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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Effective Data Management and Integration

In a single day, we do a lot of things. May it be at home, going to work, managing our businesses, or going through our hobbies, we lean towards our respective preferences on "how to get it done". We have our favorites, like certain routes to take that saves us travel time. Specific groceries that have lower prices. Cutting the middle men to have direct access to goods for our stores.

Little did we know that we are taking action based on data. There's now an influx of information, more than ever. Sometimes, we get overwhelmed with so many choices, trends, that we do not know to liquidate them for our personal advantage.

It's no secret that ALL of the top companies are data-driven. A high value is placed on improving processes/procedures to make it more efficient thus increasing productivity for both company and end-users.

Worrying that your industry may not be covered? MicrosoftMDS, for example, is not only catering to a target service (like Healthcare, Telecommunications, etc.). It also involves the staple divisions of a company (starting from Human Resource, Accounting, etc.) and manages the data (hard facts) to pinpoint a group or individual's strengths and weaknesses.

Now digging deeper, there are Master Data Management companies that has treated Data Transformation as passion. As old companies join the new wave of modern management, more budget is being allocated to "these things". Heck, even departments are being created to for concentration because in the past several years it has been proven to generate more profit. 
Simply put, your every day (and every process) data is a viable tool in not just steering your business towards profit and success but is also applicable in your daily life activities. Referencing to our examples earlier, we gather data by going through our usual motions.
What to do with what we have is crucial. Shall we take the longer route yet it is more fuel efficient due to less traffic? The shorter one to get our errands be dealt with as fast as possible? Just like in real life, you can prioritize your needs and set a hierarchy in Data Management.
The cost of  NOT undertaking master data management can be significant:
  • Mistaken understanding of which products are profitable and growing
  • Mistaken belief that reports are accurate, leading to incorrect decisions such as closure of the wrong retail branches or funding of the wrong products
  • Misalignment of management reports versus statutory reports
  • Missed opportunities, through a systemic inability to track a particular attribute or activity at a granular level or, conversely, at the enterprise wide level
  • Vulnerability to security and data integrity problems that arise from the lack of a defined process to control important aspects of the analytic tools used in the enterprise
"The value of MDM adoption is undeniable—it reduces the reliance on IT, simplifies report management, eases the challenges of M&A, and dramatically lowers the high probability of errors when replicating changes across systems and report groups.

Master data management is the only comprehensive, effective means to address the challenge of keeping reports accurate and consistent in large organizations."
Overall, it provides quicker analysis and accurate data that supports every business decision.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Avoid Customer Churn By Targeting Users' Engagement!

Truth be told, driving a business towards success is all about customer service. Going beyond your normal delivery of goods (and service) will greatly influence your retention which triggers an invaluable chain of events; repeat orders, loyalty, and word of mouth among others.

What if there's a metric for customer success that you can use for your business?
We live in a day and age that we can make better forecasts as long as we are embracing the pace of technology. Even old business models can easily keep up with the times and adapt more modern platforms.
A Customer Success Software may be unheard of before but now is one of the most extremely handy tools that you can use. Imagine being able to track real-time the interaction between your customers and your business. This allows you to adjust on-the-fly what works and what receives less attention from your target market.
Sounds intimidating? To put it in simpler terms, you are given a platform where YOU will define your business in an easy to use web application for your customers.
Their behavior will be monitored, which part of your site do they spend more time on, which sections are complicated and get little to no action, then make recommendations and changes to entice them back.
It's a next step in analytics that will help all business owners understand their customers more. Similar to old-schoolers adjusting to millennials and their "modern" attention spans and demands.
Here are the Key Features that will Improve User Onboarding:
Features for Understanding User Behaviors
  • Leverage churn indicators while you still have time to turn things around
  • Discuss customer needs & prevent user frustrations
  • Accelerate a customer’s move from adoption to advocacy
Features for Engaging Customers
  • Guided tours keep on boarding scalable without sacrificing quality
  • NPS & custom surveys deliver high-value feedback
  • Faster issue resolution through targeted help                       
Features for Anticipating Future Needs
  • Trusted customer health scoring helps project long term value
  • Compare support and sentiment metrics to drive the customer journey
  • Targeted engagements, like guided tours help users to new features and adopt new products. This is a better way to manage change for both employees and clients.
  • Driving customers to find value to your products and services, is where revenue opportunities takes place. Understanding customers needs is what business owners need to come up with useful content to avoid quick churn.
  • In this modern technology, a Customer Success Platform is another smart  innovation to business that can easily deflect users' disappointments. Stats will clearly provide better customer understanding that can retain and grow customers' interest.

    Friday, January 19, 2018

    How to Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur?

