Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How do BBTs help you get pregnant?

When we try to conceived for our second child, we (or mostly me?) really wished and prayed hard to blessed us with a healthy baby girl.

Since we planned of having a small family and have an eldest son, I desperately wanted to have a baby girl.

I searched for ways on how to conceive a girl,  and choose to use the Chinese Baby Gender Calendar method. According to my research, it has 90% accuracy but not scientifically proven to predict baby gender.

But due to my desperation, I carefully plan my pregnancy using this method. And... it works!

Truly an answered prayer!

When trying to conceive, finding out when you're ovulating is a big help to work out on your most fertile time in each cycle.

If you want to have a more accurate ovulation calendar, I suggest using a BBT Thermometer.

Do you know what a BBT Thermometer is? BBT or a Basal Body Temperature is one of the tools that a woman can use to detect her ovulation.

Compared to a regular thermometer, a BBT thermometer is very sensitive that it can detect even the slightest change in the temperature.

BBT thermometers can be purchased over the counter; it should come with a little chart that you can use as you jot down your temperature result. As you go along, you’ll get to know your usual temperature.

Most BBTs can be taken, orally. According to, take your BBT once a day, as soon as you wake up but before getting out of bed. What we are looking for is a sudden shift or drop in your temperature.

Usually about .4 degrees shift. When you see that on your chart, it most probably means that you are nearing ovulation. 

The gender predictor, plus the use of BBT was surely a big help to determine your most fertile time following your chinese lunar age.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Online Fax Service Provider

It would be great to have the ability to come with an internet fax option in which you would pay per fax without having to pay a regular monthly fee? It's an option, but possibly not the best one at this time around. Most online fax services haven't met the customer's needs about this one. This really is odd because this technology has existed for some time now, and there's most of the population which may really take advantage of a well listed pay per fax plan. Do not forget to visit Internet Fax Service Comparisons.

Most services offer monthly plans for $10.00 or fewer. For your cost you typically reach least 500 combined faxes so as much as 700 or even more. This means that each document you signal calculates to cost 2 cents or fewer. That's an excellent cost per fax. That primary issue is if you do not make use of all your allocated faxes. 

Let us say that you will get 500 for $10.00 per month, however, you just use 100 of these. Now the price of each fax rises to.10 each. Still pretty good, but how about that a part of the population that just transmits 10 approximately monthly. Now the price of each one can be $1.00. That's getting pretty pricey.

This is when a pay per fax plan will come in handy...when they can keep the price of delivering the faxes lower. The issue is, most services with these types of plans haven't done an excellent job at keeping the costs lower. For instance, one popular service charges.75 each. That's still just a little much better than $1.00 a fax basically send 10 per month. But when I have per month which i send greater than 13, then I'm going to be investing greater than if I'd just bought the $10.00 monthly plan. And don't forget, $10.00 is simply a typical. Some plans are lower around $7 or $8 monthly.

You will find a couple of other pay per fax plans available which have cheaper per fax costs, however they've already a little fee every month (maybe $3 or $4) in accessory for the cost per fax, or they might not provide you with a fax number.

There might be a pay per fax plan available that is useful for you based on your fax needed needs and just how many faxes you signal monthly. But it's surprising how little the online fax services did to focus on this niche of the online fax needed population. Visit our website online faxing comparison website for the best online fax service comparisons.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

How to Start a Successful Blog

Last week, I've attended a whole day seminar with the desire to know the secrets of how I can earn more through blogging and selling digital  products.

This is the first time I invested in such learning opportunity, but surprised to found out that most topics discussed was something I already knew and just have to take an action to boost my online presence.

Fitz Villafuerte, of and Jon OraƱa of has partnered for this whole day live workshop that took place at Ortigas Foundation Inc, Pasig City.

I had been a regular reader of Fitz's blog, and for quite sometime, I've been a subscriber of Jon's website and honestly, most of the things that discussed by Jon were already shared thru the videos and podcast on his email blast.

So the first part of the Seminar were mostly to provide encouragement, his humble beginning and success story, finding your big why and believing of what you're capable of doing.

Fast forward to creating an online business through blogging, we were taught on how to

Monday, December 8, 2014

My Purchases and Review at

This post was created after I received the products  that I recently bought thru, I just wanted to share my online purchase experience from this site, which by the way my 4th time from them. My first order was way back year 2011, the Scotch Brite Mop Set for Php500 which  was delivered as scheduled.

