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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

4 Simple ways to Prepare for Sales Tax Audit

sales tax audit is defined as the examination of a company’s financial documents by a government's tax agency to verify if the proper amount of sales tax has been remitted to the proper authority.

The government assigns a frequency on sales tax filing in monthly, quarterly and annually and sets a due date for strict compliance. Sales tax compliance should be properly observed to not get in bigger trouble and costly penalties when it comes to Sales tax Audit.

Audits are inevitable but shouldn't stress you out. Here's the 4 Simple Ways on how to handle the audit when you are given out a schedule for a visit:

1. Keep all the records updated.

Bear in mind that you can be tapped for an audit at anytime so it is advisable to keep good records not only for the current year but up to the past 3 years. Also, try to recreate records to simply check again those entries for discrepancies and incorrect postings that may cause red flags.

2. Understand Audit Objectives.

Make a research and take time to understand the audit objectives and what the audit process is likely to entail. Ask around to people or your industry who have gone through the process to gather information and learn from their mistakes to avoid the stresses they endured. Do your homework to know what to expect and know how much the auditor will examine.

3. Make Good Impression.

Be professional and polite. Remember to show up with a smile to set a good vibes for the entire audit duration. Be organized as you show to easily pull-out any documents required for checking. Easy access of records shows you are not hiding anything, making them feel that there wasn't any reason to dig deeper. But remember not to overshare and do not give out details or records not being asked.

4. Get Defense and Support from Expert/ Professionals.

In most cases, small or medium sized business owners and  even larger corporates who face the audit themselves can  unwittingly reveal unnecessary information that might cause bigger problems. That is why retaining a professional service who will represent your business was definitely a wiser decision.

Having a professional to represent you during sales tax audit offers the following benefits:
  • They will conduct a pre-audit review of your systems and processes to identify any gaps or risk factors.
  • They  will control what information gets shared with the auditor.  “Let me get with my client and get back to you on that” is a perfectly acceptable answer.
  • They will advise you as to where to push back and where to compromise.
  • They will help determine the best audit approach – whether it’s a block or sampling approach.
It is said that having key people to represent your business during audit makes the whole process easy and brief. However, choosing to face the audit yourself is also good; in a way that you can proudly show that you truly breathe and live the business that you're into. You know the ins and outs and closely monitoring the business flow which also gives out a strong impression.

Anyhow, the best defense to surviving a Sales Tax Audit is to have proper preparation of files, office and staff.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Getting Out of Credit Card Debt with Colony Associates!

Paying off debt wasn't only about getting rid of what you owe at the moment but making sure you have the focus and discipline on keeping yourself debt-free all throughout. It's also important to know where to find help when you get off the track. The low interest rates offered by Colony Associates is a good example of the first step to take as a solution.

So, have you started with your holiday shopping yet?

As for me, this is the best time to charge all the holiday spendings on Credit Card 😉. Bank providers simply entice us to use credit cards with corresponding e-coupons and bigger holiday treats on every required amount spent!

Times like this that I truly appreciate the goodness of having a card that gives rewards every time you shop. The choice to use credit over debit is undeniably more beneficial and exciting! Just make sure not to indulge too much on your excitement and atleast carefully plan the holiday budget.

Always remember that while it is good to take advantage of rewards and holiday offers, it's still the best to spend only the amount that you can pay in full when the payment due arrives, or else all the freebies and rewards wasn't actually "free". As you realized you still paid for those goodies with all those interest and charges incurred. Yikes!

Most people found themselves on higher debt with this common mistake of over spending due to holiday rush, giving them a hard time to pay off debt the following year. Paying off credit cards was just a basic example of getting out of debt.

The usual solution of getting out of debt fast  was that of  Colony Associates' service to prioritizing what clients need by offering a single monthly payment with low interest rates.

To clearly understand what action to take, we must first take a look of  these 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Paying off debt:

  1. Same Old spending habits
  2. Trying to dig out of debt alone
  3. Signing up for a debt-relief program, but not understanding what is expected.
  4. Not creating a practical budget.
  5. Trying to pay off multiple debts at once.
  6. Closing accounts when they are paid off.
  7. You decide to stop contributing to a retirement account.
  8. Not setting aside emergency savings.
  9. Not verifying your credit report is correct.
  10. Not prioritizing your debt.

With the holiday rush and the honest to goodness feeling of a generous gift giver on this holiday season, we must consider double checking our budget first and go shopping with a list. A shopping list makes it easier to foresee expenses and cuts down unnecessary items that you don't actually need.

Again, this is the best time to charge all the holiday spending with your Credit Card! Would you agree? The use of credit over debit will do suffice if use with great sense of responsibility and control. Overall, taking advantage of freebies and rewards points while always paying in full  is the best way to outsmart those CC companies. 😀

Friday, November 22, 2019

Tips for Successfully Organizing a Halloween Party

Halloween is my second  favorite celebration next to Christmas! I have long been planning to throw a Halloween Party which is a week away from my birthday. With this, I gathered useful tips that will surely put a Halloween legendary bash to a huge success.😀

If you’re planning on throwing a Halloween party for next year, you want to make sure that you do it right. From food to decorations, each aspect of your celebration should be well thought out so you can truly impress your guests. If you still don’t have a game plan in mind, don’t panic. These tips can help you organize your Halloween bash like a pro.

