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Monday, August 21, 2017

PJ Masks Birthday Party Theme

We celebrated my youngest' 4th Birthday last week, and decided to have PJ Masks Birthday theme since it's her fave at the moment. And so two days before, I was busy cutting out faces of Cat Boy, Owlette, and Gecko for the DIY Birthday banner using construction papers. 😁

Complete Casts of PJ Masks for the banner center piece.
This is what I love about  themed party! I got the chance and have the perfect reason to splurged on DIY craft project. Simple things like this makes me happy, you know?πŸ˜‰ I'm actually excited to lose track of time doing crafts and DIY projects while taking creative ideas from pinterest. Doing so can help me keep calm and relax my mind, an interesting and productive hobby that I mostly enjoyed doing.

I ordered a dozen of  chocolate flavored cupcakes from Danise's Sweets and requested a PJ Masks fondant character topper  to add more feel on the bday theme.

And another dozen of Banana Nutella Muffin cupcakes and use the FREE PJ Masks Birthday Party Printable Files from Daisy Celebrates' blog for the cupcake topper (thanks Daisy!). 

We throw a small (more manageable and affordable! 😊) PJ Masks house party with family and some of our closest friends for this little Owlette fan! 

Balloons and Clown Party Host from SunCheers πŸ˜

Triple Delight Cake from Goldilocks
The PJ inspired cupcakes were enough, so we just settled for this triple delight chiffon cake and use her Owlette mini figure as topper (tipid mode!).

The overwhelmed 'inward-looking' birthday celebrant with her friends.

Happy 4th Birthday Eirenne!
How I wished you learn how to be more outgoing and less of being the 'shy type', but then again, I can never pushed you into someone that you're not. Oh well, maybe you got your introverted side from mommy who,  most of the time feels comfortable being alone and prefer smaller doses or small groups. πŸ˜…

Anyway, we had a blast aside from this social skills issue, this small celebration surely  adds up to our most treasured memory bank.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

My Lazada Return and Refund Experience

Though I highly recommends shopping online to save time and for one's own convenience, I also had my share of  online shopping fail (my first!) for clothing at Lazada's merchant. Good thing the return of item and refund was done 'in a breeze' . I was a bit disappointed but never discouraged from shopping online, but instead learn to laughed off and move forward.

"Before returning an item, do check Lazada Return policy to make sure your item is eligible for return.
If your return meets all the requirements, return can be initiated via Online Returns Form. The online Returns Form will only be available within 7 or 14 days from the time your item has been delivered, depending on the Return policy of the item bought."
After the form is completely filled up, proceed your return following the below steps:
Take note of the Return Number (RN) to be indicated on the LBC Package.

I have bought different items from Lazada; from toys, mobile accessories, household items and cleaner, beauty products, and more!

Lazada was my fave online local shopping site. They  also ship items from abroad. I was very pleased with their system and customer assistance. I can attest good service, why? because I am  a shopper and also  a seller on their site.

As a merchant, we actually experienced items for return due to failed delivery, meaning no one was there to received so the team  has to return the ordered items. Sayang ang effort sa packaging, but that's how it goes. As far as I know, Lazada sents a text message to customer informing the delivery schedule, but we can never blame a customer, right?

We also had our first returned item due to reason as 'Item NOT as advertised'. And that was long ago when a rep from Lazada volunteered to help me post photos and grabbed a photo of Cloth Duct Tape to our Aluminum Duct Tape for sale. I was new to posting products at that time, so it was my mistake for agreeing someone to post in my behalf. So there, lesson learned.

Now, going back to my shopping fail, here's the item I ordered last July 22, from International Seller:

Ordered: July 22
Estimated Arrival: Aug 4 - Aug 9 
but Arrived: July 29

Dropped off at LBC FOR RETURN: Monday, Aug. 1 (FREE Shipping!)

I was notified that the Item for Return was Received: Wed., Aug. 3

Confirmation of Paypal Refund: Aug. 3

Overall, I was satisfied with how simple and clear this Return and Refund went. That is why I am still confident to shop online because e-commerce never cease to provide innovative approach to ensure delivery of quality items to meet  every customer's expectation. 

Any similar experience?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

SM Supermarket throws the biggest party ever! #SMKidsCity2017

Kids grow up so fast. One moment they're sleeping soundly in your arms and next thing you'll know they're always out for school or with friends. How long do you think until they grow up and have less time spend with you?

They literally growing up way too fast! That's my 9yr. old and 3 yr. old... (looks 12 and 7) 😁
We're always on the look out for activities to do as a family. Going to museums, themed park,  play places, watching movies, anything fun and educational.

So when I learned that SM will be throwing away its biggest kiddie party at Southmall, the first leg of Kids' City event Grand Launch  for the young and young at heart, I marked my calendar and make sure that we'll never missed the chance to experience this exciting activity.

"Seizing the moment and spending as much time with the kids as possible."

Here's the dates to watch out for the next SM Kids' City event near you:

SM Bacoor - August 19
SM San Lazaro - September 2

SM Megamall - September 16

Yep, admission is FREE! SM Markets gathers everyone's favorite brands to throw a kiddie party where everyone's invited.