Clean like a pro w/ two new mops from the Scotch-Brite™ Floor Cleaning Tools, Free Delivery (valued at P1105). I'm quite satisfied with the product and the convenience of having it delivered right at my door step. That is why up to now, I continue to patronage  group buying sites which I believe not only saves me money, but saves me time as well.

The next purchase I made from ensogo was the "Boogie and Friends Platinum Party Package" for my son's 7th Birthday next month.

The Platinum Package I purchased includes 1 professional host-magician and 1 assistant (with balloon twisting, games, magic show with live animal tricks) + 100 baloonderitas + 2 6-foot balloon

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, also called piles, are located either inside the rectum or maybe developed under the skin around the anus. It became an issue only when began to swell which can cause pain, itching, or bleeding. Swelling occurs when there is an increase of pressure in the small vessels. There are many factors that can cause increase of pressure like, during pregnancy due to enlarged uterus, low fiber diet, obesity, diarrhea, spinal cord injury, and colon cancer. Symptoms of hemorrhoids may  include pain and discomfort, swelling and bleeding during bowel movements.

Home remedies for  hemorrhoids relief can be done to eliminate pain and itching  before making an appointment to doctor. As for me, I am the type who would prefer trying  out suggestions or non prescription remedies if it wasn't a serious condition because it practically saves us time and money. I think  natural remedies for hemorrhoids can be consider like using organic or natural  products to sooth the area, examples are oil, aloe vera gel, and witch hazel. Establishing a healthy bowel habits is also recommended to avoid making it worst.

The consistency and frequency of normal bowel movement varies for every person. There is no exact definition of what normal bowel movement is; however, it is best to distinguished abnormalities of its frequency, if it is hard to pass, unusual size, color, and extra ordinarily bad odor. Being in range of our personal normal bowel boundaries should not be taken for granted as it is also an indication of our overall health. We can avoid illnesses such as  hemorrhoids, constipation, diarrhea and more, if we practice the following steps:

1. Eating Fiber rich foods (fiber should come from vegetables, not grains).
2. Ensure adequate water intake.
3. Not suppressing the urge to 'go'.
4. Get plenty of exercise.
5. Ensure optimal  intake of Vitamin A & D.

Keep in mind that making lifestyle changes is an effective way to help prevent the presence of colon related ailments to avoid such discomfort. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

About to Learn: Why Internet business is the best to replace your 8-5 job

As a WAHM wanna be, I am in need to learn and discover new things that can help me realize my goal. That is, having the time and freedom to work in accordance with my kids' schedule. I believe my work schedule should fit in after accomplishing house errands and mommy duties, it should be my work adjusting based on my kids' activities not the other way around. Well, sounds great, right? Sadly, that's close to impossible and can happen only if I can have a business that doesn't require so much of my time, which I think was also far from reality.

image source

I have in mind of someday owning an Internet business that can create a passive source of income. Atleast, that way I can realistically landed on my goal wherein I can work less and make more using automation tools that successful Internet business owners does.

Reality check? I really don't know where to start, I badly needed to do full time learning, or hundreds of research for all the technicality and strategies they used to make a huge success!

So, investing on a learning opportunity comes a big blessing where I believe can get me started with achieving my goal.

Thus, I decided to register on  Internet Income Seminar, a whole day live work shop about creating an online business through blogging, selling digital products, and a lot more. Yesterday was the last day of early bird registration so I grab the discounted rate and convinced myself that the learning advancement would be worth of what I have paid for (husband was against it). 

Fitz Villafuerte, of and Jon Orana of, partnered to conduct this whole day event on Dec. 6. I am positive of getting loads of info and be totally inspired with their success stories wherein I can definitely start with my own.

Yep, I am feeling hopeful working on with this one and I am too excited to attend. Anyone here who also registered?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Recipe: Pastillas de leche

This powdered milk was originally bought for trying out the "puto de leche" recipe sana, but since I crave for creamy bite sized dessert these milk candies satisfies my craving right away!

Last time I used 'Bear Brand' powdered milk and I personally prefer it for a more tasty cow's milk. It's my second time for this no-cook recipe, I just mixed the following ingredients:

2 cups powdered milk
1/2 cup condensed milk

Scoop and mold in cylindrical small sized, roll each mold in granulated sugar, and wrap in yellow cellophane pastry wrapper.

That's it, a quick and easy steps which we enjoyed having for dessert.


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