Pick a Theme

Before you begin adding decorations or setting up the snack table, you need to pick a theme for your party that people will love. Whether you’re throwing the party for your children’s friends or plan to invite your own friends and colleagues, making your event fit into a chosen theme gives people an idea of how to dress and helps them know what to expect during the evening.

Set Up Decorations

It isn’t a true Halloween celebration without some spooky decorations to set the tone. Once you’ve decided on a theme, fill your home with some decorations that fit in with the topic you chose. You can go classic with a jack-o’-lantern or opt for a more elegant object, like a centerpiece. Most standard Halloween decorations can be found at your local party store, or you can click here for more unique ideas.

Offer Candy

One of the best parts of Halloween is all the candy, and you don’t want to disappoint your company by leaving out this crucial element. You can get creative during this step, so feel free to include a combination of chocolate, candy and other types of sweet treats. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that your guests won’t be let down.
Halloween can be yours if you organize the best party on your block. By keeping these tips in mind, you can create an event that is truly memorable for everyone.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Top 5 Ideas for Simple Bathroom Makeovers

Making your home beautiful is a great way to invite a more relaxed and cozy feeling. Any upgrade is considered a good investment that adds value to home.

When it comes to bathroom renovation, a simple makeover can make a huge impact! not to mention the added comfort level it entails. They say that the style in bathroom can say a lot more about the residents. The choices and design of fixtures reveal one's personality traits.

We all wanted to provide our family a comfortable clean space to freshen up. So considering a small bathroom makeover for a functional bathroom is always an exciting idea, agree?!

Well, take a look of these Top 5 Choices from Bathroom design ideas and inspiration for a simple yet functional style:

1. White Modern Bathroom

Concepts for modern styles includes geometrical shapes, neutral or basic colors, little to no decorative flourishes, and natural materials.

This one speaks of the true Modern and White combination. The shower disappears in the background with its continuous flooring and wall tiles that gives clean lines and few organic touches.

Photo by Fiona Lynch

2. Tiny Bathroom with Walk-in Shower

This is perfect for small spaces and a good choice for a more affordable bathroom remodel. You can check affordable choices from new bath Baton Rouge  without  compromising the premium quality over affordability.

White painted walls, tiled wall, glass enclosure, and good lighting makes a small bathroom to appear roomier.
Photo by Tom Ferguson

3. Industrial Bathroom with Black door and mosaic tile

A black door simply stands out! plus plenty of whites to go around adds welcome contrast to the door. The industrial style finishing adds up personality and  color to the usual boring white. Using mosaic tiles is the easiest way to pop a color that perfectly matches the industrial flair.

Photo by Katie Martinez

4. Bathroom with Electric Blue tile

If you opt for a visually stunning style, just play up with those patterned tile and add an eye catching piece like this  zigzagging pipe leading to the pendant lighting that echoes creativity.

Photo by Dustin Aksland via Airows
5. Sleek Contemporary Bathroom

This is an excellent inspiration for minimalist style. From the slate tile, tankless toilet, modern vases, and space for books and magazines speaks "smooth and sleek" finish. Also, Grey tone tiles is on trend and always a safer choice because it will never be outdated.
by Boscolo Interior Design

Important things to consider for bathroom makeover project are the following:

1. space limitations
2. desired materials
3. and ofcourse, budget

Always remember that a bathroom doesn't need to be extravagant to look great. Functionality should be at the heart of every bathroom remodel and design elements should comes next. Choose materials that are easy to keep and clean and stands the test of time.

If you can afford to get a bathroom remodeling services, make sure that  you are getting  covered by a five-year installation warranty. And the products are come backed by a lifetime product warranty.

Hopefully, these top 5 designs helps you consider a bathroom makeover that can spice up your mood during your me-time! 😃

Monday, October 14, 2019

How to Sell your Skills and Services at as a Filipino Freelancer

Freelance sidelines are just around the corner. And brings them closer to you! Rakubos connects clients straight to the freelancers . With its user friendly interface, a wide range of clients can seek specified freelance jobs. From lawyers, to realtors, to artists, you name it! is a Filipino Skills Marketplace, a global freelancing platform and social networking where businesses and independent professional connect and collaborate remotely.
See below for more information:

Getting Started
Register a Rakuboss account. Fill out all the important details. Show clients who you are, what you do, and what Sidelines you’re offering. Be transparent! Rakuboss values honesty in order to serve clients and freelancers better. Penalties will be applied to profiles that are made to be deceiving.
After making an account, verify your email and you’re good to go! Navigate our website and visit your profile often so you don’t miss out on any messages from clients.
Posting Your Sidelines
A verified account means you can use the site without charge. There’s no limit to the services you can offer. Rakuboss welcomes Jacks of all trades! However, duplicate listings should be avoided.
To start, click the “Sell Your Sideline” button on the lower right portion of the website. Fill out the details of your service. Straight forward titles and clear photos are best for attracting clients. Use a landscape image that is at least 1000 (width) x 600 (height) pixels. Submit the sideline for review and the Rakuboss team will verify your listing.
 Transacting With Clients
Once your sideline is up, Rakuboss will help you find clients based on the description you’ve provided. Rakuboss brings the clients to you! You can also share your listings to other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Just find the sideline you want to share on your profile and click on get URL.

