your manager can be tricky. Gift baskets are a great option. With artisan cheeses and chocolates, wine gift baskets are a great choice for your co-worker or boss.

Options for Young Kids
Whether your niece loves making pretend castles for Elsa, or young nephew can’t stop playing with Thomas the train, there is a large variety of pre-arranged gift baskets for kids of all ages. Get your niece a basket with all her favorite frozen characters; give your nephew new pieces for his railroad track.
Crafting a gift basket is a great alternative to conventional gift giving; you can replace stressful shopping with choosing an artisanal, thoughtful gift basket.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

The finest truck accessories are found at Iowa 80

Are you planning to purchase buy or used truck parts? No matter what you are planning to purchase, you need to know as many details as you can so that you can find the one that will work best for the truck that you have. Different trucks will require varying truck parts.

A lot of people become excited about customized wheels and rims. In Iowa 80, you will surely find all of the things that you are searching for. Whether you would like to find lights for your truck or you need some accessories that will allow you to go through winter with ease, you will surely find all of the items that you need there.

unsplash-logoRodrigo Abreu

There are different things that Iowa 80 knows. This explains why they have almost all of the items that you need in order to improve your truck. Whether you are searching for semitire chains that will help you drive through snowy roads during the winter time or you need some protectors for the front portion of your truck, you are bound to find all of the items that you need immediately. Just remember to scope the whole category. Being hasty might make you purchase items that you will regret.

Iowa 80 understands the following:

  •        A lot of people would like to find truck accessories that will upgrade the parts of the truck. There are also some who would like to find truck accessories that will improve the way that their truck looks like. There are some websites that will allow people to see how their trucks would look like with a bit of tweaking. They can decide if they like the new parts or not.
  •       The truck and wheel market is huge. There are some truck buyers who will automatically purchase new wheels the moment that they get the chance. This explains why Iowa 80 has a lot of options available.
  •       There are various brands that can be found so choosing might be a bit complicated. Doing some research about the different brands will allow you to make the right choice.

Do not forget to purchase other items such as winterfronts for semi trucks especially when you are going to drive during winter. All of the items that you need can surely be found in Iowa 80.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Latisha's Niacinamide, Vitamin B3 Serum: Review

Sure, aging is truly unavoidable but we don't have to be left defenseless and needs to act fast to help minimize the first sign of skin aging 😉. They say that the best time to start using anti-aging products can be as early as 21... but regardless, the most important thing to consider is finding the right product for your skin type.

I personally choose to fight skin aging before I hit the 30's. Now, 6 years later I'm still on the roll and have develop a good skincare habit that requires discipline and determination. Hah! Yes, discipline. While putting on night creams, sunscreens, moisturizing creams etc., or incorporating a 3 to 10- step Korean skin care routine can be a tedious task, keep in mind that it is worth investing.

Weeks ago, I received an invite to try this Skin Lightening and Anti-Aging product, the Latisha Niacinamide Serum. I'm familiar about the goodness of Niacinamide or Vitamin B3, so I immediately agreed and happy to discover a product that I can add up to my skin care regimen.


  • Lightens Skin
Niacinamide is a first-rate solution to pigmentation control without the harmful side effects commonly associated with many other skin lightening agents.
  • Reduces Dark Spots
As a skin lightening agent, niacinamide effectively reduces areas of jagged pigmentation and age spots.
  • Diminishes Fine Lines
Niacinamide increases hydration levels. The end result is skin that is softer, smoother, and less prone to irritation, redness, and sensitivity. 

I have normal skin type and doesn't have much of skin issues such as blemishes or acne. My only concern was to fight skin aging, improve skin texture through hydration plus skin lightening.

I 'm currently on my 3-Step Korean Skin care routine that aims to have translucent, poreless, and more youthful looking skin and somehow  learned that layering skin care products in correct order is the key to maximize its effectiveness.

So here goes my ideal order:
  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner (Althea Primer Water for me!)
  3. Serum - Enters  Niacinamide
  4. Eye Cream
  5. Moisturizer - (Fixer Cream)
  6. SPF

I actually have other fave cleansers, luxurious cream mask, and massage pack,  that I occasionally use depending on my skin needs at the moment. Knowing what ingredients that can best soothes my skin at a particular time serves as my guide on what and when to use it.

As for Niacinamide, this one's uniquely compatible with any of the products in my skincare routine, including those that contain retinol, peptides, hyaluronic acid, AHAs BHA, and all types of antioxidants. That is why having this product with excellent ingredient I know can give a high boost on moisture effect and keeping the skin smooth.

This is designed for everyday use underneath moisturizer and sunscreen.

The most helpful benefit of Niacinamide is that it can help renew and restore the surface of skin against moisture loss and dehydration. 

My Thoughts?

I'm beginning to love this product because it's fast absorbing, lightweight and non-sticky. It doesn't have a luxurious scent though but still okay because I will still lock it with moisturizer and my ever staying BB cream with SPF.

This is recommended for long term use and a  permanent must have for healthy looking skin. I think this 60ml pump bottle can last up to 2-3 months. Enough to visibly notice improvement on appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, dullness, and a weakened skin surface.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Merchant Account Solutions can provide your business with free equipment

Merchants who have already been using the point of sale system for a while would understand the ease and simplicity of involving this new technology in to the business they already have been in to since decades. The traditional billing system involved in maintaining registers and it was even harder to maintain inventory because managers had to do it manually. Replacing old process with new machines made life easy and the clover POS made it even more fast and simple.

Hence, for those who are already well acquainted with this new technology and have been using it for a while would completely agree to the fact that having a system that is not bounded with any contract is great. But there are still some issues with the point of sales system like it does not support payments using chip or cards that are almost extinct. The reason why one must go for cloverstation 2 and upgrade the recent system because the new POS come with new features that make things easier than it was ever before. 

Here are some new features that have been added in the clover system 2-
  •      A large display screen helps in seeing the figures clearly from a distance.
  •    The payment process is made faster and chips and old card are also acceptable in this new upgrade.
  •     The printer display screen is switched at the client’s side so that the customers can see the billing amount and details easily.
  •     Inventory tracking- this is a very effective feature for restaurants and retail shops because they need to keep their inventory up to date so that they can serve their customers efficiently. As some items are sold out the inventory gets tracked and the items are added to the list so that it can be arranged soon. 
  •     When managers or inventory staff goes to the super market for buying thing then the merchant account helps one in seeing the items and quantity that is needed to be bought from the market, hence, one does not need to keep a different list for such things.
  •     Other features like fingerprint scanning device and time sheet management tools makes worth it to buy cloverpos.

People who have already been having a merchant account with the clover POS service providers can end up getting free equipments when registering for the upgraded version. Having equipments such as a POS station, printer, display screen or mini POS makes it easy for restaurants to serve customers. The mini POS can be carried to the table to take orders and also let the customers make payments without facing any sort of delays.

The mini POS also have a mini printer installed that helps in handing over a printed bill to the customer then and there without making them wait. Managing tables and lodging facilities also becomes easy with the clover station 2. Each and every information needed is there on the screen and hence one can be very prompt with providing the needed information to the customers.


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