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Monday, March 12, 2018

A Financial Decision to Provide and Protect

A simple explanation of Insurance is that it allows income protection that guarantees that your family gets something if something happened to you. The goal is to have peace of mind that your family wouldn't suffer a huge financial impact upon your  death or disability.

I personally think that this one's a necessity that often missed out, but glad to know that somehow, this generation are getting more informed  to came up thinking more about the future. 

It's been two years since I availed a Life Insurance. Seems too sensitive to discuss, but that's how I see how to provide for my family's protection. A friend commented that it's too harsh for me to think of death right away and jokingly asked why not a health or accident insurance first before life insurance or a memorial plan? 

Oh well, maybe because I think our emergency fund can cover that of hospital expense in case of sickness. It is something that we are also prepared of, but the assurance of my beneficiaries getting a doubled Face amount and the accumulated Face Value seems more convincing and more beneficial.

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But to be honest, I am only familiar with getting something in case of death.  Maybe my friend is right when she suggested  getting  an accident or health insurance first, any thoughts? or so I think that's a handful of plans already that is why I am not considering it.

Taking care of unforeseen events like accidents can be such a relief. We can never avoid it, but at least be prepared for it. There were personal injury attorney tampa that handles viable case related to automobile accident and advocate for compensation for a long-term damage, medical care, and pain and suffering.

Personal Injury Cases can result to serious damage that allows us to file a complaint in order to receive a compensation for the losses. Compensation can also include economic damages, such as reduced future income, loss of appraised value to real property, and construction repairs.

Types of Personal Injury Cases are as follows:

  • Animal Bite Injuries
  • Auto Accidents
  • Aviation Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Boating Accidents
  • Brain Injuries
  • Burn Injuries
  • Construction Accidents
  • Defective Products
  • Insurance/Bad Faith
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Wrongful Death
Permanent injuries, significant disfigurement or scarring, and enduring loss of important bodily functions all qualify as cause for legal action in the event of an automobile accident. Family members can also sue on a victim's behalf in cases of death. This is where a help from the like of  auto accident attorney tampa comes in to develop and deliver individualized solutions. The need of legal assistance in this case is highly recommended for a more appropriate action and compensation.

Sure, something unexpected can happen anytime. We just have to be well prepared and well-informed on how to deal with it and what kind of help we can possibly get. We only have to  make the best decisions based on our individual needs, current situation, and long-term goals. Having an Insurance is my way of dealing with unexpected, what's yours?  

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Entrepreneur and Freelance Career status?

Freelancing shows a rapid growth in the past few years with the help of today's modern technology. It's a way to getting paid for a work done. Most stay at home moms that I knew successfully achieve a freelance status while others to entrepreneurship who fully discover their capacity to lead a successful self-employment journey.

Sure, deciding to leave your day job to be a freelance full-time is pretty much scary and being an Entrepreneur takes a lot of courage (and capital!) to know where to start. 

Quoting from Seth Godin, a marketing guru and best-selling author on the difference between an entrepreneur and a freelancer: "Freelancers get paid for their work. If you're a freelance copywriter, you get paid when you work. Entrepreneurs use other people's money to build a business bigger than themselves so that they can get paid when they sleep."
Oh, who wouldn't want to get paid while they sleep? You decide. Why not both  a Freelancer and Entrepreneur that both satisfies your financial goals and your desire to doing what you love?

I gathered the following helpful motivational thoughts before considering  to launch a  Freelance or Entrepreneur career status:

1. Don't sabotage your own success.
Develop a "Can Do" attitude and make it happen. Have a visual of your success and make it leads you to clearer path to take. Have a confident image and a role model to learn and be inspire to what and how they do it.

2. Ask yourself "What am I passionate about?"

The answer will surely lead you to living the life you wanted, or atleast finding your purpose and enjoying every minute of work. In an Adrian Rubin interview, a successful Entrepreneur and Freelance Creative director, when asked on how he get started in the business and what inspired him?