Friends and followers can now easily transact with you through Rakuboss. No hassle, all secure.

Confirming Transactions
When deadlines are met with quality work, Rakuboss will confirm the transaction and process your payout. You’ll receive email notifications regarding the process. We’ll walk you through the entire transaction. Our team is always available to help you with any concerns.
Receiving Payouts
For every successful transaction, Rakuboss requires a 6% commission fee. This fee will serve as the budget for the maintenance of the website. Your earnings can be collected using third-party payment providers such as Paypal, Dragonpay, and other local banks. Please note that banks may have an additional charge of PHP50 per transaction.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Recovery After Oral Surgery

Do you have a trip planned to your Brooklyn NY dentist for oral surgery soon? If you've never had oral surgery, you may be wondering what to expect during the recovery process. This quick guide will help you determine what to expect and how to handle it. 


If you're having a tooth extracted, expect to see some bleeding right away and mild bleeding for up to 24 hours. Your dentist will provide gauze that you can use to bite down on for about an hour after the procedure. At home, you may be asked to bite on a black tea bag, as the acid in it has been known to assist with clotting.


Naturally, any type of surgery is expected to cause some pain, although the severity will depend on exactly which procedure you had done. If your procedure was minor, your dentist will likely recommend you take over-the-counter pain medication. However, more serious procedures may mean you receive a prescription for a stronger pain medication.

Swelling is also common after most oral surgeries. While you're resting, you'll likely want to elevate your head with pillows. For the first 24 hours, an ice pack can also help to reduce any swelling. You may notice mild swelling for up to 10 days after your procedure, depending on which one you have. If you have your lower wisdom teeth removed, slight bruising may also be present. If you have concerns, or if swelling is still present after 10 days, your doctor or dentist can assist you.

Recovery Time

Some oral procedures are very minor and allow you to go back to work the next day, but others require you to stay home for up to three days. If you work a physical job or have physical hobbies, you should avoid them for about 72 hours to give your mouth time to heal.
Of course, not all patients will have the same symptoms after oral surgery. For this reason, it is important to follow your dentist's recovery directions exactly. Doing so ensures you heal as quickly as possible so that you can resume your normal routine.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Review: Aloe Vera Soothing Gel from

When it comes to skincare and beauty products, ofcourse, we wanted to make sure that what we are getting is 100% authentic and effective.

As for me, I am buying skincare products shipped directly from Korea thru the Althea website to ensure having authentic, safe and high quality products to use. The best thing is that it is cheaper online compared to mall prices. The purchase was always convenient, saves time and money!

One of my best buy is the Aloe Vera Soothing Gel that's popularly considered as  holy grail product because of its many uses and affordability. I have known the goodness of aloe vera decades ago as I witnessed my older cousins pick up aloe vera plants to use as natural hair treatment. And yes, I have tried it too...

I am now more committed to skincare, that is why I have this  authentic aloe gel as my essential product. 

My first  Aloe Gel is from Nature Republic. It says 92% Aloe and sold at 335 pesos while  I got the chance to try this 100% Aloe from, sold at 20% Off the original price for 219 pesos only.

This product acts as topical treatment for sores, minor burns, including sunburns making it a must have item for emergency burns and wounds due to its rich anti-inflammatory compound.

It’s enriched with natural aloe vera and mild to the skin. It can be used to moisturize the face, arms, legs and hair.

Compared to the aloe gel from Nature Republic, this one is less sticky and doesn’t leave a feeling of gel residue behind. It is odorless; doesn't t have the aloe scent unlike the other brand.

I got the chance to put it to test when I suffered from boiling water burn and find it equally effective.

Here’s the Top 10 Uses and Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel:

1. Prevent pesky pimple and treat acne.

2. It acts as a moisturizer.

3. Treats cold sores.

4. Soothes irritated skin and treats sunburns.

5. As a shaving cream or after shave.

6. It fights aging.

7. It lessens the visibility of stretchmarks and lightens skin.

8. Take the sting or itch out from insect bites.

9. As a hair conditioner replacement.

10. As an all natural make-up remover.

My Thoughts?

This one's a good buy because it is cheaper but equally effective. I'm also using it on my daughter's hypersensitive skin  for instant relief due to insect bites and dry skin.  I use my contact lens case to have it on the go for emergency uses. Truly a must have item!


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