    It's almost four years since I decided to quit my corporate job to explore other options and to focus more on the kids. Looking back, I have no regrets at all and actually thankful that I bravely took the step on escaping the office cubicle.

    Here's the top reasons why I loved being Self-employed:

    1. Be your own boss
    2. Earn more
    3. No more commutes
    4. No more routine work
    5. Have more flexible lifestyle

    I have always dreamed of starting a business and building something of our own. This goal started when I usually found myself caught up following work schedule and needed to attend mommy duties as well. As much as I needed to prioritize the time for the kids, I have a work demand that I have to consider first. Oh, does this sound familiar to you?

    I know most mommies can relate to this situation and can agree that it's a major decision to give up work and stay home with the kids. It was a difficult decision to choose motherhood over career. I know some can proudly do both, well congratulations! Different families, different priorities right? Whatever the choice we take, it all boils down to doing what's best for our own family.

    In our case, we cannot afford to depend on a single income so becoming a work at home mom or a business owner was the best option. Transitioning from an employee to entrepreneur was never easy. We can only depend on ourselves and play all roles including the janitorial work.

    Starting a business is hard work! Every move must be carefully plan and all aspects must be fully understand before coming up with a final decision. It helps to have a support group, a family or friend who has an experience on market trades or  an  expert like Andrew Charlton, who is a true leader in the field of economics to give advice and help on company's start up and growth.

    Now, I am proud to share that the small business that we've started is running for 3 years already! Though I still need a lot to learn and can never be an expert for those who seek advice on how to transition from an employee to business owner, I can share the key points to consider in taking the first step to being an Entrepreneur.

    The image below on becoming a Cautious Entrepreneur is a good consideration to take. Ask yourself the following:

    1. What skills do I have?
    2. What am I passionate about?
    3. What's my education background?

    image source
    The checklist on the image strongly motivates and inspires me. Those very simple and realistic goals pushed me to find answers to come up with a viable business opportunity. So yeah, it pays to be motivated and keep your focus to be able to reap those rewards in the future.

    Also, here's the basic steps to take to transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur:

    1. Determine your expertise and skills
    2. Think about what others will pay for
    3. Identify your target market
    4. Design your marketing and business plans
    5. Assess feedback and adjust
    6. Assemble a team
    7. Secure Financing
    8. Set up Company Structure
    9. Always find ways to improve your habits, flexibility, and attitude
    10. Know when to quit your job and go full time on the business

    Starting a business is very challenging, it wasn't always a smooth sailing journey. Just keep in mind to learn from bad experience or outcome and choose to be courageous and fearless.

    So, are you ready to take your first step?

    Wednesday, January 17, 2018

    Vietnam: The Best Spot Uninhabited by The Tourists

    Vietnam has many things to offer for those who want a relaxing activity and joyful experience. Vietnam is one of the few countries that still has the feeling of wilderness in it. In other words, you can feel Vietnam better by going there than, for example, you can feel France, at least, at this point. Each day more and more countries become globalized by losing its authenticity. Well, Vietnam has only recently become a tourist which means that there are a lot of places where you won’t be bothered by the crowd of tourists from all around the world. 

    Read the following article to know the best spots in Vietnam worth of visiting.

    Ho Chi Minh City or as it was formerly called Saigon is the biggest city of Southern Vietnam. It has a lot to offer. First of all, consider national cuisine. Native Vietnamese people living in Saigon know all about it. You can order something special literally on every corner. Spring rolls are just amazing. Also, don’t forget to try some soup. Any kind of soup would do. You can really have three or even four kinds of meat in one soup without even noticing it. Try meeting new people because there are many expats from all around the world in Saigon. If you’re having troubles and feel lonely, visit pina-love com. Vietnamese people like synthesis. They like to mix everything with everything. While you’re in Saigon, you should definitely see a national gallery, city Zoo, and botanic garden. Some of the buildings in this great city were made by the great French architect Eiffel because Vietnam was once a part of French Indochina colony.

    Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam. It is a historical, cultural, and industrial center of the whole country. First thing you need to see is the Lake of the Restored Sword. It is situated just in the center of the city. In has a beautiful little island just in the middle of it. You can go there by passing through the wonderful bridge. Try doing it in the evening because the lights are amazing at that time. Hanoi is also the best place in Vietnam for shopping. Central market has everything you’ve ever dreamt about. The best souvenirs, clothes, and other product are all available for a really small price. People from all over Vietnam come to Hanoi to visit its central market. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about culture. Consider visiting the National Art Museum. A lot of great historical and cultural artifacts there can leave you speechless. Some of them are thousand years old. Finally, visit the Ho Chi Ming mausoleum and Ho Chi Minh square to get the real feeling of Vietnam.

