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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Lookna - Hyperlocal Search Engine for Startups

In this digital age, it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed in a sea of advertising platforms that cost chunks of dollars. Startups are faced with the dilemma of shelling out cash that they are not even sure would yield returns.

So they end up not advertising their businesses at all.

Which leave them swimming above water in attempts to still beat the competition.

Are you one of these startups?

What if there is now a way to get the same amount of online visibility as your competition is getting without having to spend big money?

There is now a hyperlocal search engine that startups will absolutely love because of the following reasons:
1.       Fair ads distribution – This hyperlocal search engine is powered by a system that shows ads depending on the keyword phrases, price, location, type of business entered in by its users. There are no pay-per-click schemes.

2.       Only legit businesses are allowed to get listed – The system has a verification process that ensures only legit and existing businesses or service providers get a listing spot. Advertisers no longer have to worry about listings that compete with their services but are actually just out to scam or rip-off others.

3.       FREE – This hyperlocal search engine is offering its services to businesses for zero cost. Why free? Well, the platform is relatively new and as part of its rollout plan, they are offering their advertising services for free for a few months.

Available in two hundred countries worldwide, this hyperlocal search engine for advertisers is none other than

Lookna is fantastic for startups and small to medium scale businesses because these are mostly the business scales that find it hard to advertise and compete with the giants in the industry.

What we love about Lookna is the simplicity of its user interface and its straightforward approach to getting businesses advertised. Much like Google, a user simply has to go to Lookna’s website and use the search bar to find a business or service provider.

A list of businesses or service providers will come up on the page and all the user needs to do is click on her choice of business to get more information such as the business address, telephone number, email and a directional map.

Whether your business is purely online-based or you operate in a brick and mortar office or location, Lookna is great to get listed in because some consumers or potential customers still prefer actually visiting business locations prior to purchasing. Of course, there is also a huge share of the market which prefers transacting purely online, but would still like to know where to find your business ‘just in case’.

This is what we love about Lookna and why we are raving about it. It offers businesses an opportunity to reach a wider audience without siphoning a large chunk of their investment capital. 

There is no ‘return of investment’ because it offers its services for FREE, so there are no investments involved. You get your share of the market without capital. Isn’t that fantastic?

Friday, June 30, 2017

Why Do Smart Moms Choose Merries Diapers?

MERRIES, Japan's #1 Diaper Brand, is now in the Philippines!

Finding the perfect diaper for your baby's needs can be a frustrating – and sometimes painful process, as a wrong choice can lead to your baby's discomfort, leakages, and even health concerns.

Babies’ skin has only about ½ the thickness of adults' and is very delicate, which is why they need a diaper thatprovides extra care and comfort. It's a good thing that Merries Diapers, Japan's #1 baby diaper brand for 10consecutive years, are now available in the Philippines!

Why do smart moms choose Merries Diapers? Because it offers seven (7) features and benefits:
*Tape type features
  1. · Soft Poo Leak Guard
  2. · Color changing wetness indicators
  3. · Excellent Absorbency and Long Lasting Dryness
  4. · Exceptional Breathability
  5. · Ultra Soft and Fluffy Surface that is gentle to baby's delicate skin
  6. · Soft reusable magic seal
  7. · Merries Bunnies cute designs

Merries diaper is gentle to the babies sensitive skin as the material is so soft from the inside and out while quickly absorbing urine before the skin gets wet, thus preventing rashes and leakage. With a triple layer air-through system (tape type) and airy waist channel (pants type) that releases the heat and moisture inside the diaper, Merries diaper keeps babies’ skin dry and comfortable as they play and sleep.

Last week, I received a sample pack from Merries for review. Unfortunately, they don't carry XXL size of diaper here in the Philippines.

The biggest size that was sent to me was Medium, so I never get to try it on my 3 year old daughter. I was curious to see its quality, so I opened this one to check out if  it can truly gives exceptional breathability. 

True enough, it has pluffy surface and I can easily tell that it was made of highest quality material that can provide gentle care for baby's delicate skin. I just take a quick look and put it back to its packaging because I will send  it to a friend for his 3mos. old baby and so I can ask for honest feedback.

Here it goes:

Plus, I asked a close friend living in Nagoya-shi Aichi Japan, if she's familiar with the brand. I was surprised to know that its their trusted brand for their baby.

Well, with that I can say that this brand is worth the try to see if you can depend on its strong absorbency and offers comfort that your baby needs. It's a bit pricey compared to other brand, but that's how it goes! Items of highest quality doesn't come cheap.

Merries @ Shopwise Alabang
Merries diapers are available in Tape type for newborns to toddlers up to 14kg, and Pants type for toddlers and kids from 6 to 22 kg. Get a free small tape pack when you purchase 10 packs of Merries Diaper at any participating stores from now until November 8, 2017. Check out Merries Philippines website and social media Pages for more details.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Review of my Haul

I  recently shared my Zaful Shopping experience post here and was actually happy  as it gained positive remarks from my family and friends for my good choices of  Zaful Style. actually proves that it is indeed a one-stop online shop for today's most daring, exciting, and edgy fashion apparel. It never fails to provide inspiring and charming outfits that gives an interesting look.