He answers:

"Throughout my childhood, I always felt I was creative and interested in the arts which I tried to follow after going to college. I started my freelance business after working in customer service and feeling I wasn't living the life I wanted in terms of my career. Eventually, I moved to Brooklyn and began knocking on doors looking for work until I got my first project as Creative Director."

I personally think that living the life you wanted is a feeling of being happy and satisfied after realizing your deepest desires and capacities. I am doing a freelance in writing and it somehow makes me fulfilled. So try considering first your strength that can help you find the happiness of doing what you love.

3. Be an Entrepreneur at Heart

"Be resourceful, dedicated, take action and be ambitious" these actually leads to a concrete and attainable business plan to achieve your goals. Follow Adrian Rubin's advice to always remain dedicated and trusting the process of finally start getting work.

4. Learn from your Mistakes

or  learn from others' mistakes as we don't have enough room for plenty of it. And while it is good to be a risk taker, it's wiser to pursue a realistic and attainable, not just a promising business idea.

Try observing the habits and business decisions of a successful business owners in which you can save yourself from potential physical harm or financial loss.

5. Identify where you're Good at

In this way, you are investing your precious time and money in the right business. I once attended a seminar that advertised guaranteed ways on how to escape your day job to becoming your own boss. Sad to say, it will not point out what path or business to start, it is more on coaching and identifying the one that can possibly works best for you.

WHY? Simply because all realization and action will all depends on you. There are many who asked for an advise on where to invest their savings and what business to start? The answer is, it depends on what you are capable of doing and the willingness to take that responsibility. 

Business seminars will teach you to identify, assess, shape and act on opportunities! but you alone can make it possible. Agree?

Here's the key points to learn that can help you get started: 

  • Turning passion into business.
  • Finding hidden business opportunity.
  • The common mistakes aspiring Entrepreneurs make and how to avoid it.
  • A low risk approach in starting a business.
These  all boils down on identifying and realizing your capabilities and goals and becoming  committed  to building a better world through responsible, holistic business practices and ventures.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Dr. Paolo Bellosillo on Love: "It is a Journey and a Decision"

Sometimes, you will meet someone and it works. Sometimes, you will meet someone and it will feel like God intervened and made you meet. Most of the time though, you meet someone and they break your heart into a million pieces and you start to wonder, “why me?”

With hugot still being one of the trending topics of all time, we decided to ask Dr. Paolo Bellosillo who is known for advocating living a quality life to share his thoughts on how you can protect your heart from the greatest stressor in life, a heartbreak.

What are the qualities that a woman should look for in a guy?
A woman needs to look for someone who is God fearing because if a man fears God, he will be loyal, faithful, committed, responsible, and honest. These are traits that any woman should want for in a man. A man like this will never make you worry or fear that he will go astray.
What are the qualities that a man should look for in their future partners?
A man needs to look for a woman who is capable of being their partner in life, not just in the bedroom. They need to find someone with a humble heart and someone who prioritizes their relationship over their pride.
How can you have a relationship that is good for both parties?
A relationship that preserves the dignity of the other person is always a good indication. When there is mutual trust and mutual respect, when a relationship is rooted in prayer and kindness then reinforced by communication, you know that it is beneficial to both parties.
What are your 5 tips for a healthy, smooth sailing relationship? 
  1. Pray together. When God is at the center of everything, everything will fall into place.
  2. Communicate. As they said, almost everything can be sorted through an open and honest communication.
  3. Be kind. If you can’t be anything, if there is no more love, then at least be kind.
  4. Be open. The two of you are not the same person which means that you will not have the same beliefs, the same principles, and the same ideologies. In fact, chances are big that you will have different ones so be open to understanding how the other person works.
  5. Let go of fear. Most of the time, we react negatively because of fear.
Any tips to our readers so that they too can have a lasting relationship?
Being in love is primarily focused on the heart, on love but everyday should always take that into account as love is a journey and a decision which both souls builds on.  While the whole world celebrates it, do so in a manner where it focuses not on consumerism or material things because they fade.
Be original: play a song, sing a song, cook with love for your shared favorite dish, go to the first place where it all began with your special someone, or go to church and why delay it, say I DO, tie the knot. Just make sure the other is ready and fits in the qualities and attributes of those listed above After All when you Look Through The Eyes Of Love You Should Be Bringing Out The Best Of Me/You, Here There and Everywhere.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Where To Get Zippers By The Yard At Affordable Rates

