Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Progressive Mom's brand story with Friso Four

Quitting my job and being a work from home mom provides a more flexible schedule that keeps me looking forward for more meaningful moments with my family.

I had to admit that  my journey of changing my work-home routine doesn't come as easy. Spending more time at home, means  more of all the small chaos of  my kids, terrible ways of expressing their emotions, whining, demands or unbelievable situation that had me loose my control and test my patience.

I do have a rescue call of passing it over to the husband if I can no longer contain myself to atleast follow the "No yell, No spank" discipline.

We managed to keep Progressive parenting and make it work at home. I don't embrace the whole domesticity per se. We are the "parenteam" who  shares the chores, the joyful moments of the kids' every milestone and experience and even the anxieties and sometimes disappointments that comes with it.

While we all have a different story to tell, I know it all boils down on giving the best quality care for our children.

It is being on top of our child's developmental stages as our utmost priority.

"I know how important it is for her to have all kinds of experiences (good and bad ones) and while I know that stumbles and falls will make her stronger, as a mom I naturally worry that she may get hurt in the process."

This statement was based on every Friso Mom's Advocate, which I definitely agree.

Progressive Moms knows that there's a bigger world for her child, other than their family unit, that will encourage child's development. But she's also faced with a tension of the 'unceasing protection'. She wants to be part of every experience and milestone of her child.

"Progressive, cares like a mother, supports like a best friend..."

Good to know that Friso has started its partnership with Mercury Drug as its Retail Partner!

So, if it's about time to switch from "1-3yrs. Formula Milk",  Friso encourages you to visit your child's pediatrician to claim the Friso Four kit, which includes an Exclusive Mercury Drug Card. By purchasing Friso Four from Mercury Drug, Moms gets the chance to win perks and prizes, exclusively from Friso Four (final list of prizes and partners to be published in

Here's an introduction to Friso:

Friso Milk is known the world over as the pro-digestion milk, the result of a unique partnership between Nature and Science.  Aside from undergoing the least processing, it has LockNutri – a way of preserving milk protein closer to its natural structure – thereby making it easy to digest.

Friso is a wise and uncompromising brand.  Quality of nutrients is at its core, with LockNutri preserving proteins in its natural structure, which helps Child’s better digestion.  Friso is also loving, similar to a Mom’s love for her child.  Friso wants to be part of every milestone and experience of the child, as he grows up to be smart, secure, and confident. 

It promises to provide the full nutritive value of milk, and allow you to experience more together!

Friso Four makes your child strong inside.

Friso Four takes the best of nature and Science. From its farms, cows are nurtured with extra care to get top quality milk.

Scientists make the most of  this natural goodness with a special process that locks in milk's nutrients. Friso Four helps your child to get the right building blocks to be strong from the inside - allowing them to take on every experience.

As parents, exposing ourselves and sharing with the interests of our growing child, I know, will encourage her to be at her best.

I agree, that when kids are more resilient,  Moms feel more confident to let them experience everything!

I am now fully enjoying the benefits of spending more time at home. With the choices I've made, It made me realized how much I've missed with my eldest when I am still working full time.

How about you, what's your progressive mom story?

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Challenge on Being Frugal or Cheap

The best quality doesn't come cheap.

A time tested company service like any of these Columbus AC services or brands undoubtedly provide the best value of our money, and  making an informed decision makes us a happy and satisfied customers.

I recently stumbled upon an article on being frugal vs. being cheap. As we all have various definition and can point out different justification with our choice between the two, as for me, my choice depends on  every situation.

I can be cheap or frugal depending on my list on what to buy first. Distinguishing the difference between  the NEEDS and WANTS always play a major role, and not giving in to the rush and excitement of buying what we want plays a major heart breaker!

"Measuring things in terms of the lowest price cost is what cheap people do, while frugal people measures in terms of its value for the money."

Yes, it's always a good choice to be frugal. But admittedly, I sometimes choose to be cheap to afford to be frugal on my next priority purchase. So, choosing to buy cheap doesn't really affect negatively, but otherwise helps me to be frugal on what we really need for the moment. 

It was being cheap for the mean time that allows us to save and be able to spend more on quality items that we need.

It was like being cheap not replacing my now 'lagging' phone and instead use the money to buy a new 'Super Inverter AC' that provides the comfort that we deserve without worrying too much with high electricity bill.

The 'lagging' phone can wait, and I still have the patience to deal with it, and wait for the right time when the needs can be met accordingly to give way of what I want (Oh, I  love this mindset!). 