    Hoi An
    Hoi An is something entirely different. It is a city of cultural, historical, and national heritage. There are hundreds of buildings in Hoi An qualified by UNESSCO to have cultural significance. The old city of Hoi An does not use electricity and does not allow any automobile transport to trespass its borders. Hoi An is a city existing completely out of time. The best thing to do there is to just walk across its tiny streets, small bridges, over the canals, and, of course, trying the national Vietnamese cuisine. Make yourself a challenge to visit as many art galleries and old family houses as you can. Hoi An is a truly beautiful full of great attractions. It is like a Venice of Asia. You will never be able to forget it once you visit it.

    All in all, now you know why Vietnam is so great. Hoi An, Hanoi, and Saigon are great not only because there are few tourists who go there but because these cities have a huge cultural and historical value. Without any doubt, you won’t regret visiting Vietnam.

    Friday, January 12, 2018

    What to put in Emergency Preparedness Kit and Go Bag?

    Eight years ago, we personally experience to evacuate due to knee level flood that stays at home for 6 weeks. Thankfully, we managed to moved at my SIL's home as soon as we secure our appliances and personal belongings. I never knew that we are living in a flood prone area until tropical storm 'Ketsana' hits our place. And then 3 years later, heavy rains brought by Southwest Monsoon Habagat forced us to evacuate again.

    Typhoon Ketsana was my first devastating encounter with floods. When I'm still living with my parents we weren't directly affected with any storm.

    Year 2013 when we moved in to our new home that wasn't prone to floods, and the year when deadliest Typhoon Haiyan hits our country.

    Those experiences made me realized the importance of preparedness and being ready to response to natural or man-made disasters. That is why its a must to have Emergency Preparedness kit and a Go-bag that won't let us down when disaster strikes.

    image source
    Disasters can strike anytime, so it is best to have Emergency and disaster relief readily available, here's the top on our list:

    1. Water and purification tablets

    2. Emergency First Aid Kit
    Alcohol, betadine, plasters, bandages, gauze pad, cotton, surgical tape, and scissors.

    3. Light and Communication
    Make sure to include a battery powered flashlight with extra batteries, battery operated AM Radio transistor, power banks, lighter and whistle.

    4. Food
    Have an emergency food available in your pantry, like My Patriot Supply, it's a 72-hour food supply packaged into smaller packets inside a large pack that contains 4 Servings Potato Soup, 4 Servings Creamy Chicken and Rice and 8 Servings Oatmeal.

    My Patriot Supply focus on quality and affordable products that have been personally tested and approved by Matt Redhawk and his loyal staff.

    Also, stock up crackers and easy to open canned goods. List down expiry dates to easily check when it should be  replaced.

    5. Hygiene Kit
    Toilet paper, baby wipes, shampoo, anti-bacterial soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and sanitary pads.

    6. List of Emergency numbers
    This should come in handy! it pays to know which ones to call  during emergencies. It is best to keep those contact numbers not only on mobile phones but on a piece of paper as well.

    7. Go-Bag
    Actually contains the items listed above plus the raincoats, jackets, blankets, and umbrella. Emergency preparedness must also comes with evacuation preparedness.

    They call it life bag, life pack, etc., it's a bag that contains items that will make you survive for the first 72 hours of evacuating from a disaster. Have it regularly check and update the contents of your Emergency Life bag to ensure readiness at all times.

    I prefer having a separate stock for our Emergency Kit and a Life Bag. We are a family of four, so its best to have a bag for each member and let the kids be aware of their own kits. Make sure that all family members know where the emergency kits and life bags are  kept.

    I let the kids prepare their own life bag and educate them of  possible scenarios that can happen when disaster strikes. This is a good way to train them to be self-reliant and make safety and preparedness a part of everyday life.

    I have to include this one as we recently had terror attacks that made the government declare martial law at entire Mindanao Region.

    Store and secure your valuable possessions like important family documents, bank records, insurance, jewelries, collectibles and other valuable items. This is our long overdue must have item in the house, we often  disregard the need of having this one due to its hefty price, but vowed to prioritize this item to be bought this year.

    The list only consist of basic items, once we are done with the basics; we can start to add up our family's  unique needs such as special medication or baby items.

    How about you? What's in your Emergency Kit and Go Bag? Feel free to comment down the items that I might missed to include on the list.

    Sunday, January 7, 2018

    How Can You Succesfully Work with Brands as a Blogger?

    I have been blogging for seven years already. Can you imagine? I have been holding on to this blog for that long! Though I am not doing this full time, I am proud to share on how I started working with brands and earning extra from doing what I considered a hobby.

    I admit that I sometimes got caught up from work and mommy duties that I contemplate on shutting this down, but I am left with a heavy heart just by thinking of leaving it all behind. It's a hard decision to make, it's actually more heart breaking compared when I decided to quit my five-year corporate job.