Zipper by the yard will mainly be helpful when making long zippers for cushions and pillows. They will be appropriate for any other item that requires long zippers. There are many advantages of choosing zipper by the yard. You can find important info regarding zippers online at zippers by the yard - This way you can get ideas on where to get zippers at affordable rates. You also get a chance to compare the various types.

Advantages of buying zippers by the yard
•    It is more economical. This is especially so for companies with fashion lines who require long zipper yard for their clothes.
•    One can easily customize the zippers to the preferred size
•    The zippers can be used in all closed-ended applications.
•    It becomes easier to buy corresponding sliders
•    How to choose the appropriate zipper sliders

Below are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a zipper slider. At - zipper pulls, you can get more info on zipper sliders. You also learn how to choose an appropriate slider.

What to consider when choosing a zipper slider
•     The material that the zipper teeth have. It may be plastic, nylon or metal. You should choose the slider depending on the material that the zipper teeth have   
•    The thickness of the zipper teeth.
•    Decide on whether you need the auto lock or non-lock slider
•    The color of the slider. It should complement the garment.              


Review: My Ordered Items from Yoins

Sorry... I got caught up again and have to prioritized other things that I wasn't able to share right away my online purchase from Yoins.

I placed my order last year, October 16, 2017 to be exact and was notified that my Parcel is on its way last November 6. You see, if you plan of using the item on specific date, you've got to order in advance.

I received my notice of Parcel from our Post Office last November 20 and I picked it up the following day. In my experience, international orders via flat rate shipping usually takes 4-6 weeks to arrive. Here's what I've ordered from them:

Order #1White Eyelash & Lip Printing Round Neck T-shirt

The design makes me decide to add it on my cart. I love its cute print but somehow disappointed on its quality. I wasn't expecting a premium quality but I found it too thin for a white tee.

Order #2High Elasticity Bodycon Hem Sleeveless Cami Midi Dress

This gorgeous piece is my top choice! It was exactly as shown on the photos, the adjustable strap works very fine on me. You see, there wasn't much to show compared to the model's sexy and deep plunging neckline, so yeah! this fits perfect on my small frame.

Trying out this 'Dolphin back' piece and discovering that new trend on loose and irregular tops breaks my usual and boring look!

Exude a relaxing touch with loose irregular hem top from @yoinscollection 😘 #womensfashion
A post shared by EINz (@ein_11eleven) on

Order #4V-neck Random Stripe Print Cami Top in White

This Cami Top is too loose for me, I altered the shoulder straps to make a good fit. I ordered extra small already, but I can only wish it comes with  size 'xxs' for the perfect fit.

A post shared by EINz (@ein_11eleven) on 

Shopping online can sometimes be frustrating, this is my first time to shop with Yoins but I am quite satisfied with my orders. I love those trendy designs that they offer, as I don't have enough time to shop at the mall and look for the designs that matches my taste. Honestly, I am actually more frustrated shopping on physical store as I find it more tiring and time consuming.

This only goes with  finding the latest fashion trends, but shopping at stores on basics still works fine with me.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Best Thing to Do In Dubai

For any number of reasons, Dubai should rank right at the top of any must-visit destinations list. This scintillating city draws people like a huge magnet, with millions of tourists arriving every year to enjoy its incredible sights and activities. The city of Dubai combines the charm and glamour of the modern metropolis with the mystique and mystery of the ancient red sands of the Arabian Desert. If that weren’t enough of a contrast to get people’s interests going up, Dubai’s penchant of going bigger and higher and more spectacular has produced such marvels that leave visitors thunderstruck. So if you’re vising Dubai anytime soon, don’t miss out on the following top things to see and do.