WHAT's in store at SM Kids' City Event?

Special kiddie activities like fun games, rides, playground, coloring... ALL FOR FREE while moms take advantage of the deals, Pampers baby wellness talk, and cooking demos conducted by professional chef.

SM Supermarket and Savemore Market, along with Pampers, Johnson's Baby, Jack n' Jill, Huggies, Knorr, Purefoods, Maggi, Lucky Me, American Garden, Nextrade Philippines, Papa Catsup, McCormick, Federated Distribution, Lady's Choice,Delimondo, ABS-CBN TV Plus, and Tom's world are bringing in fun games, mini rides, exciting activities, special promos, and awesome guests like Minions (with Gru!), Pororo, and Team Yey!

Our SM Southmall Kids' City Experience

As early as 11am, after my eldest' basketball training, we went ahead at SM Southmall, looking forward to have a  fun-filled day with the kids.

Kids' City Introduction by Rose & Kent

The fun started with a Balloon Show: Jiggles the Balloon Lady made a balloon version of Kids' favorite cartoon characters. The kids were raising  their hands, eager to be the lucky one to take home whatever she's making.

Let it go, Jiggles!

Jiggles insisted that what she made is Cloud, in tagalog? Olaf! 

Aaaw, this is the last piece and my kids' weren't able to have any of her creation.
Good thing there's a 'balloon man' roving around  the area making simple balloon creations to kids who didn't get lucky on the balloon show. My kids were happy enough to take home the balloon version of a sword and a flower.

My husband joined a game that promised a balloon take away from Jiggles, but they were deceived! hahaha. Instead were asked to make their own for their kids.

My  eldest was quick to join the new way of bring me game from Delimondo's Selfie Game with Jiggles. We were able to take home these prizes:

We cooked the Luncheon Meat for dinner when we got home, it taste good. 

There were also Philips Gold Pork Luncheon Meet Eating Contest and Mamon eating contest that I never dared to join (mabagal ako kumain. haha).

I am with my daughter on her coloring activity while the boys were actively joining the fun games.
Face Painting from Purefoods!

The first three kids to line up for Face Paint is free. We're fourth in line, so I purchased 2 cans of Purefoods Corned Beef @80PhP each and showed  them the receipt to avail. Purefoods was our fave brand anyway!

The kids enjoyed the mini rides!
Pampers Photo Booth (No purchase required to avail).

Pampers Product Demo

Pororo and Nongshim Mascot Appearance.

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There's also a Kiddie Salon booth and  Shiny Drops Fashion Show from Johnson's.
Food is also something to look forward to because Kids' City has SM Eats that offers its best selling turon with langka, rice meals, lumpiang togue, cheesy corn, brownies, and soft serve  ice cream. Also in the city are Pizza Pedrico's, Daisee's Cupcakes, Aling Nene's Kakanin, Galax Kakanin, Infinit Biscocho, Ivy Sushi, and Starkaffea.

All-time favorite.

Cooking Demos:
Chef Jose Sarasola with his signature Chicken Knorr Golden Tinola & Grilled Chicken with Barbeque Mayonnaise Dressing.

McCormick Cooking Demo with Chef TJ Santos with his easy Chap chae and Palabok Noodles.

Team Yey Performance and games.
Host talk points with Bettina Carlos and daughter Gummy.
We clearly had fun and enjoyed  this whole day activity. I highly recommend attending this wherein the kids can play games and  rides and can win prizes on sponsor booths, while we moms can  shop for special deals and bundles.

It's a big party you shouldn't missed!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

My Top Three Choices from Zanstyle at Stylebest

Since I'm a huge fan of shopping clothes online, I always came up with my wishlist first before deciding to buy from the site. Following the tag #ootd gives me more outfit inspiration and keeps me updated to new fashion trends.

Although I admit I am hardly  keeping up to most of those inspiring styles, partnered with pumps and stilettos and the like, or cropped and sexy top... Most of the time, I just followed my own fashion statement adding a twist on new trend, as guide to updating my closet.

Embroidered outfits are fresh and trendy this season!  Embroidered designs truly make the piece comes to life enhancing the look making it more fun and feminine.

The following are my top three choices with my newly found shopping site, Zanstyle at Stylebest:

Strappy Embroidered Chiffon Top
Style Notes: Above-the-hip length top with straight neckline and thin straps. Features elastic detail along the neckline, flared silhouette, and delicate embroidery. Wears nicely with a pair of denim shorts.

It's good that Zanstyle at Stylebest have 'Style Notes' in some of  the items, highlighting the design details  and suggesting what to pair and what look to inspire.

Now, I'm giving in to this embroidery, stripes, and off-shoulder trend in one pretty top?! Wow!

Embroidery Striped Off The Shoulder Blouse

Style Notes: Off the shoulder blouse in breathable pure cotton fabric with striped pattern, floral embroidery at the front and smocking at the back, lace-up sleeves and pleated details. Add a choker necklace for effect.