Now, I'm showing off  this  halter top, a newly added item  on my wishlist! What do you think?    
Check out their collection of black romper, just like this one that I recently got!     

A post shared by EINz (@ein_11eleven) on
Embroidered Spaghetti Straps Romper

From all my FB and IG posts on #rompers haul,  my sister got convinced to also shop on Zaful and some friends were asking how to order and what's the payment method. I myself can never get enough and had another pick of a floral print dress.          

Crossover Floral Print Cami Dress - Yellow 

I am very pleased of the items being true to size and its fine quality. So I am planning to shop more and try out next time their accessories, shoes, and bags. The following are my Zaful Haul at the moment:

A post shared by EINz (@ein_11eleven) on

A post shared by EINz (@ein_11eleven) on

And as a way of sharing my excitement of having lovely Zaful items on my closet, I am running a blog  giveaway of 2 lovely pieces to 1 lucky winner! This is a good way to share my experience of this online shopping site that I fell inlove with, in an instant.  Join now for a chance to win these same items that I have and write your own review. πŸ˜‰

There were  44 entries and 9 days left to join as of this writing; the winner will be announced on July 10, 2017. Goodluck! πŸ’•

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Enter to Win these 2 Lovely Items from

To share my excitement of having Zaful items on my closet, I am giving away these 2 lovely items to:

1 Lucky Winner!

  • Open for Metro Manila, PH Residents ONLY
  • On-hand size is 'SMALL' (you can give it to relative or friends if it doesn't fit you).πŸ˜‰ [Fit US Size 4 - Bust 33.86 - Shoulder Width 14.96 - Waist 26.77 - Hips 36.22]
  • To join, enter your details below, like MommyTots & Zaful's FB Page and my IG account for 3 additional entries.
  • Entry submission ends midnight of July 8, 2017
  • Winner will be announced on July 10, 2017

 πŸ’•  Goodluck! πŸ’•

WINNER UPDATE: 07/10/2017

The winner was randomly generated thru; for transparency, please see below video as I clicked the random selection of winner: (sorry, low res.πŸ˜•)

Congratulations Richelle! Kindly message me your complete mailing address. Items will be delivered thru Big Thanks for all who take time to join, we wish you all the luck to win next time.


Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Blogger Recognition Award

Year 2011's the last time I received a blog nomination award. This nomination is the blogger's way to link up and connect with each other. A recognition of carefully chosen blogger and the appreciation of the so called writing passion and inspiration.

I am thrilled to found out that this nomination award was still circulating as it is a good way to support fellow bloggers and make a connection.

This award was given to me by Tricia at Tricia Relox Mumbles on Purpose. It comes with rules and the job to keep the award going by passing it on to 15 Bloggers!

Simple, right?

#1 Give a brief story of how your blog started

I've been blogging since year 2010, and found the blogosphere my boredom buster that provides tasks that I enjoyed doing.

It all started during my night shift duty at work, when all my work routine tasks was already done and there's nothing else to do but wait for user assistance or any system related problem that may arise. I worked as an IT staff before and simply took advantage of  the reliable  Internet connection on my shift. πŸ˜‰

So there, It keeps me busy! The kind of busy-ness that I loved as it doesn't stressed me out, instead gives me the excitement and increases my feeling of  self-worth.

At home, I can be up until 2am and still can get up early as soon as I realized I need to finished  blog related assignments.

I am overwhelmed with collaboration, reviews, and event invites that I received thru blogging and it inspired me to continue what I have started and  be more honest and accept only brands that I trust and can highly recommend to my readers.

#2 My advice to new bloggers

Find out your big why and believe of what you're capable of doing! 

You can visit my post on How to Start A Successful Blog if you want to know more.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and give a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated and give the link to the post you created.

Friday, June 23, 2017

My Fitness Inspiration from Color Block Bikinis

After receiving my cute watermelon bikini from my recent online bought from Zaful, I was inspired to try out a style statement of  color block bikini this time from Rosegal.

I was supposed to order the Watermelon inspired handmade stitch crochet bikini, but ended up adding this Nylon material padded Watermelon bikini set  on my shopping cart instead.

It was a last minute decision, because I took a serious consideration with my much needed padded bra! haha (pls understand?!). As much as I wanted to wear this one, I just add it up on my closet for my fitness inspiration and started dreaming of  future beach trip to Maldives when my beach bod is ready. πŸ˜‰

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Come Join the Zaful Anniversary 100$ Giftcard Giveaway!

Zaful celebrates its 3rd year anniversary and you might be the Lucky Winner of  $100 gift card giveaway!

Click here for the complete mechanics.


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