1. Dubai Desert Safari
For several hours, you can forget all about your modern life and your modern identity and become a Bedouin of old in Dubai’s desert. Experience the majesty of the Emirate the way traditional Bedouins have been for years, via a wonderful safari into the desert. You’ll be taken to the desert in a 4X4, and enjoy vibrant desert sports such as dune bashing, sand boarding, camel riding and quad biking. Sign up for a sunset safari and experience the magnificent desert sunset, a lovely camel ride on the darkening sands and a five star  buffet with in-tent entertainment from tanura dancers and belly dancers.

2.  Green Planet Indoor Rainforest
An indoor rainforest in a desert? Why not? Dubai’s recent addition, the Green Planet Indoor Rainforest, stuns you with its audacious execution. Explore the rainforest and its exotic world of rainforest flora and fauna, getting a first-hand knowledge of the natural world. It’s an educational and slightly stunning experience for both kids and adults.

3.  Boat Sightseeing Tour
Whether you opt for a dhow cruise, or a yacht cruise or a speed boat cruise, be sure to sign up for a wonderful cruise on Dubai’s waters. Get up close to landmarks such as the Burj Al Arab, Atlantis The Palm, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Bluewaters Island and Dubai Marina.

4.  Ski Dubai
A ski resort in a desert? We can feel your incredulity. Yes, Ski Dubai is Dubai’s incredibly cold and snowy ski indoor ski resort located in the Emirates Mall. Ski Dubai also has the world’s first indoor black diamond run for professionals and experts. A café is located right on top of a ski run, from where you can sit and observe skiers trying to better themselves. The adjoining Snow Park has sled routes and toboggan runs, an ice cave and climbing towers for kids to enjoy, as well as live penguins that stride up and down the snowy floor of Ski Dubai.

5.     Hop On Hop Off Big Bus Dubai Sightseeing Tour
Most of Dubai’s attractions branch off from its main highway, the Sheikh Zayed Road. Hop on the hop on hop off Big Bus Dubai tour and explore the city. Visit the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Fountain, the Dubai Creek and Bur Dubai and many other landmarks. Enjoy the whole city while sitting in total comfort on the fully air-conditioned bus with open-top seating for a 360 degree view of the city. There’s a bus every 15 minutes so if you have a pass, you can hop off at any point, explore, and then hop on the next bus on the route.

6.    Burj Khalifa – At The Top!
The Burj rises gracefully out of the desert, pointing its elegant spire into the sky at a staggering height of 829 meters, 160 floors up.  Be sure to check out the stupendous views from At the Top, the world’s highest observatory which spans floors 125 to 148. From this unbelievably high perch, you can take in the Dubai Fountain Show, the whole of the city all the way to the distant sands of the desert and the sea.

7.     Dubai Parks and Resorts
Dubai Parks and Resorts is a multi-themed park that features over 100 incredible indoor and outdoor rides. Check out the themed-parks of Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai, Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park and Riverland, which is the dining and entertainment boulevard. There are fun, exciting amusement options for the whole family at Dubai Parks and Resorts. There’s a Polynesian-themed hotel within the park, the Lapita Hotel, where visitors can stay.

8.    Dubai Creek
This is something that every visitor should do in Dubai. Ride the metro to Bur Dubai and explore the perfume and spices souks there. At Bur Dubai, don’t miss exploring the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, previously known as the Bastakiya Quarter. From Bur Dubai, take an abra (water taxi) to Deira and check out the pashmina shawls and carpets on sale at the traditional souks. Explore the gold souk and bargain for the items you want to own. Take the time to check out the Shindagha Museum (‘Sheikh Saeed Al Makthoum’s House’), the Dubai Heritage Village, and the Dubai Museum. You can learn how Dubai developed from being a small fishing village from these museums. Exploring Dubai’s past is the topmost thing to do in Dubai.