Controlling the purchase behavior is tough... it's always been a battle of being frugal or cheap. Holding off  a purchase to give us more time to be a well informed buyer, does help.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Preparing for a Brighter Future with Sun MaxiLink Prime: Insurance plus Investment

I have long been thinking of getting a life insurance from Sunlife. And finally last year, on my birthday month, I was able to get one for myself.

I was insured at the age of 33, with Basic Plan of Sun MaxiLink Prime - Non Smoker with 500,000 benefit amount with annual regular premium of 26,600 or 73 pesos per day.

I choose to have the best value of my money thru this product, which is an investment-linked life insurance plan where a portion of my premium payment will be used to pay for the cost of insurance and the other portion will be place as investment fund.

Policy holders can choose to pay on annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis.

I am paying my premium on Quarterly basis and was done with my 1st quarter of payment. Since I have a BDO Savings Account, I conveniently transfer my payment online which I did monthly. I paid 2,000 pesos on my 1st and 2nd month, and paid 2,650 for my payment due date which equals to 6,650 pesos per quarter.

Well, the monthly payment works well with me, as I believe I can easily managed paying our monthly bills if I did it with my own monthly installment basis.

But now, I vowed to pay 3,000 or more monthly providing an excess amount for the investment fund. This plan is payable for 10 years... so at the age of 43, I am done paying with my premium and can choose to withdraw the money as long as the fund value does not equals to zero.

This means, the money that I grow thru Investment fund can be used as college fund for my son!

That's practically the main reason I availed this plan, I can insured myself with the benefits of having my money grow for future expenses.

And, assuming that I don't touched the money until my retirement age of 65, my projected benefit amount equals to 3,457,504 with average annual investment return of 10%.  Sweeet!

Well, who wouldn't want to retire a millionaire?

Truly, a brighter future awaits when you are well-prepared. That's the exciting thing about learning to save and invest as early.

Just like what I did, you  better Request a Proposal to get started!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Care for the Air you Breathe, using LuvA PureAir Air Purifier! (Review)

When it comes to protecting our home from pollutants and irritants that comes in through air, Air Purifiers or Air Cleaners provides a better solution  and a good aid for people who have health issues like asthma and allergies.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) studies found indoor air pollutants were generally 2 to 5 times greater than outdoor pollutant levels!

Breathing clean and safe air must be our No.1 priority for our families, especially for our babies. As we all know, early childhood is a critical period for babies as this is the development stage of several biological systems such as the brain, lung and immune system. And air toxins have a great effect in their health causing asthma and other lung-related diseases.

Basically there were natural ways to improve indoor air quality like increasing air ventilation at home and regular cleaning, but if your home (just like ours!) was airtight where irritants can't easily escape, using Air Purifier was highly recommended.

Thankfully,  Luva PureAir, a product of Gwell from Korea which started since year 2008, was introduced to our home that promises to Purifies, Deodorize, and Sterilize, with a bonus of Aromatherapy function.

I received the product last month, exactly 2 days before Christmas, beautifully wrapped as a Christmas present which ofcourse, excites me as I rarely receive gifts during the holidays... I was opening the package as if, surprise pa what's inside! haha...

We are using this at home regularly for almost a month now, and was convinced of how it effectively works. See below video for more scientific explanation:

We only have one window at home on our first floor, so having an appliance that can purify indoor air was a smart discovery.

The only window at home in the receiving and kitchen area.

LuvA stands for "Luv (Love) Air" that means love clean air. A product which cares for the air you breathe.      LuvA Pureair, Loves Pure Air.

So there, that's the perfect place for the LuvA PureAir in our home... In the kitchen, the stove emits nitrogen dioxide, one of the most irritating gases. This gas at higher levels can cause wheezing in people who don't have asthma.

When we are cooking, we use range hood to avoid nitrogen dioxide buildup. Since we really have an issue on proper ventilation, LuvA PureAir makes us now worry-free on the quality of our indoor air .

I learned that this product is the first and only 4-in-1 function purifier:    

             1. It Purifies dust particles.
                 Collect 99.7% micro fine dust under 2.5PM

             2. Deodorizes sick house syndrome and cigarette smokes
                  Remove 99.9% of Sick house syndrome, smoke and bad odors.

             3. Sterilizes viruses and bacteria 
                  Remove 99.7 of various viruses and bacteria such as influenza virus, HSN1, N7N9                                              when use regularly.           

              4. It has Aromatherapy function that could alleviate stress.
                  Stability effect.

My fave Cucumber Melon scent!
Before, ok na 'ko using fragrance oil warmer, it makes me think that we are having fresh air kasi mabango, it can masks the bad odor. But then having this LuvA Air Purifier, makes me realize that  it is good to invest in a product that cleans and deodorizes the air.