    I realized that this is what I enjoyed doing, sharing my thoughts and voicing out my opinion through reviews and collaboration. Event invites was an added bonus to socialized, help promote brands and meet up with fellow bloggers.

    I am overwhelmed with collaboration, reviews, and event invites that I received thru blogging and it inspired me to continue what I have started and  be more honest and accept only brands that I trust and can highly recommend to my readers.

    It has been said that "Success doesn't happen overtime". As the old saying goes, you have to work and earn it. I started receiving sponsored post and products after a year of blogging. I started first with blog hopping to connect and learn from other bloggers, learning PR tactics was the key, it's learning from creative and strategic thinkers like  Nancy Behrman that is now a titan of success, was such an inspiration to fuel myself up to keep the blog running. It was mostly learning from others that I get to established my online presence.

    If there is one thing that's remained constant in the PR industry over the past 30 years, it's the simple fact that every brand-building campaign ultimately relies on the strength of mutually beneficial relationship. We can learn from Behrman Communications with regards to developing our unique and ideal voice online.

    The very first step to success is to grow your audience. I became friends with fellow bloggers thru blog hopping, commenting and sharing their posts. We have to boost each other up, right? Also, joining groups can be very beneficial as it creates genuine connection and later creates appealing engagements to brands.

    Sharing useful products and content is a good way to start in building relationship with brands and to your audience.

    And, because sharing is caring, here's the list of my top partners on PR Campaign to brands and sponsored content when I'm still on my way to growing my blog:

    1. Tomoson
    Find brand campaigns and discover new things to talk about and get rewarded for sharing your product experience.

    Make money creating content with this sponsorship marketplace. The more social accounts you connect, the more potential you have to make money.

    A complete link building service and online reputation management company.

    The World's Leading Blog Advertising Community, dedicated to building strong relationships between the bloggers and brands seeking relevant publishers with strong followings to engage with.

    One of the web's largest and most innovative marketing portals that caters to both Advertisers and Partners. 

    From my experience, it was just a pure journal writing or an online diary until collaboration with brands started to hit my mailbox. So better relax and find fun ways to create an audience first and focus on content that is worth sharing. Remember, most brands looks for engagement, not large numbers. So be engaged and know your audience first.

    It takes time to get brands be interested with collaboration or sponsored posts, but try not to feel  discouraged, instead focus more on delivering relevant content until you  position yourself as a pro. Goodluck! 💕

    Friday, January 5, 2018

    Thoughts on: Carelessness and Willful Negligence of others

    Sure, the unexpected always happens. Learning how to deal with these moments was hard and turning on the bright side was even harder.

    Two months ago, I was bothered by the news that my daughter's assistant teacher in preschool had a motorcycle accident. They crash into a bus. It was awful... her right arm and leg has to be amputated following the accident and she's only 23 years old and her career has just started!

    My heart bleeds every time it crosses my mind. I emphatized whole heartedly, it was hard to accept that someone you knew, the one that you exchange smiles everyday was in so much pain. I can never imagine the agony that she is having; the traumatic stress, depression, and anxiety I know was too much to handle.

    All we can extend at that time was the monetary help to at least lessen the multitude of expenses that piled up from medical bills to lost income from losing her job. Sadly yes, she never returned to work after the accident, I can never knew her plans but I somehow wish that she can still find way to get back on track... in time.

    Processing  Personal claims for accident and health cases is what I do before I landed a job in IT, I worked as a Claim Analyst and was trained to assessed benefits and tasked to speed up claim forms. Making me aware of the importance of having this kind of insurance policy. Good to know that clients can be compensated  from a wet floor injury or slip and fall accidents to major cases.

    The assurance of support when facing a loss was a big help to somehow ease the burden. But if one doesn't have this kind of insurance, another way to claim a highest possible settlement was to ask for a legal help like a  personal injury attorney tampa to provide an aggressive support when needed. It is highly recommended to seek support from experienced Personal Injury Attorneys, knowledgeable to take the fight for you.

    image source
    The number of  traffic accidents has been increasing dramatically worldwide. Here in PH, most cases reported involves a  motorcycle accidents. Two years ago, we lost our nephew (he's just 28 yrs. old) in a motorcycle accident, he is with my brother who miraculously survived and had undergone surgery due to fractured bone. Both parties agreed for a settlement and my brother receive a small part for the hospital bill. The amount given wasn't enough to cover even 10% of  my brother's hospital and medication expenses, sadly that's how reality goes.

    I am emotionally shattered by these traumatic accidents that creates a significant damages for injury or  death caused by carelessness or willful negligence of others. I think it's best to assume that other motorists will do something CRAZY so,  always be prepared to avoid it.


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