9.    Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis The Palm
The Lost Chambers Aquarium is located at Atlantis The Palm. The aquarium has 10 glass-tunnelled chambers where you can get up close to sharks, tropical fish, seahorses, stingrays, piranhas, lobsters, manta rays and other forms of sea life. It’s a spellbinding underwater world that’s been constructed around the myth of Atlantis. You can see several shipwrecks and broken down buildings of Atlantis just waiting for you to explore.

10.  Dubai Frame
The recently opened Dubai Frame is located in Zabeel Park, beckoning tourists from all over to stand on its observatory deck at 150 meters above ground for a view of the old Dubai at the back and new Dubai to the front. It’s a marvellous structure. To reach the top, you go up in an elevator from the bottom of either of the two towers which support the top of the frame. In the elevators, you’ll see enticing interactive projections of Dubai as it was and how it developed to be what it is today.  

Dubai is a record-breaker – mostly, the city is intent on breaking its own records, since no one else seems to be keeping up. Today the city is home to the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower. Ski Dubai is the largest indoor ski resort in the Middle East, and the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel is the world’s tallest hotel. There are many, many more record-breaking structures in this remarkable city. 

*This is a Guest Post by  Neha Singh, a full-time travel blogger by profession sharing her passion to see the world.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Effective Data Management and Integration

In a single day, we do a lot of things. May it be at home, going to work, managing our businesses, or going through our hobbies, we lean towards our respective preferences on "how to get it done". We have our favorites, like certain routes to take that saves us travel time. Specific groceries that have lower prices. Cutting the middle men to have direct access to goods for our stores.

Little did we know that we are taking action based on data. There's now an influx of information, more than ever. Sometimes, we get overwhelmed with so many choices, trends, that we do not know to liquidate them for our personal advantage.

It's no secret that ALL of the top companies are data-driven. A high value is placed on improving processes/procedures to make it more efficient thus increasing productivity for both company and end-users.

Worrying that your industry may not be covered? MicrosoftMDS, for example, is not only catering to a target service (like Healthcare, Telecommunications, etc.). It also involves the staple divisions of a company (starting from Human Resource, Accounting, etc.) and manages the data (hard facts) to pinpoint a group or individual's strengths and weaknesses.

Now digging deeper, there are Master Data Management companies that has treated Data Transformation as passion. As old companies join the new wave of modern management, more budget is being allocated to "these things". Heck, even departments are being created to for concentration because in the past several years it has been proven to generate more profit. 
Simply put, your every day (and every process) data is a viable tool in not just steering your business towards profit and success but is also applicable in your daily life activities. Referencing to our examples earlier, we gather data by going through our usual motions.
What to do with what we have is crucial. Shall we take the longer route yet it is more fuel efficient due to less traffic? The shorter one to get our errands be dealt with as fast as possible? Just like in real life, you can prioritize your needs and set a hierarchy in Data Management.
The cost of  NOT undertaking master data management can be significant:
  • Mistaken understanding of which products are profitable and growing
  • Mistaken belief that reports are accurate, leading to incorrect decisions such as closure of the wrong retail branches or funding of the wrong products
  • Misalignment of management reports versus statutory reports
  • Missed opportunities, through a systemic inability to track a particular attribute or activity at a granular level or, conversely, at the enterprise wide level
  • Vulnerability to security and data integrity problems that arise from the lack of a defined process to control important aspects of the analytic tools used in the enterprise
"The value of MDM adoption is undeniable—it reduces the reliance on IT, simplifies report management, eases the challenges of M&A, and dramatically lowers the high probability of errors when replicating changes across systems and report groups.

Master data management is the only comprehensive, effective means to address the challenge of keeping reports accurate and consistent in large organizations."
Overall, it provides quicker analysis and accurate data that supports every business decision.


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