This product was scientifically tested to remove dust particles including pet danders and disinfects pollutants like harmful chemicals coming from household cleaning materials and gas stove. It also terminates viruses and kills bacteria.

The white one filter, is the e-Nano filter, you can check to see how much dirt it has filtered by turning the cover counter-clockwise then after pulling out the cover, at the back, pull the filters out.

At the top of the filter is the carbon filter, the black one, and when you tilt it upwards you will see the e-Nano filter.

You can see the changes of its color from white to gray if used regularly. You may clean the e-Nano filter only. It is preferred to only submerged it on tap water, not to directly wash it in running water then let it dry afterwards.


After a month of regular use, I checked the e-Nano filter and saw the dust it accumulates.

Below are the product features and specifications:

  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Capable of removing heavy cooking smell
  • Cleans dust and helpful to eliminate odors
  • Silent and convenient to use
    • Area Coverage: up to 36 sqm.
  • Space saving
    • 190 x 250mm / 1.7 kg.
  • Re-usable filters
    • e-Nano Filter / Ultra Plasma Ion filter / 3D Carbon filter.
    • The e-Nano filter and Carbon filter can be changed every 6 months. For the e-Nano filter, it can be washed by submerging into water. As long as it is in good condition, it can still be used longer than 6 months. You can contact Visiontec Marketing Inc. at 781-6731 regarding filters.
  • High efficiency with low-cost power usage
    • AC100V-240V/50-60Hz, DC12V/1A
  • Available in color white and black
  • Reasonably price at Php11,990
    • Available at Rustans Shang, Makati and Alabang Town Center.

Overall, I found this product a smart choice and  beneficial, it's a one time investment for a longer protection for indoor air for our families. Actually, it can also be used at other rooms like hotel, hospital, and even office rooms as long as the room is up to 36sqm. for more effective results.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Cheap Bodycon Dresses at Fashionmia!

Actually, I'm not a dress kind of gal, I just wear one when I have to. It's like I have no other choice but to wear them, as the occasion pointedly demands.

I feel more comfortable wearing my fave shirt and blouses with jeans, but I have to admit, I feel more sophisticated, feminine and prettier when I had the 'perfect' chance to wear a dress =)

When choosing what dress to wear, I always go for a simple design and classy look. My personal rule to follow is that it should easily match any of my statement necklaces to add up some glamour.

I had bought several clothes online and was confident to use the specified body chart for reference, so eyeing for its Holiday Sale Special and extra discounts enticed me to buy. They offer worldwide delivery and free shipping on orders over 79$. 

I register on the site and was given a 5% discount code for my 1st order! Below are my top picks dresses, End of Year Clearance Sale is on-going, so I am really having a hard time choosing what to add on my bag.

I can only wish I have the curves to sooth this Khaki fashion bodycon dress. This one's on 80% OFF, the reviews are good... a nice buy for 9.45$, what do you think?

And here goes my classic piece that will never goes out of style, this striped bodycon dress,  will definitely hide those unwanted bulges! 

Last on my bag is this Ladylike & Comfortable Band Collar denim bodycon dress for 50% OFF. I like how the belt gives a curvy silhouette and makes the waist looks smaller, but unfortunately, the belt's not included.

I'm not yet ready to proceed on checking out the items, still short to avail their FREE shipping and still torn on choosing the best discounted maxi dresses and would love to include party dresses as well. They offer up to 95%  OFF the original price, definitely worth checking out.

Friday, December 4, 2015

My Facial and Ultralipo Beauty Treat at Perps MedSpa

I finally got the chance to participate in one of the Mommy Bloggers Philippinesinvite. This one's from Perps MedSpa where mommy bloggers were given a day of pampering to try their facial, body massage and ultra lipo.

The Wellness Complex wasn't hard to find as it was located along the road within the same compound of Medical Center. Or maybe I was too familiar with the place that I know exactly where to spot the Spa?

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Our Kumon Journey at Tunasan Center Muntinlupa

Children nowadays were luckily provided technological entertainment. It sure had a lot of advantages, but has its own downside too, agree?. 

In our case, our  7-year old son was totally addicted to "MineCraft", it's a world of creating wonderful and imaginative thing using blocks (atleast my simplest description).

Although we only allow him to play during weekends, he was sooo addicted in that game that he even draw his "block plans" in his notebook during school days. And, was so excited for Saturdays and Sundays to come.

He's having so much fun with the game that he find doing school works as "B-O-R-I-N-G!" and he seems not interested to learn. We tried to control his 'game time', but what we failed to control was his attitude towards his priorities.

That's when I decided to provide him an after school activity, and be in Kumon Method of Learning. Yes,  I ... husband was against it!


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