Lastly, it's only in my mind to getting back wearing this kind of Chic stilettos. Zanstyle at Stylebest also offer shoes (and bags!) that I know I can only wear at an event minus the kids. When? Oh, I don't know! πŸ˜†

Sexy Crossed Straps High Heel Stilettos
What's good about trying out new online stores is that it usually comes with a Special Welcome Gift of up to 15% OFF your first order. So taking advantage of this offer is recommended if you prefer to shop online.

This is another good way of taking care of myself and NOT forgetting that I am a woman first before I become a wife and a mother. An important reminder that I've got from Sunlife's Moms Day out event: Self-care, a good way of rebalancing, refreshing & recharging myself.  Do I deserve this? a BIG Yes! 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

What's the Best Age to Start Ballet Classes?

When my daughter was 1 1/2 yr. old, I was thrilled to  received an invitation for a trial class from Ballet Manila. Their Maria Ballerina Class is for students from 3-5 years old, so we missed the chance of joining and patiently wait for her to be at the right age.

Oh, the tutus and graceful dancing!

And finally last summer we attended the Ballet Program at her school's Dance Theater (location-wise!). I am confident that like any other little girls, she'll most likely to fall in love with ballet dancing.

I bought her a ballet shoes, leotard, tights & hair accessories. All set for her ballet class.

I thought  that the ballet uniform will excite her, so I ordered right away and paid for it. I'm too confident that she can use her passion for rhythm and movement that she displayed whenever she plays/dance on PS4's "Just Dance".

Oh boy, I was wrong! After attending 8 sessions, we were told by the dance instructor to stop attending the class for the mean time because she seems not interested and come back whenever she's ready. Really, right after giving out the ballet uniforms? So can you imagine my dismay and how broken hearted I was at that time? That hurts!

3 sets of Ballet Uniforms for 3-day sessions per week: used once!
I asked her dance instructor to allow us to finished a full month of the session we paid for, atleast she can get to wear her uniform, atleast once?!

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Maybe she wants a different activity afterall...  perhaps wanted to be a Sports Superstar?!

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But, like any other parent, I have every good intention  why I want my daughter to learn ballet. I want her to foster a positive attitude, builds her confidence, instill discipline and hardwork while she develop motor skills, coordination, rhythm and musicality. I would love to see her perform at the stage. I'm a one proud momma if she does!

But then again,   if she's really not into it; we'd better let it go.

A post shared by EINz (@ein_11eleven) on
I posted this last summer!

But who knows? Maybe it's too early for her and might get interested on a later age. We're not fully closing our door on this one. I think there isn't really the best age to start ballet class for kids. The right age to start is whenever she's ready. Do you agree?

However, formal ballet training should not be introduced until the age of 8. Before then, a child's bones are too soft for the physical demands and exercises of ballet. It is actually possible to delay training until the age of 10 or 12 and still have a great future in ballet [source].

More importantly, make sure to find a Ballet Class that is more of fun than anything else. A relaxed, and fun way of teaching that provides an enhanced learning experience for younger kids.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Lookna - Hyperlocal Search Engine for Startups

In this digital age, it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed in a sea of advertising platforms that cost chunks of dollars. Startups are faced with the dilemma of shelling out cash that they are not even sure would yield returns.

So they end up not advertising their businesses at all.

Which leave them swimming above water in attempts to still beat the competition.

Are you one of these startups?

What if there is now a way to get the same amount of online visibility as your competition is getting without having to spend big money?

There is now a hyperlocal search engine that startups will absolutely love because of the following reasons:
1.       Fair ads distribution – This hyperlocal search engine is powered by a system that shows ads depending on the keyword phrases, price, location, type of business entered in by its users. There are no pay-per-click schemes.

2.       Only legit businesses are allowed to get listed – The system has a verification process that ensures only legit and existing businesses or service providers get a listing spot. Advertisers no longer have to worry about listings that compete with their services but are actually just out to scam or rip-off others.

3.       FREE – This hyperlocal search engine is offering its services to businesses for zero cost. Why free? Well, the platform is relatively new and as part of its rollout plan, they are offering their advertising services for free for a few months.

Available in two hundred countries worldwide, this hyperlocal search engine for advertisers is none other than

Lookna is fantastic for startups and small to medium scale businesses because these are mostly the business scales that find it hard to advertise and compete with the giants in the industry.

What we love about Lookna is the simplicity of its user interface and its straightforward approach to getting businesses advertised. Much like Google, a user simply has to go to Lookna’s website and use the search bar to find a business or service provider.

A list of businesses or service providers will come up on the page and all the user needs to do is click on her choice of business to get more information such as the business address, telephone number, email and a directional map.

Whether your business is purely online-based or you operate in a brick and mortar office or location, Lookna is great to get listed in because some consumers or potential customers still prefer actually visiting business locations prior to purchasing. Of course, there is also a huge share of the market which prefers transacting purely online, but would still like to know where to find your business ‘just in case’.

This is what we love about Lookna and why we are raving about it. It offers businesses an opportunity to reach a wider audience without siphoning a large chunk of their investment capital. 

There is no ‘return of investment’ because it offers its services for FREE, so there are no investments involved. You get your share of the market without capital. Isn’t that fantastic?


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